Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:11:06 03/08/20

*Clara thinks about what Elias says and looks around the courtyard, before giving her shoulders a small shrug* I guess we could always make our own fun. I think students can hang out at the lake. At least when it stops raining *Clara lifts her head to look up at the dark sky, the rain not making it through the protecting on the Pent.* Although I’m fairly sure I could charm a protective bubble around us with a little practice. It can’t be hard.

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:11:27 03/08/20

*Meira motioned she was gonna go sit at one of the tables and headed that way.* I can’t wait either. I hope we learn some good ones. *Her cheeks went a little pink.* I mean not like he won’t be teaching us good ones but like...interesting ones...?*She trails off sheepishly there glad she hadn’t said anything like that in class today*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:15:17 03/08/20

*Bobby looked over at Clara. He hadn’t been aware that the lake was even an option to the students. From his time so far here he had figured the pent was the usual place to gather* They just let us wander up there do they?

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:17:09 03/08/20

*He shrugs.* We could light some Demon Dung fireworks in the Rubyblaze tower? Or Weather in a Bottle in the Emeraldpeak tower? Could be fun. *He smirked, trying desperately to distract from the lake. He’d been to the lake, there were bugs out there and he’d really rather not bother with them.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:18:46 03/08/20

Even better, some self-propelling custard pies in the Great Hall. *He smirks, hoping he’d done enough distracting.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:20:49 03/08/20

*Clara gave her shoulders a shrug, she was sure she’d read somewhere students could gather at the lake. Or maybe that had been wishful thinking on her part* Worth giving it a try *Clara turns to Elias and waves a hand in his face* Hello! I just got a weeks detention with Iona *She says her name in such a way it could be construed as patronising* I need to find fun that doesn’t result in that becoming a month. Balfour-Ayres seems like a hardass.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:23:40 03/08/20

Damn fine ass *He muttered to himself and then shrugged his shoulders at the both of them* I mean detention could be worth it, but only for the right thing.

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:26:17 03/08/20

I wouldn’t mind detention with Professor WOULDchester *Clara looks over her shoulder at the school, although she knew she was on thin ice and really didn’t want any word getting back to her mother, she wouldn’t have minded him catching her acting out*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:26:43 03/08/20

I just wanted to hear you say it again. *He gave her a satisfied smirk. He looked at Bobby and nodded.* The more the merrier right? At least Clara wouldn’t be stuck alone with.. Imona.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:29:15 03/08/20

*He looks between Clara and Bobby, just having picked up on it.* Both of you thirsting for professors already? Is there something in the water in your tower, or — ?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:31:22 03/08/20

*A smirk crept onto Bobby’s face again* Imona, nice. *His smirk soon vanished at the mention of the Defence Professor* That Maverick guy? Sounds like some Muggle urban adventurer or some bullshit. Maverick *he repeated and snickered*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:31:39 03/08/20

PURlease join me in detention. *Clara scoffs as Elias calling her Imona feeling like it fitted her perfectly. The scoff turns into a laugh as he asks about the water in the tower* Um. Have you seen him? He could wrap his arms around me twice. Yes please.

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:33:39 03/08/20

*Meira ate the cupcake she was given and decided it was time to start getting ready for bed and heads back to her dorm*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:35:29 03/08/20

He should wrap his arms around a haircut. *Elias nods at Clara then looks at Bobby.* I’m waiting for him to pop up with a whip and a small Asian boy following him, yelling about some Crystal Skull.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:36:56 03/08/20

*Bobby looked from Clara to Elias and raised his brow* Jesus. *he laughed a little. He thought Professor Sydnee was hot, heck all the female faculty were alright but the thirst for Prof Mav seemed so real with all the girls*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:37:50 03/08/20

Maybe he keeps it long for a reason? *Clara smirks, hoping he’d catch on to what she was implying without having to say it out loud*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:38:41 03/08/20

*Pounding footsteps could be heard come from the direction of the Gatehouse before Maverick comes jogging into the pent coming back from a late night run. He was too charged up with energy from the excitement of day one of classes. He notices the three students and grins jogging up to them.* See I’m not the only one with late night energy tonight.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:41:00 03/08/20

*Elias looks over his shoulder and sees a shirtless Professor Winchester. He raises his eyebrows and looks back at Clara, barely able to contain a grin.* Yep. You’re not the only one worked up.

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:43:33 03/08/20

*Clara stares wide eyed as Professor WOULDchester appears right there and then. She knew she was pretty talented when it came to magic magic, but she wasn’t aware she could conjure her fantasies out of thin air. She glances side ways at Bobby and then Elias before turning back to their shirtless professor* Evening Professor *She smiles brightly, keeping her breathing as evening as was feesible at this point* It’s a little wet to be out running tonight, is it not?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:43:39 03/08/20

*Bobby quickly looked around and was dumbfounded to find the very person they had just been talking about had come running in. Even more so because he was now looking at a sweaty, hairy Professor just in shorts with no shirt, an image he had never ever wanted but now seared on his eyes* Wow, I mean you’re just begging all the girls to stare man *he as well could barely keep his usually straight face contained as he looked to Clara*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:45:23 03/08/20

*Elias rolls his eyes hearing Clara and mutters to himself.* It is now.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:45:38 03/08/20

*Bobby snorted back a laugh as Clara mentioned "wet" and hoped to whatever being lived up in the sky that words like "Moist" were not soon to follow*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:47:31 03/08/20

Not many of these warm days left gotta take advantage rain or no rain. *He grinned lifting his cap up long enough to brush some of his wet hair back before giving a hearty laugh as he gave Robert a friendly slap to the back.* I think I’m the only crazy one to be out in this rain. Didn’t think anyone else would be outside tonight.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:50:15 03/08/20

*Bobby lurched forward as the Professor slapped him on the back. He furrowed his brow and as he began to see red he quickly took some deep breaths to try and calm himself back down as his anger bubbled to the surface* Yeah? Well its Canada...Sir *he almost spat that last word out* it’s pretty much this year round.

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:51:15 03/08/20

*Clara watches Professor WOULDchester give Bobby a slap on the back, and has to bite down hard on her lip as she secretly wishes that was her. She forces herself to hold the smile while she ignores the boys comments* Perhaps next time you could just run around the courtyard, sir. At least it’s dry in here.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:52:52 03/08/20

*Elias cringed as the Professor slapped Bobby on the back. He didn’t seem like he was a fan of general roughhousing. "Better him than me though," he thought. He looks at Clara and narrows his eyes with a barely-hidden smirk.* Is it though?

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:54:53 03/08/20

Sorry, sorry, forget my own strength sometimes. *He smiled apologetically rubbing the back of his head as he nearly sends the poor boy stumbling. He grinned at Clara.* Nah, gotta have more of a challenge in my run then that for it to kill off energy. Sides little rain never hurt anyway. *He laughed*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:55:43 03/08/20

*Bobby took a couple more deep breaths and slowly manage to reign in his temper. He looked from the Professor to Elias shaking his head with a smirk at all the amazing comments coming out of his mouth*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:58:01 03/08/20

Professor.. *He turned to him, his arms still crossed.* Are you more a fan of fast runs, like a sprint, or do you prefer a longer session? *He smiles brightly, secretly wondering if Clara was dying inside.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:58:27 03/08/20

*Clara inhales sharply when he mentions his strength, this had to be a dream. She reaches out and grabs Elias’ arm and squeezes it tightly when Professor WOULDchester mentions liking a challenge. She continues to smile* You’re right, sir. I don’t suppose we can expect anything like this *She nods her head to his shritless body and shorts combo* in class?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:59:24 03/08/20

*Bobby looked over at Elias again and got where he was going with that question* Oh you mean like, does the Professor have good stamina? *he looked from Elias to the Professor*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:00:21 04/08/20

*Clara raises both her eyebrows as she struggles to hold her smile. She squeezes Elias’ arm tighter and elbows Bobby with her free arm*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:00:26 04/08/20

*He nods at Bobby.* Right, exactly, sir. Do you go all night?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:03:26 04/08/20

Or is it one of those, short, hard, fast sessions? *he added shrugging his shoulders*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 00:03:31 04/08/20

If your going to take a run the only way to get a good workout is to go for a long one. Need to give your muscles time to warm up and easy into it for the run to be properly effective. *He grinned oblivious to what was actually being implied here since his mind did not go that way with students involved.* You’ll quickly see in class when we properly get started this week on building up your stamina and strength training. *He laughed at the reference to his outfit.* I will be properly attired for class I promise.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:05:21 04/08/20

Oh, I see. *He nods at the Professor, pursing his lips. He can feel Clara’s hand digging in his arm, but he continues anyway.* I think I’ve got stuff to wear and so does Bobby, but, like, what do you want Clara to wear?

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:06:38 04/08/20

*Clara lets go of Elias arm and folds her arms across her chest. She couldn’t even look at the boys anymore and just continued to smile, glad all of this was going over Professor WOULDchester’s head* Sounds like a great place to get started, sir.. staminia and *She swallows hard to get the word to come out evenly and not in a higher pitch than usual* strength

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:06:58 04/08/20

*Bobby was sort of relieved for the last remark, he figured proper clothing to be high on the list of class requirements but despite those thoughts he couldn’t help himself* So we’re not all going in shorts as well then? Robes seem rather impractical.

Professor Maverick Winchester - 00:10:15 04/08/20

Some of your class periods we will be focusing on physical defence to protect yourself from potential threats when you can’t use magic. So for those classes proper workout clothing will be required. Other classes you’re normal uniform will be required. *He grinned.* You won’t be walking away from any of my classes bored with the workouts you’re going to get I promise you that.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:12:27 04/08/20

Mm. So we’re all going to be sore after your workouts, then? *He bit his lip to keep from laughing.* Well, only some of us. *He patted Clara on the back.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:12:36 04/08/20

*Bobby nodded and looked at the other two mischievously* You hear that guys, everyone will be dressed down. *he looked back at the Professor* We won’t be walking? *another mental image crossed his mind and it took everything to just stop himself right there*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:13:17 04/08/20

*Clara had no idea how she was going to keep focused in Defence, especially with Elias and Bobby in the class. She imagined there will be much more of the same.* Sounds great, sir. I’m looking forward to learning from the best *Clara tilts her head coyly until Elias pats her on the back. She stumbles slightly but quickly straightens up, turning to glare at him*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 00:17:27 04/08/20

Stretch properly like you’ll be shown and you’ll be fine. Walking if you don’t won’t last long. By the end of the year I plan to have you all in peak shape. *He grinned more then looked at his watch seeing it was after midnight now.* Alright you guys don’t stay up too late. You’ll want energy for class tomorrow trust me. *He winks before starting to walk to the castle giving Elias a pat on on shoulder as he passed him, given he was the nearest to him now. He then took off jogging up to the castle.*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 00:17:43 04/08/20

if you do*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:19:38 04/08/20

*Elias takes a few steps forward after being accosted by the professor. He glares as he runs off and dramatically wipes off his robes as he turns back to Clara and Bobby.* Okay, I’m obsessed with this. *He lets out the laugh he’d been stifling.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:20:06 04/08/20

*Bobby put two fingers together and placed them on the side of his forehead then giving Maverick a mock salute. He turned to look at the other two his face positively struggling to remain composed* Seriously? The chances of that happening to us tonight. Golden!

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:21:21 04/08/20

*Clara fans herself with her hands as Professor WOULDchester jogs off to the castle* Well he can show me how to stretch any day. *She turns to double check he’s gone before she allows herself to breathe enough that she’s able to laugh*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:23:06 04/08/20

*He looked straight at her, his brows raised* Ahum, I bet. I don’t know how you kept out of those arms of his you were just talking about *He rolled his eyes playfully and laughed*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:24:53 04/08/20

Oh believe me, I was thinking about it. *Clara laughs, she doesn’t seem embarrassed at all by what happened, in fact it was quite obviously how much she’d enjoyed it* Can’t get the poor guy fired already, then what would I look at?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:28:16 04/08/20

*Bobby waved a hand nonchalantly* Harmless fun, we did say we wanted fun didn’t we.

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:28:19 04/08/20

*Elias looks at Bobby with an evil smirk.* We’re going to have to keep that up during Defence, you know.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:30:05 04/08/20

*Bobby nodded at Elias* Without a doubt. Probably won’t even just be Clara here swooning all over the place either. *He shook his head at the whole ridiculousness of it all*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 00:31:11 04/08/20

*Clara holds her arms out before curtsying* Glad to be of service and provide you with some entertainment this evening. *She straightens up and smooths down her robes* And on that note, I’m going to bed. See you both at breakfast *She grins at them both, before turning on her heel and flouncing out of the Pent to the Onyxshadow tower*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 00:33:21 04/08/20

*He let out a laugh at Bobby.* Easiest class this year by far. *He nods after Clara.* Probably a good idea. *Elias repeats Bobby’s earlier salute.* Till next time! *He makes his way out to the Topazgale Tower.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 00:34:58 04/08/20

*He shook his head chuckled and followed them out heading to his own tower and his own bed*