Student Iona Pawter - 18:35:26 01/08/20

*She walks in, looking around at the Great Hall and only moves to be slightly left of the opening doors. She wonders if she’ll be the earliest to the Welcoming Ceremony and leans her back on the wall*

Student Iona Pawter - 18:57:39 01/08/20

*She sits down at the table nearest the door and pulls a quill and some paper out of her bag and begins writing a letter* "Dear Morag" *she mutters the words under her breath* "This place is larger than I imagined." *she sighs and takes the bit of parchment paper and crumbles it up, deciding that was lame and continues watching the door, wondering if she got the time wrong?, and pulled the bit of parchment she wrote the time down on and realised she was an hour and a quarter early* Dammit! *she stage whispered, then put her hand over her mouth, but realising there was no one around she sighed a bit in relief and pulled out one of the textbooks she’d borrowed from the library and decided to get a headstart on studying*

Student Iona Pawter - 19:33:10 01/08/20

*she pulls out another piece of parchment and begins writing a letter to her older sister. "Dear Aria, this place seems quiet. Maybe quiet is what I need after the last year? I’m not sure. I miss you. Come visit soon, okay? How is Owen? Has he asked you to marry him yet? You better not say yes, you’re only 20! Like you’d forget how old you are, I know. But still. You know I’m right!! Oh, I forgot my favorite sweater in my room, it’s on the back of the chair in the sitting area. Can you send it to me? I love you!! xoxoxoxo little Ona" She sealed the letter and put it in her bag to take to the owlery later*

Student Martin Yves - 19:35:42 01/08/20

*Martin made his way into the Great Hall with a book, knowing he was early and being nervous about missing any of the ceremony, despite not really wanting to attend it anyway. He takes a quick glance around and sits as far as possible away from the only other student here at the moment, opening his book and beginning to read at one of the great tables.*

Student Iona Pawter - 19:37:22 01/08/20

*She notices another person walk in but doesn’t recognise him and can’t actually remember what house is yellow - and oddly glad her new house is red - and starts to wave but realizes he isn’t even paying attention and puts her hand down*

Student Anais Levett - 19:42:21 01/08/20

*Anais wanders into the Great Hall with a book under her arm. She was early and hadn’t expected to see anyone else so it was important to keep her brain occupied. She stops in the doorway and looks around, muttering under her breath* Wow! so cool!

Student Elias Crain - 19:43:40 01/08/20

*Elias pushes his way into the Great Hall and takes in the room with a disgusted look on his face. He let out an audible, petulant sigh.*

Student Martin Yves - 19:44:46 01/08/20

*He reaches up a hand to smooth down the collar of his robes, disliking how they sat when he was sitting. At least he wouldn’t have to wear the dress robes often. He turns the page, trying to tune out sound around him.*

Student Iona Pawter - 19:45:03 01/08/20

*She hears someone by the door and turns in her seat slightly, noticing two more of the yellow students - dammit what was it called?? - and starts to wave to them when she hears the male student sighing but had already committed to waving so does, meekly* Hi?

Student Clementine Feher - 19:47:06 01/08/20

*She headed into the hall and took a look around, grinning when she saw a few other students in too. She noticed a TG boy sitting alone and thought she recognized him from behind by his hair. She sneaked over to him and jumped forward so her feet would make a noise hitting the ground just as she clasped her hands on his shoulders.* BOO!

Student Elias Crain - 19:47:10 01/08/20

*He bumps into the girl in the same robes as him and mutters.* How do they look better on you... *He scoffs.* I mean, oops, sorry. *He forces a smile.*

Student Martin Yves - 19:49:24 01/08/20

*The sound that escaped his lips was most certainly NOT a scream, but he did jump from the table’s bench and whip around, his wand in his hand before he even realised who it was.* Clem! *He lowered his wand, though still breathing heavily, the now-closed book clutched to his chest.* You euh - *He shrugs, pocketing his wand and glancing around the Great Hall, his cheeks deeply flushed. He looked back at her sheepishly as he slowly took his seat again.* You startled me, Gods.

Student Anais Levett - 19:50:18 01/08/20

*She stumbles forward as someone bumps into her* Hey! *She turns around realising he’s in her house, this melts her annoyance at almost wiping out on the floor within the first five minutes* Snap! *She nods at his robes, not catching what he was muttering. She quickly side steps the doorway as other students start to arrive*

Student Iona Pawter - 19:52:02 01/08/20

*She sees a student in Rubyblaze scare a boy in Yellow house and, despite realising what was going to happen, jumps herself* Oh, Merlin! *she gasps and then mutters under her breath* this place is going to kill me.

Student Clementine Feher - 19:54:19 01/08/20

Did I? *She grins mischievously at him, then notices his book.* Am I interrupting, Eyes? *Her own eyes twinkled as she called him by the nickname.* Not like there’s no one else to talk to, if you want me to leave you alone. *She smoothed down the front of her robes nonchalantly before tossing her hair behind her shoulders. So pesky.* Just thought I’d say hi. Wasn’t sure if you’d actually go through with the transfer or not.

Student Elias Crain - 19:55:00 01/08/20

*He looks at her, confused, and snaps his fingers. He knew this place was going to be weird, but...* Is this some sort of greeting here, or are we starting an ill-conceived acapella band?

Student Martin Yves - 19:57:42 01/08/20

You did. *He placed the book gingerly onto the table.* And yes, of course you’re interrupting, but I know better than to think my saying so will make you go away. *He rolls his eyes as though he’s annoyed at her, but there is amusement in his tone and expression.* Why wouldn’t I?

Student Anais Levett - 19:58:00 01/08/20

*She wraps both arms defensively around her book looking slightly confused at her fellow Topazgaler* No, I just meant we’re matching *She nods at his dress robes again* robe wise? *She offers him a small smile*

Student Marcus Sway - 19:59:14 01/08/20

*Marcus rather sheepishly walks into the Great Hall. It was the first time he had been back here since the explosion all those years ago and the whole thought of it had been eating him up all day. He headed to his house table and took the seat he used to take back then*

Student Elias Crain - 20:00:32 01/08/20

Shared trauma, riiiight. *He pulls a face and nods slowly. He looks at his robes again and makes a gagging noise, then looks back at her, forcing a smile.* How’d we get so lucky?

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:01:29 01/08/20

*He strode through the staff door of the Great Hall, trying to exude more confidence than he felt and relieved when he saw none of the other professors were there yet. Good. He was not late. He knew he shouldn’t rely on the potion Walker had brewed for him - after all, this was the third time in as many days he had taken it, and it felt terribly like self-medicating, despite it having been brewed by a very qualified Potions master. Just as he had last night, he had only taken a small dose to calm his nerves, but he wondered vaguely if it might lose efficacy over time. He looked around and smiled upon seeing so many students gathered in the hall. At least he wouldn’t need the potion to teach. He was in his element there.*

Student Dana Graham - 20:01:39 01/08/20

*Dana walks into the Great Hall, he looks around at the others, he was relieved they all still had their house robes on. He heads over to the house table, sitting down there at one of the tables*

Student Anais Levett - 20:02:27 01/08/20

*She involuntarily laughs out loud but quickly bites down on her lip to stop herself* Apparently we’re intelligent and determined? Something like that *She gives her shoulders a small shrug*

Student Clementine Feher - 20:02:37 01/08/20

*She mock-pouted as she plopped down on the bench next to him, leaning against him and getting all in his "personal space."* Eyes, you WOUND me. *She giggles and wraps her arms around him in a tight hug before pulling back and sliding down the bench a little, then playfully shoves his arm.* "Why wouldn’t I?" like it REALLY matters whether you read your books here or in Montreal?

Student Iona Pawter - 20:02:38 01/08/20

*She looks around at the room filling and feels a bit sick. She wonders if she can back out yet and considers writing an owl to her parents but shakes her head then notices another Rubyblaze student approaching their table and waves at him* Hi! I’m Iona *she smiles at him*

Student Robert Vincent - 20:03:46 01/08/20

*Robert rocked into the Great Hall with his hands shoved firmly into his pockets. Dress Robes!? Christ sake. What was this? His other schools had been a joke but this was something new entirely. It had been bad enough this morning when he had to wear those stinky boots*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:04:32 01/08/20

*Hadley Brooker slips in through the doors to the Great Hall, dodging students successfully in her smart dress heels. She weaves her way down the hall, smiling at any students that happen to look her way. She makes her way straight to the platform at the far end of the room where she’d be sitting with her coworkers*

Student Martin Yves - 20:04:54 01/08/20

*He tensed slightly as she sat so close and hugged him, though she was perhaps the only person outside of his own family he would allow to do so.* It’s not about reading my books, it’s about the kind of classes I want to take... *His voice was quieter as he continued, but she certainly knew this part already.* ... and the company I want to keep.

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:05:31 01/08/20

*Sydnee heads into the Great Hall, grinning from ear to ear. She couldn’t lie, she was super excited to be back in the Halls of Deckleswood and even more so to be attending another Welcoming Ceremony. She headed to the far end of the hall to sit with the Professors. For the ones who were already there, she gave them a bright smile*

Student Dana Graham - 20:05:35 01/08/20

*he turned seeing a girl in robes like him* Hi. *he looked at her closely* I’m Dana...Iona. *he gave up a little wave to her and stuck out his hand for a shake*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:06:02 01/08/20

*Lambert waited by the side door that led into the staff area. He had been watching for some time now but had yet to step in despite nodding to his Professors as they entered. It was just nice to watch a full school once more*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:07:41 01/08/20

*Professor Montgomery marched into the room and surveyed the growing student body. He took a deep breath and walked up to join the rest of the staff.*

Student Clementine Feher - 20:07:46 01/08/20

I knew it! *She giggles again, scooting a little closer to him, but she doesn’t invade his space again.* You couldn’t stand to stay there without me! *She grins, tilting her head to the side so she could see his face more clearly, and was about to say something else when she realized all the professors were starting to arrive, so she gave him a light shove instead and pointed up at the platform.* Listen up!

Student Iona Pawter - 20:08:00 01/08/20

*She took Dana’s hand and shook it, trying to remember what her father said about shaking hands? Not too soft, not too hard, not too short, not too long.. and then released his hand her mouth turning up slightly at the corners* This place is .. something, isn’t it?

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:08:04 01/08/20

*The door swings open yet again as now Maverick heads into the Great Hall grinning broadly as he takes in all the students in here.* Good evening to you all! *He smiles at students as he walks past them heading to where he saw some of his fellow professors.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:08:41 01/08/20

*Riley ran into the Great Hall, aware they were late. She tried to make it look like she wasn’t super out of breathe*

Student Dakota Ballard - 20:08:49 01/08/20

*Dakota skidded into the Great Hall, huffing and puffing. He looked behind him, hoping he beat Riley and Shae as he had run all the way from the Sapphirelake tower*

Student Martin Yves - 20:09:06 01/08/20

*He shook his head, but then glanced up at the platform upon seeing her point to it, feeling suddenly and inexplicably nervous.*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:09:21 01/08/20

*She dashes into the great hall together with Dakota and Riley, gasping a little when the door pushes open and she enters the beautifully decorated room*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:09:40 01/08/20

*She heads into the Great Hall, feeling quite nervous. She could feel the buzz from all the other people in the room as she walked past them all to sit with the other Professors*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:09:47 01/08/20

*When she reaches the staff table, Hadley pulls out the first available chair and sits down in it. She liked this spot because she could see who had arrived already, and who was running late*

Student Eamonn Hope - 20:10:10 01/08/20

*Eamonn rushes into the great hall, eyes widening as he sees how many people were already here, and hoped he wasn’t late as he finds an empty seat.*

Student Dana Graham - 20:10:13 01/08/20

Something along those lines. *he nodded at Iona* Nice to meet you too. *he looked around at everyone arriving and talking* So what brings you here? *he focuses then back on Iona*

Student Elias Crain - 20:10:14 01/08/20

"Intelligent and Determined?" Yikes. *He chuckled. That’s what he got for having "help" with his grades.* So you’re like, really smart then. *He smirks.* Glad we’re in the same house then.

Student Robert Vincent - 20:10:36 01/08/20

*He pulled a face at all the seemingly eager faces around and slipped onto a spot in what he assumed was his house table looking about for anyone interesting that might be worth his time*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:10:43 01/08/20

*She sees her House Head walk in and can’t help but gasping a bit, he was so TALL!*

Student Lois Hughes - 20:10:58 01/08/20

*Lois entered the Great Hall slowly. She was late, but she didn’t care. She tried to stay out of everyone’s way as she found her place in the room*

Student Meira Nova - 20:11:38 01/08/20

*Meira raced into the Great Hall, eyes wide in panic at being late. This school was just so big tho! She hadn’t been able to resist exploring and had completely lost track of time.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:11:50 01/08/20

*Lambert took a deep breath and finally made his way into the hall proper, smiling at the assembled students. He made his way directly to the staff table and nodded at those who were there* Evening

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:12:24 01/08/20

*Professor Montgomery smiles at his fellow professors in greeting. He walks over to find a seat and nods to the Headmster.* Evening, sir.

Student Anais Levett - 20:12:41 01/08/20

No. Not particularly. *She looks down at the book in her arms, wondering if it was giving off the wrong impression* I’m Anais *She smiles and holds out her hand, it felt about formal which she figured worked in their dress robes* Perhaps we should sit at our table? *She looked over at the long table covered in yellow*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:13:27 01/08/20

*He smiled slightly toward the Deputy Headmistress as she arrived, nodding in turn to his fellow Professors as well, his voice low as he greeted them, remaining quite professional despite his nervousness. Perhaps a slightly larger dose of the potion would not have gone amiss.* Good evening, Professors. *He nodded toward the Headmaster as he greeted them as well.* Evening, sir.

Student Harper Brooks - 20:14:05 01/08/20

*Harper nips into the Great Hall quickly, aware she was late*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:14:08 01/08/20

*She looks at Dana, pulling her head to the side slightly* What’s that saying? A change is as good as a rest? *she smiles shyly and starts to speak more when she sees the Headmaster walk in*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:14:34 01/08/20

*She smiles nervously at the Headmaster* Evening *She takes a deep breath then nods hello to her fellow professors*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:15:24 01/08/20

*Lambert nodded at Walker, Theodore and Hadley in turn* This is it *he chuckled and rubbed his hands together. He then walked over to speak with Sydnee for a moment*

Student Marcus Sway - 20:17:05 01/08/20

*Marcus fidgeted in his seat as the memories of all the hustle and bustle of this school came back to him. He had really missed this place*

Student Dana Graham - 20:17:05 01/08/20

*He mutters under his breath* Da... *he shook his head* You got me girl. Change is good. Better than being stuck in the same loop over and over. *He looked up at the stage, seeing all the professors, he was getting nervous in his stomach on what change this school would bring for him vs his old one he was at*

Student Elias Crain - 20:17:06 01/08/20

*He eyed her outstretched hand for a moment before shaking it.* Elias. *He looked around.* We have a table? *He eyes the sticky-looking, uncleaned tables, even though they were neither.* I suppose so. *He looks around at the growing number of people and cringes.* Which one is ours

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:17:09 01/08/20

*She grins at Lambert, unable to hide her excitement* Almost ready?

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:17:20 01/08/20

*Daniela makes her way to the great hall, slipping in quietly, pretty sure she is way too late, after spending the afternoon searching for her note book which she lost yesterday*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:17:34 01/08/20

*She makes her way to the Sapphirelake table and quietly sits down, looking around weather Riley and Dakota were there too*

Student Clementine Feher - 20:17:34 01/08/20

*She bounced in her seat, grinning at Martin as the professors seemed to be getting ready to start.* Isn’t this exciting, Eyes!?

Student Dakota Ballard - 20:18:25 01/08/20

*Dakota looks wide-eyed at all the people. He looks at Shae and Riley* This is so cool. *He follows Shae to the Sapphirelake table and sits next to her*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:19:15 01/08/20

*She looks at Dakota and takes a deep inhale. It used to calm her, but now, it seemed not to work at all* Oh boy, so many people!

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:19:23 01/08/20

*He nodded at her, his own excitement subdued as best as he could to maintain his Professional image* As ready as I think we’ll ever be!

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:19:44 01/08/20

*Riley had only been stood around, entirely overwhelmed by the busy hall until now, but when she saw Shae - a familiar face - sitting down at the Sapphirelake table, she went over to sit with her. She noticed Dakota was sat there too.* It’s awesome. Overwhelming though. *She hugged her arms round herself slightly but smiled at him*

Student Dylan Matthews - 20:19:50 01/08/20

*Dylan ducked into the Great Hall, trying to appear casual and somehow blend in all at the same time. He had heard these things never started on time so hoped it was true*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:20:07 01/08/20

*She shakes her head slightly at Dana, thinking he had been about to say something but doesn’t push him* This school seems a bit .. chaotic, doesn’t it? *she smiles slightly as she shakes her head*

Student Anais Levett - 20:20:29 01/08/20

Nice to meet you Elias *She raises an eyebrow as she lets go of his hand* Well, I’d assume it was the yellow one *She nods towards the table with the topaz cloth with the copper trip* Unless they’re just trying to confuse us *She wasn’t being snarky, just trying to come across cooler than she actually was. Without waiting for Elias, she heads off to their table, taking a seat. She does smile back at him, hoping he’ll join her*

Student Lois Hughes - 20:21:11 01/08/20

*Lois moved to sit down at the Onyxshadow table. She rolled her eyes as she squeezed into a gap between some students and waited impatiently for.. whatever was about to happen*

Student Martin Yves - 20:21:22 01/08/20

If that’s the word you want to use. *He took his book from the table just to clutch it in his hands.*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:21:25 01/08/20

*she makes her way to the supporting staff table, realising she made it just on time and takes a free seat. So many students*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:21:30 01/08/20

*He dropped down into an empty chair at the professors table continuing to look around for a moment before grinning at his fellow professors.* Looks like a good bunch in here.

Student Elias Crain - 20:23:22 01/08/20

Oh.. *He lets out a laugh.* Oh she’s funny. She’s got jokes. *He eyes her up and down, thinking maybe he might not be bothered by everyone here. He followed her to the table and grimaced once more before taking a seat next to her.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:23:27 01/08/20

*She chuckled at Lambert trying to stay professional* Enjoy it *She winks at him* We deserve this! A lot of hard work went into this

Student Elias Crain - 20:24:09 01/08/20

And yes, it’s very nice to meet me. *He smirks as he rubs his fingers together after touching the table.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:24:19 01/08/20

*He finally took his seat, nerves in spite of the potion rather making him feel like he should be pacing instead. He fidgeted with his nails under the table, trying to maintain a professional demeanour otherwise, and perhaps shooting over the mark and landing on "cold" instead.*

Student Dana Graham - 20:24:20 01/08/20

Less. Where I came from..crazy about summons it up! *he chuckles.* Its all new here...but I’m enjoying myself so far. *he shakes his head* But hungry again.. *he laughs*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:24:46 01/08/20

I shall try *he chuckled at Sydnee and nodded* A lot indeed, couldn’t have done it without you. *Breaking his professional decorum for a moment he opened his arms and embraced her, though only for a quick moment* I best get this thing started then.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:25:31 01/08/20

*He takes a seat and glances over to Professor Moss, wondering how he’s holding up with this many people in one room. He gives him a nod from where he was seated. He straightens his tie and looks to the Headmaster and Deputy for them to begin.*

Student Eamonn Hope - 20:26:07 01/08/20

*Eamonn looks around and then up at the head table, where the professors had gathered, wondering who taught each subject and trying to guess who was cool and who was strict.*

Student Anais Levett - 20:26:08 01/08/20

*She glances sideways at Elias as he sits beside her, smiling slightly. She felt rather proud to have sort of made a friend already. She placed her book down in front of her and turned her attention to the staff table*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:26:29 01/08/20

*She smiles at Dana* Um, do you remember what the yellow house is called? I can’t seem to remember and I’m not going to ask one of them.. *she hears his comment about being hungry and opens her bag, finding some sweets and offers it to him*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:26:47 01/08/20

*She stretches her neck a little to be able to oversee to the professors’ table, trying to pick up who their house head was. She turns to Dakota and Riley* Do you think they’re strict teachers? They look like they expect a lot! *A slight shade of worry appears on her face*

Student Aliyah Maru - 20:26:58 01/08/20

*Entering into the great hall she didn’t care she was late as she stayed away from people for now as she found a spot to sit and took it. There was no missing everyone all dressed up in their dress robes as she adjusted the beannie on her head better. She had put on her house robes after getting sorted so she couldn’t be arsed to get change yet again today into fancy clothes just for a welcome ceremony.*

Student Gabriella Lachman - 20:27:19 01/08/20

*Looks around in awe at the Great Hall and massive ceilings* Wow! This place is beautiful! *notices everyone else and startles* Oh, hello, everyone! I’m Gabriella!

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:27:24 01/08/20

*He sees Professor Walker nod toward him and returns it, somehow managing a very slight smile despite very clear discomfort.*

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 20:27:33 01/08/20

*He strolls into the Great Hall with his hands in his pockets, looking pretty chuffed with himself. He was well aware he was thirty minutes late but Lambert was known to waffle for the first half an hour or more and he was happy to miss that. With a grin he headed up to join all the Professors* Evening all!

Student Robert Vincent - 20:27:37 01/08/20

*Bobby kicked his legs out under the table a little and if anything slouched a little lower as best he could. He could see from the top table that things might be starting soon*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:28:11 01/08/20

*Hadley focused on the students as they start to fill up the house tables. She found it easier to watch them and at least attempt to memorise their faces.*

Student Dakota Ballard - 20:29:05 01/08/20

*He whispers to Riley (which is really a shout since there are so many people now)* You can say that again! *He sits up and looks at Shae* I hope not! *He wrinkles his nose at the thought then looks at the teachers*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:29:13 01/08/20

*He had been about to approach the podium when Harrison strolled in. He smiled at the Minister and walked up to him his hand out* Good Evening Harrison, so glad you could make it.

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:29:30 01/08/20

*Riley shrugged* I hope not. *She looked over at the teachers’ table too, trying to decide for herself* I think they’re going to push us to be our best. There’s a reason this school has such a good rep. But hopefully they’re nice enough? *She laughed a little*

Student Dana Graham - 20:29:34 01/08/20

*he was pulled back by the sweets in Iona’s bag and got a little excited* No way! You rock! *he smiled big and bold at her and started to munch on them one at a time.* I think its Topaz-err…..something. *he shook his head* gale maybe? *he looked at her quizzically* Its bright

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:30:06 01/08/20

*Professor Montgomery looks toward the Sapphirelake table and gives a warm smile to the students seated there.*

Student Gabriella Lachman - 20:30:11 01/08/20

*Heads over to a table with yellow decorations and other students dressed like her. Goes to take a seat.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:30:46 01/08/20

*She hugged Lambert tightly and then took a seat with the Professors. She rolled her eyes seeing Harrison arrive late but nothing wsas going to spoil tonight*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:31:36 01/08/20

*Theo felt his heart drop into the pit of his stomach when the man he recognised to be the Mayor/Minister of Education joined them. Like he needed any more reason to be nervous. No pressure, or anything. It was only the first proper day, and he hoped against hope he would not screw it up as badly as he had the professors’ first evening together. He managed a curt nod and, against all odds, kept his voice even. That was probably the potion attempting to do its job.* Good evening, sir.

Student Iona Pawter - 20:31:36 01/08/20

*She nods at Dana* I have to say I’m glad our robes are red *she laughs at him scarfing the sweeties and makes a mental note to keep food in her bag, as he’s the first friendly person she’s met*

Student Elias Crain - 20:31:47 01/08/20

*He taps his fingers on the table, now accepting the fact his life would just be gross. He looks over at Anais.* Apparently punctuality isn’t a thing here.

Student Winnifred Taylor - 20:32:12 01/08/20

*She had walked in very late, unaware of the time. Her hands were shaking. She wasn’t a very confident person*

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 20:32:17 01/08/20

*He held out a hand to Lambert and shook it firmly. He puffed his chest out proudly* Fantastic turnout tonight Lambert, got some entertainment planned for later or are they really all here to see you? *He winks, wiggling his eyebrows*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:32:43 01/08/20

*she sits quietly, expecting the opening ceremony to start and hoping that nobody would get injured or dizzy on an event of this size. Her eyes wander from face to face, giving a slight nod to those she already knows. She checks her robes pocket for the small first aid potion kit. It is still there. She relaxes a little and tries to stay focused in the much of excited voices*

Student Martin Yves - 20:32:47 01/08/20

*He glanced at his watch and looked nervously over at Clem, keeping his voice quiet.* Do you think they’re going to start soon? It’s half an hour past time.

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:33:31 01/08/20

*His foot quietly tapped the ground as he forced himself to stay seated the excitement and energy in the air charging him up that it was hard not to want to move around. But he knew Lambert would be starting things off soon.*

Student Anais Levett - 20:33:54 01/08/20

*She laughs out loud again having watched the Minister walk up to the staff table. She turned to grin at Elias* I guess not. Although I expect if we walked in late we’d be losing points.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:34:24 01/08/20

*Lambert let go of Harrison’s hand after they shook and he laughed* Believe it or not I can hold an audience for some time with minimal groaning *he smirked at the Minister and showed him to a seat*

Student Dana Graham - 20:34:31 01/08/20

Reds much better, best looking from all of them. *he nodded at Iona, trying to show this house pride well* Thanks a lot - did I say that for the sweets? *he started to munch more on them*

Student Meira Nova - 20:34:44 01/08/20

*Meira had found a seat at the rubyblaze table beaming at her house mates as she waited excitedly to see what was going to happen.*

Student Clementine Feher - 20:34:47 01/08/20

*She grinned at Martin.* Relax! These things only start on time at boring schools.

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 20:35:40 01/08/20

*He laughs, nodding his head and resisting the urge to tease further. He took a seat beside Sydnee and grinned*

Student Eamonn Hope - 20:36:08 01/08/20

*He sighs, looking around and wondering who he might be able to get along with here. Appearances could be deceiving, but he had hopes for this school. It seemed a little... different.*

Student Elias Crain - 20:36:34 01/08/20

*He looks over at Anais.* Points? *He shook his head and let out a slight laugh.* I don’t do sports. *He shrugs, unaware.*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:36:49 01/08/20

*She laughs quietly and shakes her head, liking Dana already and waves to Meira as she joins their table* Hi! I’m Iona

Student Aliyah Maru - 20:37:05 01/08/20

*Yawning she leaned back in her seat kicking her feet up on the table she was at. Barely in here and already she was bored.*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:37:10 01/08/20

*She starts tapping her foot a little and fidgeting her fingers. Not because she was impatient, she was just too nervous and too excited for the ceremony finally to start*

Student Dana Graham - 20:38:22 01/08/20

*he gave a nod over to the girl who joined at the Rb table* Heeeeey.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 20:38:27 01/08/20

*Isaac slides in the door looking a bit sheepish that so many people were here. He quickly finds a seat with the other Rubyblaze students. He looks around with a kind of lost nervous grin.*
Oh, hey
*He adjusts his Ribes, they were kind of itchy. Why did these people have to wear robes. Weren’t Wizard tropes enough*

Student Gabriella Lachman - 20:39:01 01/08/20

*Gabriella notices a girl at her table yawning with her feet up. She leans forward and quietly speaks.* Is something supposed to be happening soon?

Student Iona Pawter - 20:39:49 01/08/20

*She smiles at the new boy joining their table* Hi. I’m Iona *she waves slightly, starting to feel that maybe they should all have name tags or something*

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:40:07 01/08/20

*Riley noticed Shae’s nervous behaviours and realised how nervous she was too. She fiddled with the edge of her robes, just waiting until something happened*

Student Aliyah Maru - 20:40:19 01/08/20

*Shrugs her shoulders at the girl in her house that spoke to her.* Something lame no doubt.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:40:32 01/08/20

*Lambert raised his arm and allowed the sleeve to fall back slightly to reveal his watch. Nodding to confirm to himself that it was time he walked from his spot over to the podium that was positioned central to the hall, only slightly forward in front of the Staff table. He stood behind it and placed his hands on either side and leant forward slightly. He cleared his throat loudly* Ahem....*He then took a deep breath and began* Good Evening Everyone, if I might have your attention now please.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 20:40:59 01/08/20

*He smiles politely back and offers a hand to shake. Did these people even do that?*
Hi, I’m Isaac. Nice to meet you

Student Dakota Ballard - 20:41:16 01/08/20

*He looks over at Riley and gives her a little smile before he snaps at attention to the guy at the front*

Student Martin Yves - 20:41:26 01/08/20

*As soon as the Headmaster speaks, he looked up at the podium, listening carefully.*

Student Anais Levett - 20:41:27 01/08/20

Don’t you? *She put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in it, turning away from the staff table to give Elias her full attention* Wizarding sports are the best, much better than the muggle ones *Her eyes were bright as she talked* But if this is anything like my last school, you can get and lose points for loads of things. *She falls silent as she hears the headmaster and turns back to the front*

Student Gabriella Lachman - 20:41:43 01/08/20

*She looks at her with a smirk and gives a little chuckle.* I’m Gabriella, by the way. What year are you?

Student Marcus Sway - 20:41:51 01/08/20

*Marcus sat bolt upright. He hadn’t been talking of anything but when the familiar sound of the Headmaster’s voice echoed across the hall he remember this was the time to listen*

Student Meira Nova - 20:41:52 01/08/20

*Meira continues to smile brightly at her housemates as some started introducing themselves.* Hi! I’m Meira! *She quickly goes quiet tho her attention going to podium as the Headmaster called for their attention.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:41:56 01/08/20

*Delaney sits up straight in her seat, knowing all eyes would be where they were sat now*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 20:41:59 01/08/20

*As the headmaster speaks, he looks round, goes quiet and prepares to listen. Maybe he’d actually start learning something*

Student Clementine Feher - 20:42:04 01/08/20

They’re starting! *She whispered excitedly to Eyes, rolling her own when she saw him glued to the Headmaster.* Geez, relax, will you?

Student Harper Brooks - 20:42:33 01/08/20

*Harper felt a little nervous as the Headmaster spoke, lifting a hand to start biting on her nails*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:42:34 01/08/20

*she pours herself a cup of pumpkin juice and relaxes in her seat to listen to the headmaster as he starts to talk. She was curious to hear his speech*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:42:36 01/08/20

*She looks at the Headmaster excitedly, not twitching an eye, literally hanging on his lips. She told herself to stay calm and layed back, but no way she could do that in this situation. It was too exciting*

Student Elias Crain - 20:42:40 01/08/20

*He mutters to himself.* Fiiinally. *He stretches then looks up to the front.*

Student Eamonn Hope - 20:42:52 01/08/20

*He shakes his head to stop his train of thought and looks up at the headmaster.*

Student Robert Vincent - 20:42:58 01/08/20

*Bobby rolled his eyes and picked at his fingers. He casually glanced over at the Headmaster giving him about half of his actual attention*

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:43:08 01/08/20

*Riley held her breath as the room began to gradually fall silent as the head began to speak. She gave Dakota a small smile back before staring up to where everyone else’s attention was being held to*

Student Dylan Matthews - 20:43:20 01/08/20

*He looked around the room as everyone started to go quiet. The chatter had been deafening but now he almost wished for it over the quietness*

Student Aliyah Maru - 20:43:23 01/08/20

*Ignoring Gabriella’s question she gives a nod with her head toward the podium.* Looks like the lame is starting.

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:43:32 01/08/20

*Hadley sits up straight as she hears the Headmaster start to address everyone. She takes a deep breath and smiles, what she hopes is a warm and friendly sort of smile*

Student Dana Graham - 20:43:40 01/08/20

*he nodded to the others in red who joined before putting his attention to the HeadMaster*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:43:58 01/08/20

*Lambert waited only a few moments for all the noise from the assembled students to die down. He had waited too long for this day to come about again, two years of fighting to be stood here again behind this podium in front of these bright, young, eager faces all ready to learn. He wasn’t one for nerves but tonight he could feel it was different to before. New beginnings, new starts and hopefully better fortunes and he prayed to whatever might be up there no more accidents* Welcome to Deckleswood one and all! I know we briefly met earlier at sorting but I would like to officially introduce myself. *He paused for a breath and a measure of composure and continued* My name is Lambert Henderson and I am the Headmaster here at Deckleswood, a job I have been doing with a great amount of enjoyment for the past twelve or so years.

Student Gabriella Lachman - 20:44:01 01/08/20

*She sits back not catching the girl’s name as she hears the Headmaster begin speaking. Gabriella turns her attention to the Headmaster.*

Student Winnifred Taylor - 20:44:01 01/08/20

*Winnie looked up to the podium as she heard someone start to speak*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:44:09 01/08/20

*Walker clears his throat and sits up straighter, trying to look more professional. He smiles as he scans the faces of the students.*

Student Iona Pawter - 20:44:43 01/08/20

*She smiles at Isaac, shaking his hand politely, then turns to the front*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:45:00 01/08/20

*He sat up just a bit straighter. ’Stay professional, Theo, you don’t even have to say anything. Just keep your mouth shut and pay attention. He glanced around the Great Hall, noting the differing reactions of many of the students as Headmaster Henderson began to speak.*

Student Lois Hughes - 20:46:35 01/08/20

*Lois sighed. Finally, she thought. She’d say it out loud but the room had gone awkwardly quiet, and she didn’t want to be in trouble with the Head from day one. She stared up at where he stood and crossed her arms, wondering what he was about to say*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 20:47:14 01/08/20

*Clara slides up to the doors of The Great Hall, it seemed a lot quieter than she’d imagine when she knew she was 45 minutes late. She leans on the door pushing it open and steps in, leaning back on the door to close it. She stands with her back against the door noticing that only the Headmaster was talk now. Her heart was beating fast at even being late in the first place, but she didn’t want to be that girl right now. She slowly and deliberately walks over to join the other students wearing the same robes as she was*

Student Robert Vincent - 20:48:41 01/08/20

*Yawning a little he looks around and notices a girl joining his table late. He nods in her direction thinking she looked interesting*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:48:47 01/08/20

*her eyes wander along the professors’ table as she sees that professor Moss looks pretty tense. She tries to give him a reassuring smile (or whatever her version of that is), but after she ’ran off’ yesterday, she rather felt stupid now. She sighs and turns her glance back to the headmaster, trying to stay focused*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:48:57 01/08/20

*Lambert continued speaking* Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work, work we have been proud to do, work that myself and the Deputy Headmistress Sydnee Balfour-Ayres have been proud to do in order to bring to you, our new students, this very day where you can begin your education in what I would frankly say is the greatest Magical School there has ever been. I am glad that you all can be here today to share with me this experience and I hope that this coming year brings us all great joy and of course a pretty solid amount of learning for all *he chuckles to himself*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:50:31 01/08/20

*She grins, looking out on the kids and feeling so happy to be back here with everyone again*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:51:15 01/08/20

*As his eyes scanned the room, he noticed Miss Santacruz smile at him and he manages a slight smile in return, before turning his attention back to the Headmaster, relieved as he felt the potion do the work of pushing out some of the intrusive thoughts over what happened yesterday evening. ’Stay focused, Theo. This is an important day.’*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:51:40 01/08/20

*He smiled ahead at all the students for a moment before moving on* Today is primarily about introductions. That is to say it allows me to introduce you all to my staff so you know the faces you’ll be looking out for, that you’ll be learning with over the next year or maybe more. *He removed his hands from the podium and stood up straight, stepping to the side of it and a couple of paces forwards* These people behind me *he twisted and motioned with a hand* are going to be the ones to take you through your magical education journey here at Deckleswood. Not only that but they will be your mentors, your guides and the people you turn to when you need help. Your parents have entrusted you to us *he motioned to the assembled students and then back to himself* and whilst you are here we in turn are here to make sure your needs are met.

Student Aliyah Maru - 20:54:37 01/08/20

*Oh god this Headmaster definitely was a talker wasn’t he. She slouched more in her seat, pulling her beanie down over her eyes, debating if she may as well get a nap in as he drones on.*

Student Shae Wilson - 20:54:56 01/08/20

*She looks at Dakota and Riley and smiles. The words of the headmaster actually sound so reassuring that she finally manages to relax a little. She looks for a little longer at the head of their house and makes to herself a silent promise, that she would make her house and with it also her family, proud*

Student Dakota Ballard - 20:55:02 01/08/20

*His eyes widen hearing the Headmaster, excited to learn who his new teachers are*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:55:59 01/08/20

*He turned his back on the students and walked back to the central podium and stood behind it once more* So let us quickly begin. You’ve met me, you’ve heard what I do but now let us properly meet my team. *he smiled at them and leaning one hand on the podium he turned his body to face the staff table* To start with, and you did meet her this morning, but may I formally introduce you all to Deputy Headmistress Sydnee Balfour-Ayres. *he extended his arm and hand and indicated to her* She is my right hand and honestly this school would be so hard to run without her. Whilst she doesn’t teach anymore I am sure you will all see her around the school all the time. *He smiled at her with a nod to acknowledge how invaluable she was to him *

Student Riley Culpepper - 20:57:19 01/08/20

*Riley noticed Shae smile at her, so she smiled back. She relaxed her shoulders a little and aimed her attention back towards the Headmaster*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:57:47 01/08/20

*She grins brightly, standing just for a moment so that everyone could see who Lambert was talk about, before taking her seat once again*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 20:58:07 01/08/20

*Well, a little over the top but sounded like this guy held peoples respect. Everyone was listening at least. But somehow Isaac was disappointed, he was expecting more, maybe something magical?*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:58:09 01/08/20

*He quickly with very little pause moved on after Sydnee had stood* Our next member of staff is the Head of Rubyblaze and Defence Professor *still resting the one hand on the podium he shifted the other to the man with long hair and the beard, the one who looked like he worked out* Professor Maverick Winchester. *he brought his hands together and clapped again*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 20:58:21 01/08/20

*She places her hands on the table and leans forward to look at the other students in her house before sitting back on the bench. She looks up at the staff table, giving each professor the once over with her eyes. There didn’t seem to be that many of them incomparison to her old school*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:58:42 01/08/20

*He gave a broad grin as Lambert introduced him standing up from his seat quickly. Not wanting to steal any of Lambert’s thunder today he gave a quick wave to the students so they could see him before sitting again*

Student Harper Brooks - 20:59:56 01/08/20

*She raises her eyebrows as she sees Professor Winchester and wishes she had been placed in his house*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:00:01 01/08/20

*She wondered how tall their Head of House was and thought he looked nice, like a giant teddy bear*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:00:33 01/08/20

*Winchester was not what he’d expected a wizard to look like, but as his head of house he was sure he’d get to know him pretty well.*

Student Clementine Feher - 21:00:34 01/08/20

*She grinned as her head of house was introduced, thinking he looked like he’d be one of the cool professors.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:00:59 01/08/20

*Giving it a few moments, he continued once Maverick had returned to his seat * Next up we have Professor Theodore Moss, Head of Emeraldpeak and Professor of Charms. *he held his hand in the direction of the one with glasses sitting rather awkwardly among the rest. He gave Theo a nod to get him to stand in front of the whole school*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:01:10 01/08/20

*As the Headmaster said his name, he stood and gave a slight nod, a small smile coming to his face as he looked around at all the students. After a moment, but before the Headmaster introduces Walker, he took his seat again.*

Student Shae Wilson - 21:01:19 01/08/20

*She claps together with the crowd as every single of the professors stand up and greet them*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:02:27 01/08/20

*After another few moments he continued again* Excellent, next up we have *he motioned to Walker, the one in the slightly blue robes* Professor Walker Montgomery, Head of Sapphirelake and Professor of Potions *he smiled and waited for Walker to stand*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:02:38 01/08/20

*Hearing his name, Professor Montgomery quickly scoots his chair back and stands, smoothing out his robes as he does. He smiles warmly to the students and gives a quick wave before taking his seat again.*

Student Eamonn Hope - 21:02:39 01/08/20

*Hearing this guy was his Head of House, he gives him the once-over. He didn’t seem that impressive, but knew looks could be deceiving and wonders what his classes would be like.*

Student Dana Graham - 21:03:06 01/08/20

*he watched what was going on...while finishing the bag of sweets he puts on the table.*

Student Marcus Sway - 21:03:30 01/08/20

*Marcus paid particular attention to his own Head of House smiley as he seemed like a nice decent guy*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:03:36 01/08/20

*She raises her eyebrows and sits a little taller as Professor Winchester stands up, maybe she would actually show off when it came to Defence class. Although he’d piqued her attention, the next two, not so much so she slumps back again*

Student Riley Culpepper - 21:03:51 01/08/20

*Riley clapped as their House Head was announced. He seemed nice, and she couldn’t help but smile a little as he smiled at her - well, he was smiling at the whole room, but whatever.*

Student Dakota Ballard - 21:04:17 01/08/20

*Dakota stares excitedly at the man the headmaster announced was head of Sapphirelake and clapped*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:04:30 01/08/20

*He cleared his throat and took a deep breath* Our next member of staff I would like you to meet is...*he motioned now to Hadley, the woman with brown hair and the yellowish staff robes* Professor Hadley Brooker, Professor of Transfigurations and Head of Topazgale *he nodded at her to stand next*

Student Shae Wilson - 21:05:28 01/08/20

*She smiles when professor Winchester stands up and looks over to Riley* I knew that he was our head! *She points at the blue detail on his ceremonial robes* all of them are somehow dressed in our house colours. This is exciting!

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:05:41 01/08/20

*While the Headmaster is introducing her she pushes back her seat and quietly stands up. She gives the hall a friendly smile and raises her hand to give them all a slight wave before quickly sitting down again*

Student Martin Yves - 21:05:52 01/08/20

*He claps politely as all the professors are introduced, trying to remember their names now.*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:05:53 01/08/20

*She whispers to Dana* You were right! Topazgale *she made a mental note to stop calling them the yellow house and smiled at the woman who stood up*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:06:11 01/08/20

*He smiled and once Hadley was sat down. He looked over to the final Professor and smiled before turning back to the students* Now finally, our last subject Professor. Professor Delaney Sullivan, Head of Onyxshadow and Professor of Mental Studies *he turned once again and motioned to her, the final one on the staff table left to introduce*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:06:49 01/08/20

*She whispers to Dana* You were right! Topazgale *she made a mental note to stop calling them the yellow house and smiled at the woman who stood up*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:06:53 01/08/20

*Delaney stood, smoothed down her robes and then tried for a warm and confident smile. Having been an Auror, this was not at all what she was used to but she hoped that didn’t show. She gave a nod to them all before taking her seat again*

Student Lois Hughes - 21:07:27 01/08/20

*Lois raised her eyebrows a little as her head of house was announced. She seemed.. interesting. She was happy with that. She clapped for her as she stood up*

Student Robert Vincent - 21:08:08 01/08/20

*Bobby straightened up and tried to crane a look over at his House Head frowning as he did. So this was her hey, the one who would be keeping an eye on him apparently*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:08:24 01/08/20

*Once she was sat down again Lambert smiled and placed both hands behind his back, holding them together* You’ll notice we are joined by some others here tonight. Not a Professor but I hope a face you don’t see too often, our new School Nurse has joined us so please allow me to introduce you to Miss Daniela Santacruz *he motioned a hand toward her*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:08:41 01/08/20

*as the headmaster says her name, she stands for a short moment, turns to the students and gives them a small wave and an attempt of a smile. She quickly sits down, not to draw too much attention to herself*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:09:06 01/08/20

*She leans back to get a better view of her own Head of House, not the same kind of eye candy as Professor WOULDchester but at least she didn’t look as wet as the Transfigurations professor*

Student Meira Nova - 21:09:10 01/08/20

*Meira grows more and more excited about the school year as the Headmaster speaks and then introduces all the professors.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:10:18 01/08/20

*He smiled again and once the Nurse was sat down he turned his attention to the one that stuck out the most on account of his official robes* You’ll also notice students that we have a very special visitor today. Minister of Magical Education and Decklesby Town Mayor Mr Harrison Swarley *he motioned to the Minister, beckoning him over* I am sure the Minister would be all too pleased to grace us with a few pertinent words of encouragement. *he stepped back to give him the spot in front of the podium*

Student Aliyah Maru - 21:13:16 01/08/20

*Doesn’t even bother lifting her beanie up from over her eyes to look as the professors are all introduced, just half listens as she sits there.*

Student Robert Vincent - 21:14:45 01/08/20

*Bobby frowned. He hadn’t noticed the Minister at first and he sorely hoped that the Minister hadn’t noticed him. They had been having run ins for a while now with his schooling, especially after the last one, and he didn’t have the time or the patience of any sort of reminders tonight of the agreement with that mans department*

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 21:15:29 01/08/20

*He chuckles softly at the Headmaster’s words. He hadn’t prepared anything but that had never stopped him before. He strolled to the podium that Lambert had just vacated and placed his hands on the edges* Witches and Wizards of Deckleswood. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see this place open again. Good old Lambert here, has ploughed a lot of money into this school and it would be a damn shame to see it go to waste. *He grins cheekily, taking a pause* But in all seriousness. Deckleswood is an amazing school. And I am certain that you are all going to get an amazing education here. Especially because of all these fine Professors behind me *He gave a motion to them with one of his hands* So I guess all I really have to say is have a legendary time at this school and make some amazing memories! *He gave a little nod to the students, then one to Lambert and finally headed back to his seat*

Student Clementine Feher - 21:15:34 01/08/20

*She nudged Eyes, grinning as she teased him in a singsong voice,* My House Head is better than yours.

Student Elias Crain - 21:16:59 01/08/20

*Elias eyes the Minister’s tie, making a point to find out where he’d got it.*

Student Martin Yves - 21:17:23 01/08/20

Shh. *He rolled his eyes at Clem and paid close attention as the Minister of Education spoke, thinking this must be quite an important school for him to be here on opening day when there were so many other schools he could have tended to.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:17:47 01/08/20

Very good Minister Swarley, very good indeed! *he chuckled as Harrison headed back to his seat offering him an nod in appreciation. He stepped back to his spot at the front behind the podium* Now, I would like to thank you all for being so patient so far. I know this has been a bit long winded, but we are almost there! Deputy Headmistress Sydnee is now going to come up and go over the important class information for you all after which there will be some final words from me *he stepped to one side to allow her to come up and take his spot*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:18:02 01/08/20

*Wow, this mayor guy was cool. Not like, impressive cool, but that you can’t ignore how awesome I am kind of cool*

Student Robert Vincent - 21:19:03 01/08/20

*Bobby sunk back in his seat trying to avoid any eye contact with the Minister, or really anyone for that matter. He looked up and down his own table and then around just for anything more interesting than this*

Student Aliyah Maru - 21:19:27 01/08/20

*Rolls her eyes under her beanie, even if it couldn’t be seen, thinking "bit long winded" was an understatement*

Student Shae Wilson - 21:19:44 01/08/20

*She watched the mayor’s speech with a dropped jaw*

Student Anais Levett - 21:21:14 01/08/20

*She spends a moment watching each professor carefully as they were introduced, they seemed an interesting bunch. She smiled slightly as she listened to the Mayor who was also the Minister of Education, the world of magic was still weird to her, doubling up jobs like that. She sat awaiting the information about classes, not wanting to miss anything important*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:21:52 01/08/20

*She stood as Lambert mentioned the classes and made her way to the front where he’d been stood* Like Lambert said, thank you all for being so patient throughout the ceremony. We do understand it’s a lot to take in. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow you will be able to spend the day settling in, and classes will begin Monday. There will be plenty of information given to you about all the classes available and where to find the room, syllabus and so on... but for now, just take a day to relax and enjoy. *She smiles warmly at them all, before taking a step back*

((Class sign up will be opened on Monday, there will be information posted on the Main Noticeboard. Please ensure you have read the books in the Library regarding classes and sign up too. Sign up will only run from Monday to Wednesday so please find a few spare minutes to pop in and sign up for the classes you would like to take.))

Student Clementine Feher - 21:21:54 01/08/20

*She giggled at Eyes and kept watching the podium, hearing they weren’t quite done.*

Student Gabriella Lachman - 21:23:23 01/08/20

*Gabriella shifts in her seat, excited about the announcement about classes.*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:25:53 01/08/20

*He was going to have to sign up for classes. How was he supposed to know what classes he should even take when he could cast a grand total of just a single spell so far. Everyone would be so far ahead of him. He looks around nervously. How was he going to fit in with all these people who’d been doing it 3 years already*

Student Meira Nova - 21:26:08 01/08/20

*Meira was excited for classes to start but she was definitely glad they got a day to settle in and find their away around before she had to worry about doing that.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:27:02 01/08/20

*As Sydnee stepped back he once again stepped forward with a smile. He clapped his hands together and gave them a quick rub, a habit he had never shifted when it came to these things* Brilliant! Thank you Sydnee. I think everyone that is that! *he placed his hands behind his back again* I thank all of you for being so patient with us, but now the boring part is over the fun part begins! *He moved his left hand and tucked it into his robes, pulling a wand out from within* Welcome to Deckleswood everyone! and tuck in! *He waved his wand around a few times in complicated patterns. Suddenly food sprang up on every table, the fires that had been waning around roared to life and after a quiet moment the ceiling suddenly erupted into bright fireworks that went on and on and on. Lambert wasn’t one for theatrics but he felt this year it deserved it.*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:28:50 01/08/20

*She looked around, trying to memorize all the faces she didn’t recognize, and really did think they should wear name tags, when the Headmaster made the place light up with color* Oh!

Student Dakota Ballard - 21:28:55 01/08/20

*His eyes went wide at seeing the food, flames, and fireworks. He whispered to Riley and Shae, barely able to contain himself* This is gonna be so cool!

Student Marcus Sway - 21:29:11 01/08/20

*Marcus jumped as the food appeared before him though he should have expected it and then jumped again when fireworks went off overhead. That was new for this year!*

Student Aliyah Maru - 21:29:20 01/08/20

*A curse left her as she quickly pulled her feet off the table startled as something hit them lifting her beanie up off her face to see food now on the table and fireworks suddenly going off.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 21:29:22 01/08/20

*Riley stared up at the fireworks in amazement. At first, they made her jump, but they were so pretty and despite knowing a bit of magic herself, she had no clue that that was even possible*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:29:29 01/08/20

*Isaac’s jaw just drops as food just appeared in front of him. How is that even a thing that can happen? He’d expected magic and he’d not been disappointed. This must be the most powerful spell the Headmaster could cast. He just sits there gobsmacked, mouth open slightly*

Student Winnifred Taylor - 21:29:51 01/08/20

*She’d not been expecting that somehow, and jumped when it just all happened at once. I stared blankly at the food on the table. It felt rude to just dig in*

Student Meira Nova - 21:30:39 01/08/20

*Meira’s eyes widened in absolute delight as the fireworks began to go off laughing as she watched the display*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:30:42 01/08/20

*She beamed happily at Lambert, thinking that perhaps he was showing off a little this year but she didn’t blame him one little bit. It was so good to be back*

Student Clementine Feher - 21:31:07 01/08/20

Oh, SWEET! *She nudged Martin, turning around in her seat to face the table as the food appeared on it, grinning and watching the fireworks a moment before digging in.* Look, Eyes, this is awesome!

Student Robert Vincent - 21:32:16 01/08/20

*Bobby raised a brow and looked around. Maybe the old stiff wasn’t all mouth after all. He grabbed a bit of food and popped it into his mouth not one to turn down free anything*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:32:34 01/08/20

*Looking mildly surprised and slightly impressed by the fireworks, Clara distractedly reaches forward grabbing a bread roll without even looking.*

Student Martin Yves - 21:32:58 01/08/20

Huh? *He had been watching the fireworks in something akin to awe, but looks over when Clem nudges him, only just now noticing the food.*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:33:33 01/08/20

Impressive! *Daniela rises an eyebrow, looking up at the fireworks, actually really impressed for a moment. In her eyes, it was too much fuzz. Well, it was a long expected grande opening, so probably it was alright this once. Quietly, she picks up her pumpkin juice which she poured into a goblet and drinks a mouthful*

Student Harper Brooks - 21:33:34 01/08/20

*Harper stared up at the ceiling in amazement. This was by far the coolest school she had ever been to*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:33:42 01/08/20

*Lambert took a step back and looked over all the excited faces. He pocketed his wand and approached the staff table, the knot in his stomach now gone* Well everyone? How was it? *he asked none of the Professors in particular*

Student Lois Hughes - 21:34:11 01/08/20

*Lois’ eyes widened in surprise at the sudden fireworks and magically appearing food. Not caring whether she was meant to wait to eat, she began to collect bits of food onto her plate*

Student Elias Crain - 21:34:17 01/08/20

*Elias ducks in his seat and covers his head.* What in Merlin’s name..?! *He slaps one hand to his chest and his other taking his pulse at his throat.* A little warning would be nice! *He grimaces.*

Student Shae Wilson - 21:34:32 01/08/20

*She jumps a little when the food appears in front of them and look at Dakota and Riley* This looks amazing! Was it like this at your old schools too?

Student Iona Pawter - 21:35:04 01/08/20

*She notices her favourite pie and wondered if anyone would notice if she ate dessert first but shrugged, putting a piece on a plate before looking at her fellow Rubyblazers* Pie can come first right? *she laughed and dug in*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:35:19 01/08/20

*Hadley relaxes into her seat, glad all the introductions were over and they can now get on with school life. She looks up at the fireworks, smiling contentedly, feeling happy to be here for the first time before looking around at her fellow Professors. Maybe the air won’t feel so charged in the staff room now. She smiles at the Headmaster and nods approvingly* Great. I mean- *She stumbles over her words* You were great. It’s great. *She takes a deep breath* I’m just glad that’s all over.

Student Marcus Sway - 21:35:30 01/08/20

*Marcus began to fill a plate up. Food usually resulted in a squabble at home so it was nice to just have a free for all here where his sisters, all five of them, couldn’t get in his way*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 21:35:43 01/08/20

*He gave a chuckle as Lambert seemed to be in a showing off mood looking around grinning at the excitement from the students. He turns his focus to Lambert as he returns to their table now and grins at him.* Kids look excited so I say a huge success.

Student Riley Culpepper - 21:35:52 01/08/20

*Riley shook her head at Shae* Nope, nothing this impressive. *Her mouth hung open slightly in awe of the place, the experience* This is amazing..

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:36:10 01/08/20

*Walker grins reassuringly to the Headmaster.* Well done, sir. *He glances up.* The fireworks were a nice touch.

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:36:24 01/08/20

*He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, enjoying the warmth from the potion seeming to spread through his blood as he did. That wasn’t too bad. His eyes darted over to the Headmaster, focused somewhere just over his shoulder.* Brilliant, Headmaster.

Student Gabriella Lachman - 21:36:43 01/08/20

*Looking in awe of the fireworks, hearing noise on the table in the sound of clanking dishes, she looks down to see a marvelous collection of food. She reaches for a goblet, takes a drink, sets down her glass, then starts eating. *

Student Dakota Ballard - 21:37:05 01/08/20

*He shook his head at Shae then he licked his lips at all the food, but didn’t want to be rude and just dive in*

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 21:37:05 01/08/20

*He stood, walking towards Lambert* It was everything I have come to expect from these things. *He chuckled, grinning a bit* Long winded, boring and not enough hot Witches *He turns to the females Professors and winks* No offence ladies, but still adults are kinda in the minority here *He turns back to Lambert* But I’m gonna have to cut and run. *He held out his hand to Lambert again* Good job though, getting the place open again and sticking with it. This place, and this town need a bit more of that.

Student Aliyah Maru - 21:37:14 01/08/20

*Had to admit the fireworks weren’t a bad touch. Turning to the table she helped herself to some food figuring may as well eat while it was there now*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:37:27 01/08/20

*Lambert smiled at Hadley, the first to answer* Now the real fun begins. Classes soon, I for one cannot wait to see what you all bring *he chuckled and nodded in agreement with Maverick and then with Walker and Theo* I was showing off a tiny bit Professor Montgomery. *he winked over at Sydnee knowing she would know this*

Student Eamonn Hope - 21:37:31 01/08/20

*He smiles as the fireworks start and the food appears on the table. This was already looking better than his old school. He starts to pile food on his plate, a bit overeager to see if it tasted as good as it looked.*

Student Anais Levett - 21:37:31 01/08/20

*She giggles at the way Elias reacts to the fireworks even though she’d jumped when the first one exploded over their heads* I think he was going for the element of surprise *She shakes her head as she reaches for the spoon in a large bowl of pasta. She piles some onto her plate then returns the spoon*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:38:09 01/08/20

*She smiles brightly at Lambert* It was great of course. We’re all here and Deckleswood is open. What more could we want.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:38:35 01/08/20

*As Harrison approached him he chuckled at his comments* Don’t ever change Harrison *he shook his hand* I couldn’t live without this place anyway. Are we still on for lunch next week?

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:38:55 01/08/20

*Delany stood and moved closer to the other Professors as they all spoke to the Headmaster. She nodded in agreement with what they were all saying but enough people were talking so she just kept quiet*

Student Riley Culpepper - 21:39:18 01/08/20

Are you gonna eat? *Riley whispered - kinda - to Dakota. She could tell that he wanted to, but wasn’t quite sure why he wasn’t getting food yet. Probably the same reason she wasn’t, to be fair. Excitement and nerves were making her less hungry, plus she didn’t want to seem greedy*

Student Meira Nova - 21:39:20 01/08/20

This looks so amazing. *Meira’s gaze wandered over the food now not sure what to try first so helped herself to a little bit of everything.*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:39:37 01/08/20

*After a little while longer Isaac pulls himself together and looks up and down the table again, smiling at the other Rubyblaze students. He turns to Iona with a still slightly terrified look*
That was, wow, incredible right? Is... Is this food safe to eat?

Student Dana Graham - 21:39:42 01/08/20

*he looked around and realised he needed to send an owl to his he sneaks out.*

Student Elias Crain - 21:40:34 01/08/20

Surprise or not, if I have a heart condition after this, I’m going to sue. *He looks at the food, turning his nose up at everything.*

Mayor Harrison Swarley - 21:41:00 01/08/20

Absolutely *He nods, shaking Lambert’s hand* Wouldn’t miss it. You’re paying right? *He winks at him and then turns to the Professors* Night everyone. Hope to catch you all in the Nameless before long. *He smiles at Sydnee* And great to see you back to of course Syd. Make sure you come see us for a drink too at some point. *With that, he headed down off the stage, through the hall and out through the double doors*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:41:08 01/08/20

*she makes her way over to the professors’ table, realising that she probably should officially introduce herself to the headmaster, as she had talked to him just through owls and official forms until tonight* Headmaster, I wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity, it means a lot. *she stretches out her hand to him*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:41:37 01/08/20

*She laughs slightly at Isaac’s question, swallowing her bite* Of course it’s safe to eat! Why wouldn’t it be? *she laughs, not unkindly, just confused*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:41:41 01/08/20

*He chuckled at Lambert. Walker looks over at Theo, wondering how he was holding up with all this.*

Student Anais Levett - 21:42:30 01/08/20

Well from the sounds of it, the Headmaster has a boat load of money. You could be set for life *She picks up her fork, before noticing Elias has nothing on his plate* Aren’t you going to have some dinner?

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:42:53 01/08/20

*Lambert nodded at Harrison after he left and turned to Daniela who he was meeting for the first time. He grasped her hand in his and shook it firmly* We’re glad to have you on board at such short notice. Recruitment has been trying to say the least these past few months *he let go of her hand and smiled*

Student Shae Wilson - 21:42:56 01/08/20

*She looks from Riley to Dakota and around at the other students who already started to eat and reaches out to the bowl of fruit, picking up a beautifully looking bunch of grapes* these look delicious!

Student Gabriella Lachman - 21:43:24 01/08/20

*Finishing her food, she yawns. Today was a big day, moving in, getting sorted and figuring out the layout of Deckleswood. Her head felt heavy. She was ready to just hang out in the common room and chill. She gets up quietly and heads for the TG Common Room. Perhaps, she will finish unpacking her trunk and get further settled.*

Student Dakota Ballard - 21:43:39 01/08/20

*He nodded to Riley* Oh yeah! I was just waiting for someone else to start. Didn’t wanna be the first one. *He grinned then looked back at all the food. He blinked a few times then reaches for the pasta*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:43:47 01/08/20

*He wonders how stupid that question sounded. She’s probably eaten magical food her while life*
I didn’t know if *he stops to pick the right words* I’ve never eaten magic food before.

Student Harper Brooks - 21:45:04 01/08/20

*Harper was feeling far too nervous to eat and since she hadn’t had the chance to meet anyone yet she decided to quietly head out and back to her dorm for now*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:45:38 01/08/20

*Clara sighs and picks at the bread roll in her hand, she wasn’t feeling all that hungry. Every now and then she’d let her attention float over to the Professor table, already thinking about what classes she would, or wouldn’t be bothering to take*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:45:45 01/08/20

*she nods and returns the headmaster a firm handshake* It is a pleasure. You made quite an effort with the renovation work in the shortest time *as he lets go of the handshake, she nods again* from what I picked up in the town hall, you managed to do the impossible. *she pauses* I’m really looking forward to my work here.

Student Iona Pawter - 21:45:49 01/08/20

*She looked at Isaac kindly, putting down her fork* Um, have you ever been to a magic school before? *She tilted her head slightly to the side, trying to figure out why he was asking about magic food, exactly, as this food all appeared completely normal to her*

Student Robert Vincent - 21:45:58 01/08/20

*Bobby grabbed another piece of food from the mass of rubbish in front of him and shifted in his seat at his house table. He didn’t speak to anyone in particular but just spoke out anyway to those on the table with him* So this gonna be like this every bleedin’ night?

Student Dylan Matthews - 21:46:17 01/08/20

*He looked at all the food and his stomach growled. He turned to some of his house members* Anyone else feeling brave enough to head up first?

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:46:41 01/08/20

*He was looking around at the students all seeming to enjoy the feast, despite some of them having been so unenthusiastic about the ceremony itself. He was relieved that the Mayor-MME was gone and that there would need to be no more attention on himself tonight, even if the attention on him only lasted a few moments. As he glanced around, he caught Walker looking at him and raised one eyebrow, managing a very slight smile. He mouthed ’Thank you,’ to him, knowing the other professor would likely be aware he’d taken some of the potion again this evening.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 21:47:20 01/08/20

*Riley chuckled a little* They.. look like grapes? *She smiled* No, I get it. The food looks amazing, even the stuff you wouldn’t expect to. *Riley looked over at Dakota as he replied to her* Ha, alright. *She turned to the food and began to pick up some bread and other foods to put onto her plate. She ate a little, and audibly "Mmmm"ed when she realised how nice it tasted.* This tastes extra good too! Maybe Deckleswood isn’t only famous for its grades *she laughed*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:47:36 01/08/20

Nothing is impossible Miss Santacruz, not with the right team and people in your corner *he chuckled and excused himself heading back to the other Professors to see how they were doing*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:48:17 01/08/20

*Delaney smiled at the other Professors. Looking at each of them and noticing how much better they seemed to be doing than when they had last all been together in school* Is everyone doing alright? *She asked them politely*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:48:46 01/08/20

*Clara glances up from where she was picking at her food when she hears one of the wizards sat at her table moaning. She returns her attention to the roll in her hands before answering him* Yup, looks that way.

Student Elias Crain - 21:49:16 01/08/20

*He scans the room, looking at all the other students grabbing for the food with their grubby little hands.* What kind of barnyard were these people raised in? *He looks over to Anais.* This reminds me of that scene in "Cannibal Holocaust".. *He makes a face and looks at the food in disgust.*

Student Clementine Feher - 21:49:26 01/08/20

What classes are you gonna sign up for, Eyes? *She didn’t look at him, filling her plate with food. She was the only RB student sat at the TG table, but whatever. Martin was the only person she knew in this place so far and she felt like he needed her, even if he wouldn’t say as much.*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:49:48 01/08/20

*Well obviously he hadn’t, all wizard schools must do magic food, why wouldn’t they. Now he was going to sound as ignorant as he actually was*
Well *he starts* not as such, I’m not sure exactly how to explain it. *Just say you’re new to all this, it must happen all the time? Maybe there are others like him.*

I only just found out I could do magic, like *he thinks a little* three months ago.

Professor Maverick Winchester - 21:50:06 01/08/20

*He couldn’t stand sitting any longer and gets up grinning at his fellow professors.* Think it’s time to properly greet my house students real quick *That said he headed off to the Rubyblaze table giving a big smile to all the students there.* Welcome! Welcome! You all enjoying the food. *He looks at each one of them as he greets the group*

Student Lois Hughes - 21:50:18 01/08/20

*Lois laughed and turned to the boy at her table who seemed to be complaining* Yeah, seems probable. Let’s hope it gets less.. chaotic, or whatever

Student Robert Vincent - 21:51:18 01/08/20

Fucking wonderful *Bobby rolled his eyes, this every night seemed like a waste of time. He was here to do one thing, learn to kick ass with his wand, not sit listening to speeches and watching fireworks. He grabbed a goblet of...ugh kiddy juice but drank it anyway. He looked at the two girls who had answered him.* Name’s Bobby, what do I call you since we’re apparently housemates?

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:51:27 01/08/20

*Walker smiled and gave Theo a little nod, acknowledging him. He glances over to Delaney.* First day, so far so good. *He smiles warmly at her.* Yourself?

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:51:37 01/08/20

*Hadley nods her head in reply to Delaney, smiling politely as she reaches for the water goblet on the table* Much better now that the school has officially opened, thank you *She takes a long drink and returns the goblet to the table* How are you settling in?

Student Iona Pawter - 21:51:54 01/08/20

*She frowns at Isaac, eyeing him up and down* Aren’t you a bit .. old .. to just find out about magic? *she frowns but shakes her head* This food appears fairly standard to me. I mean, I guess sometimes people put magical curses or spells on food - chocolate frogs can hop away if you don’t watch them! - but none of the rest of us have died yet *she grinned and stabbed her pie with her fork* Stay by my side kid, I’ll make sure the food doesn’t eat you before you can eat it *she grinned at Isaac, hoping he knew she was being kind and not mean*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:52:29 01/08/20

*He glanced down at Professor Sullivan, giving her a slight nod, but he didn’t return the question, as Walker and Professor Brooker already had.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:52:44 01/08/20

*He smiled as the Professors spoke to one and other, it was nice seeing them get along already since they had only recently missed. He perched on the edge of the table in front of Sydnee and smiled* You here much longer tonight? Or kid duty pulling you away soon?

Student Anais Levett - 21:53:13 01/08/20

*She follows Elias gaze as he looks at all the other students on their table but simply shrugs in reply, she had no idea what he was referring to* Lets just hope everyone washed their hands?

Student Iona Pawter - 21:53:15 01/08/20

*She smiles brightly at their househead, having always been an exceptional student* Hello, Professor Winchester

Student Marcus Sway - 21:53:18 01/08/20

*Marcus held his plate close to him and ate happily not really taking in all the speaking going around. He was just so happy to be here*

Student Meira Nova - 21:53:31 01/08/20

*Meira had just put a large bite of spagehetti in her mouth as their house head came up to the table and struggled to quickly chew and swallow her bite before answering* Yes, Sir. *Smiles brightly now.* It’s delicious.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:53:47 01/08/20

*Glad for the immediate distraction he looks up at Winchester with a solid grin.*

*He’s about to reply when he realises he hasn’t tried the food and quickly grabs a burger looking thing and takes a bite, then speaks not really remembering to chew first*
It’s great sir.

Student Martin Yves - 21:54:22 01/08/20

*He shrugs, looking over at Clementine, then at her full plate, then back at his food, taking a bite and thinking about it for a minute.* Maybe everything? I mean - not Mental Studies, of course, that’s only 6th year up. So everything I can?

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:54:53 01/08/20

*she nods and turns away from the headmaster, who follows his interests. One of the duties she felt having was fulfilled. She returns to the supporting staff table and grabs her pumpkin juice again with the idea to slip out of the hall at the first possible moment which doesn’t make her seem to be too rude*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 21:55:18 01/08/20

*She sighs and puts the bread roll down on her plate. Folding her arms in front of her and using them to push the plate away. She knew she’d wake up starving but she couldn’t face anything on the table right now.* I’m Clara *She gives a curt nod to the wizard introducing himself as Bobby*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:55:18 01/08/20

*She smiles at Lambert and shakes her head* I’m here for as long as you need me. Knox has the kids and I told him that I needed to make time for my other lover *She winks at Lambert* The school of course I mean...

Student Isaac Hamilton - 21:55:25 01/08/20

*he looks down at his food then back to Iona and swallows it whole. Could his food eat him. That was not something he wanted to think about*

Student Lois Hughes - 21:55:59 01/08/20

*Lois gave a half-hearted smile* The name’s Lois. Great to meet you two, I guess. *She smiled again, this time slightly less cold*

Student Eamonn Hope - 21:56:01 01/08/20

*He ate quickly, trying not to be rude and shovel food in his mouth or anything, but enough so that he could get out of here as quickly as possible. There were way too many unfamiliar faces. Maybe better to get to know some of them in classes, so he knew where he stood on the hierarchy here. He finishes off his pumpkin juice and makes a quick exit.*

Student Elias Crain - 21:56:02 01/08/20

I doubt it. *He said matter-of-factly and forces a smile.* I’m gonna need a stiff drink to get through this. STIFF.

Student Shae Wilson - 21:56:08 01/08/20

*She took a grape into her mouth, looking at the other boy at the Sapphirelake table* uhm, we haven’t introduced each other, have we? *She throws another grape into her mouth while she pauses talking*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 21:56:32 01/08/20

*He gave a hearty chuckle as the boy stuffed his face before replying then smiled at the girls.* Good stuff. I just wanted to take a moment to properly greet you. I know it’s a lot getting use to a new school so make sure to find me if any of you need help.

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:56:38 01/08/20

*She nods at the other Professors, agreeing with what they were saying* I have to admit to finding it all rather strange and quite surreal. But I’m hoping that feeling will wear off soon

Student Dakota Ballard - 21:57:18 01/08/20

*He grins to the other boy in SL robes and nods at Shae, waiting to hear his answer*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:57:49 01/08/20

*He laughed at Sydnee* Courtney often says this place is my second wife as well *he chuckled again* How are they all doing anyway?

Student Aliyah Maru - 21:58:04 01/08/20

*One plus so far for this school food was definitely good at least. She helped herself to more of some rice dish she’d just tried that was really good.*

Student Iona Pawter - 21:59:05 01/08/20

*She smiles at Professor Winchester and takes a drink of her water, feeling comforted that he’s their House Head*

Student Dylan Matthews - 21:59:38 01/08/20

*He smiles at the girl who spoke to him, and looked at the others as if to include them in the introduction too* Oh hey. I’m Dylan.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:59:53 01/08/20

*Walker nods at Delaney. He motions to the room full of students.* This makes it pretty real to me. *He raises his eyebrows and chuckles.*

Student Robert Vincent - 22:00:03 01/08/20

Yeah I guess *he shrugged making a mental note of of their names* You know much about our house head. *he nodded over at the woman up top*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:00:07 01/08/20

*He did need to speak with Winchester, he’d been told something about extra tutoring but been given no details.*

*Well no time like the present. He throws his hand up* Actually sir, I could do with talking to you about my *he suddenly stops losing all courage, feeling everyone was watching him*
I mean, I could do with talking about my previous schooling with you.

Student Anais Levett - 22:00:10 01/08/20

*She spoons the pasta into her mouth, she was hungry even if Elias wasn’t and she wanted to distract herself from the fact he was probably talking about alcohol and not a stiff pumpkin juice. She didn’t want to seem like a loser already on her first day and offered a nod as a reply* Mmm. Yeah. Definitely stiff drink material.

Student Clementine Feher - 22:00:34 01/08/20

Everything? *She laughed at him.* You’re such a nerd, Eyes. *She took a bite of her food, chewed, swallowed, then grinned at him.* I like it. Me too.

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:00:36 01/08/20

Hey Dylan! *He grinned at him. He would have offered to shake his hand, but that might be unsanitary while they’re all eating* I’m Dakota! Nice to meet you!

Student Meira Nova - 22:00:50 01/08/20

*She quickly nodded her head at Professor Winchester* Thank you, Professor.

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:01:09 01/08/20

*Riley grinned at the boy who had joined their little group* Hi! I’m Riley. It’s great to meet you!

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:01:50 01/08/20

Great actually. The kids are loving school and Knox is really settling into his new job. I’m sure he’s a little sad to not be coming back though *She smiles warmly* A little like when you ditched Divination *She winks playfully at him*

Student Iona Pawter - 22:02:00 01/08/20

*She finished her pie and then pulled some more dinner-like items onto her plate, figuring she should eat other proper food as well and watched Isaac. Did he actually have no idea about magic?*

Student Shae Wilson - 22:02:12 01/08/20

*She smiles at Dylan politely* Hey, I’m Shae, nice to meet you! *She straightens her robes again, not wanting them to get dirty or something. She loved the beautiful blue* I’m really curious about the classes they offer here. It seems to be pretty grand. *She shoves another grape into her mouth. Naturally packed up food seemed safe for her dress*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:02:26 01/08/20

*He was pleased the girls seemed okay then turned to the boy as he spoke.* We can do that. Why don’t you come to my office tomorrow morning at ten am, and we can discuss things.

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:02:33 01/08/20

Other than the fact she teaches Mental Studies? *Looking over to Professor Sullivan, Clara shakes her head in reply to Bobby* I didn’t want to come so I’ve not really looked at any of the paperwork.

Student Elias Crain - 22:03:44 01/08/20

*He settles on a safe-looking piece of bread and a few hard cheeses. He sets them down on his plate and reaches for a handful of grapes.* There are certain things that are just not done: Smoking in a car with a baby—unless you crack a window; tipping before tax; mixing drinks with cola; and eating at buffets. *He swallows hard, wondering how he’d make it through all this.*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:03:50 01/08/20

Of course sir
*Better to get that sorted in private*
Thank you sir.

*He turns back to the food realising how hungry he is now and begins to dig in, smiling between mouthfuls at Iona*

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:04:34 01/08/20

It’s great to meet you all *He smiles at the three of them* Reckon we got some of the better color robes too right? *grins*

Student Lois Hughes - 22:04:43 01/08/20

*Lois shrugged again* Yeahhh no. I don’t know anything about her. She seems like she could be interesting though? *That was probably a pathetic thing to have said out loud but she tried not to care*

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:05:40 01/08/20

*Dakota nods in response to Dylan* Oh, most def! Imagine being purple. *He pulls a face then stuffs his face with more food*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:05:42 01/08/20

Very good I will see you then. *He turned his focus back to the whole group and smiled.* Enoy your first evening. *He gave a wave to them before leaving them to enjoy their meals as he headed back to the professors table.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:06:43 01/08/20

I? *he shook his head laughing* The Ministry took that decision for me. Besides we got you back in the door. *he winked at her playfully* Unfortunately its not like I could give Knox like Assistant Deputy or something as it just doesn’t exist.

Student Iona Pawter - 22:06:54 01/08/20

*She smiles at Isaac, making a mental note to keep an eye on him, as he seemed a bit lost. But she didn’t want to be overbearing or anything.* *She waved to Professor Winchester and looked around the room, noticing a familiar face at the OS table and trying to place the girl*

Student Anais Levett - 22:07:05 01/08/20

*All she could think of now was how unhygienic actually buffet was, but maybe it was enchanted or something? It wasn’t even something she’d considered until Elias mentioned it* My Dads used to take me out to this one place in Vancouver that did amazing tacos. They had a toppings bar, that was ok.

Student Marcus Sway - 22:07:14 01/08/20

*Marcus grabs his loaded plate and decides to go eat it in the common room*

Student Aliyah Maru - 22:07:20 01/08/20

*After filling herself she decided it was time to get out of this room. Too many people and nothing interesting anway going on. Standing up she left deciding to go outside for a bit.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:07:26 01/08/20

I actually think the purple ones look pretty neat *Riley put a spoonful of food into her mouth as she glanced over at the Onyxshadow table. She swallowed before speaking again* But I do like the blue. They’re nice. *She smiled*

Student Robert Vincent - 22:07:59 01/08/20

*Bobby was interested by the not wanting to come and he looked right at her* Oh made to come as well?

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:08:01 01/08/20

*He stands up from his seat.* Excuse me, Professors. I’m going to go introduce myself. *He pushes his chair back in and strides toward the Sapphirelake table with a smile. He took a deep breath and exhaled as he walked.*

Student Shae Wilson - 22:08:02 01/08/20

*She nods at Dylan’s statement* Definitely! *She straightens her robes once too often now* They are so shiny, I almost feel like it’s sparkling in the dark! *She chuckles*

Student Martin Yves - 22:08:15 01/08/20

Yeah, everything. *He looked around the hall, at the other students chatting at his table and everyone being so talkative and excited. He tried to focus on his food and eat enough that Clem wouldn’t get on his case about it. Then he grabbed his book from his lap and stood.* I - gottago. *He rushed for the exit.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:08:26 01/08/20

Oh god no... *She shook her head firstly* Honestly its kind of a relief not to have him here all the time *She laughs slightly, not meaning any offence to him* It will always feel special that we met here but we definitely not need to be linked at the hip

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:09:28 01/08/20

*Finishing another mouthful, properly this time, he decides to try and have a more normal conversation*
So Iona, where are you from?

Student Lois Hughes - 22:10:29 01/08/20

*Lois decided to take advantage of the fact there was no longer any attention on her and got out of her seat, leaving out the doors of the hall and only taking a sandwich with her*

Student Meira Nova - 22:10:46 01/08/20

*Meira had smiled after Professor Winchester as he left and turned back to enjoying her delicious food.*

Student Elias Crain - 22:10:48 01/08/20

That’s a recipe for a nasty listeria infection. *He blinked, knowingly, at Anais.* So what’s your deal? How’d you wind up here?

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:10:51 01/08/20

Oh well that’s okay then, I mean I know what you mean. Courtney and I are the same. I miss her being here, but she’s only over in town and she runs her own hours now so it’s better for the kids *he nodded slowly. She would never have managed the kids and a full time job looking out for all these kids as well. Least this way he could head home most nights and she could keep the hours she wanted still counselling just not in school*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 22:11:07 01/08/20

*Delaney could feel a headache coming on and it was getting harder to control her abilities. She rubbed at her temples slightly, picking up the odd thought without even meaning to. She pulled a face at the other Professors* I’m sorry. If you’ll excuse me. *She frowned slightly and then made her way out of the crowded all*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:11:41 01/08/20

*She sighed as Martin ran out of the hall like someone was chasing him, rolling her eyes and eating some more of her food. She looked down the table, thinking she’d have to make some friends and introduce him to some other kids, so he didn’t feel so shy all the time. She picked up her plate and went to her house’s table now that Eyes had left, figuring she should meet some of her housemates. She sat down near Isaac, Iona, and Meira, not caring in the slightest if she was interrupting a conversation.* Hey guys!

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:12:04 01/08/20

Oh yeah *Clara unfolds her arms and smooths out her robes as she replies to Bobby* My mother thought I was too "distracted" *She makes air quotes with her fingers* at my old school. I guess 5 Os and 2 Es just wasn’t good enough for her *She rolls her eyes, the bitterness drowning out all other feelings about this new school that she’d had in the last hour* What about you Bobby? *Clara tilts her head* Sounds like there is a story there.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:12:08 01/08/20

*Walker grins as he hears the Sapphirelake students talking about their robes.* You got the best robes, because you got the best house! *He chuckles, making mental notes of the group of Sapphirelake students.* Thought I’d come over and say hello to everyone.

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:12:37 01/08/20

*He chuckles, thinking how nice his fellow housemates all seem* How old are you guys? *He looks between them, trying to gauge it but not wanting to be rude*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:13:14 01/08/20

*He saw the pained looked on Delaney’s face as she left as he returned and hoped she was doing okay. Dropping back down into his seat though he turned his sights on the food grinning.* Time to finally enjoy some of this fine feast myself. *That said he soon had his plate loaded to capacity with food before diving into it.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:13:42 01/08/20

I’m 14 *She smiled at Dylan* Fourth year, what about you?

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:13:50 01/08/20

*She grins at Lambert, forgetting for a moment that him and his wife had met in a very similar way* Exactly, and now after a hard day we can go home and have a rant about it and they can’t just say "Yes dear, I already know"

Student Shae Wilson - 22:14:19 01/08/20

*She looks up at professor Montgomery, suddenly a lump forming in her neck. She feels her cheeks getting red* Uhm... Good evening, professor! *She immediately looks to the floor after she addresses him*

Student Iona Pawter - 22:14:23 01/08/20

*She smiled at Issac, pushing her plate away, really just wanting to eat pie and had a sip of water* Boston. What about you Issa-- *she was interrupted by a very loud girl sitting down near them, the girl who had been at the TG table all evening* Um, hi?

Professor Hadley Brooker - 22:14:37 01/08/20

*Having watched one of her students who’d arrived at dinner under dressed leave, she stands up and smiles at her cowokers* One of my students didn’t get the dress robes memo so I’m going to go have a word *She smiles, giving them a slight nod before following Delaney out*

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:14:51 01/08/20

*He sits up, hearing a man’s voice behind him. He quickly wipes his mouth and looks up at Professor Montgomery* Hello Professor! *He grins, food clearly in his teeth*

Student Shae Wilson - 22:15:14 01/08/20

*She turns to Dylan and smiles a little* I’m 16. 6th grade. And you?

Student Robert Vincent - 22:15:35 01/08/20

*Bobby pulled a face at Clara* I’m sorry you got all that and your mother still wasn’t happy? Fuck sake. No pleasing some people huh, almost feel lucky I’ve not got any such burden *he shrugged his shoulders* You got a story, I got a story. Ministry is making me come here. One final chance to get my education right apparently. Wasn’t even my fault.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:15:53 01/08/20

*Boston, that was some distance. He should have noticed the accent.*

*He looks up at the girl joining them. She was cute, and had a nice smile even if he interruption was a little rude.*
Hey, grab a seat. I’m Isaac, this is Iona *he looks over at Meira* and I think this girl said here name was Moira

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:15:59 01/08/20

*Walker smiles at the group.* As you probably heard from, uh, up there *He motions to the staff table.* I’m Professor Montgomery, and I’m your House Head this year. Just wanted to meet you all before the evening was out.

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:16:04 01/08/20

Hello Professor *He turns to look at him and wasn’t sure if they were supposed to shake hands or something. He stuck out his hand awkwardly* Nice to meet you.

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:16:25 01/08/20

*He sighed to himself as Walker also went off to greet his students, wondering if that was something he should do. He hated formal events like this and had planned to just meet everyone in the common room later. He had already posted a notice on the board in there, so after the introduction just now, everyone knew who he was. He knew he wasn’t in his best element right now and might just come off as stuffy or cold. He grimaced slightly in sympathy as Professor Sullivan excused herself. He poured himself a cup of something or other, not even noticing what exactly was in the pitcher, but just needing something to do with his hands. He picked up the cup and took a sip - pumpkin juice - before he placed it back on the table, absently rotating the cup between his hands as he looked around the room.*

Student Anais Levett - 22:16:30 01/08/20

*She screws up her face, not wanting to think about that taco bar ever again. She puts her fork down and turns to Elias* Full disclosure, it wasn’t my fault. *She pauses, weighing up the possible outcomes of what she’s about to say* I was expelled, the Ministry recommended this school. So here I am. *She picks up her fork again and busies herself scooping up pasta* What about you?

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:16:59 01/08/20

Oh! *Riley’s eyes widened as she realised she’d accidentally ignored their House Head* Hi professor! *She laughed slightly - awkwardly, perhaps*

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:17:20 01/08/20

*He makes a note to tell Dylan his age in a minute but looks back at Professor Montgomery and sticks his hand out* I’m Dakota!

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:17:26 01/08/20

*He slid off of the table, standing up where he had just been sat* I know, it’s like you can actually bring something surprising home now right? *he shook his head and chuckled*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:18:25 01/08/20

I’m Clementine! *She grinned at Isaac and Iona, and at the other girl Isaac had called Moira. She took a bite of something off her plate, chewed, swallowed, and spoke again.* This place is really cool, right?

Student Meira Nova - 22:18:31 01/08/20

*She giggled hearing her name said as Moira.* You were close I’m Meira. *She smiled to show she didn’t mind the mistake.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:18:38 01/08/20

*Walker grins and shakes the hands of the two young men who had offered.* Everything going well so far? You all sorted in your dorms?

Student Elias Crain - 22:20:27 01/08/20

Expelled? *He looks at her, half shocked, half impressed.* It’s just one long string of really bad luck and I don’t know what kind of carnage I inflicted in my past life to deserve it. I must have been Dracula or a spin instructor or something. *He rolled his eyes and popped another grape in his mouth.*

Student Iona Pawter - 22:20:31 01/08/20

*She smiled at the girl - Clementine - and grabbed another piece of pie*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:20:52 01/08/20

Yes! And something they might actually be interested in *She laughs at Lambert* You know what this place can be like for drama *She noticed him stand* Are you heading out?

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:21:09 01/08/20

*She smooths down her robes as she talks* Yeah well, I’m apparently the next Minister of Magic, and she’s apparently off her broomstick *Clara raises an eyebrow at Bobby, not sure if she was impressed, or if she thought he was making it up* Bad boy, huh?

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 22:21:47 01/08/20

*she eyes the room, finishing her drink and leans back for a moment. As everyone was distracted, and busy chit-chatting, she decides to give it a try to slip out of the great hall, unseen, just to write a bunch of owls and maybe enjoy a short drink at the inn at a later point tonight. Right after she found for her note book, which was actually her personal potions scrap book*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:22:01 01/08/20

*He nodded at her* I told her I’d be back before eleven, and I’ve got a few bits to catch up on in the office first.

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:22:05 01/08/20

Yes, I think so Sir *He nods, shaking the Professor hand and then places his hands back into his pockets* The dorm here is a lot nicer than at my last school, that’s for sure.

Student Clementine Feher - 22:22:05 01/08/20

Meira. *She pointed to them in turn.* Isaac, Iona. Got it. *She grinned.* What year are you all in? I’m fourth.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:22:12 01/08/20

*Damn, he’d only caught it just before the headmaster spoke. He looks over to Meira*
I’m sorry.

*He turns back to Clementine*
Yeah it’s definitely amazing. A lot to take in within a very short time.

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:22:51 01/08/20

Mind if I walk out with you? *She nods at the door, since they had to walk past the East Tower anyway*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:23:17 01/08/20

*After he had practically shoved a few bites of food into his mouth he turned to Theodore with a grin.* What you think so far of these guys? *He nods his head towards the students.* Looks like good batch of kids so far.

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:23:25 01/08/20

*Riley smiled* I think so! This school is so great, and I’m happy with the house I was sorted into. *She grinned, but immediately tried to seem less weird. She was talking to an adult, after all.*

Student Anais Levett - 22:23:34 01/08/20

*She spoons some of the pasta into her mouth, looking thoughtful about Elias answer* So you’re here because of bad luck? *She glances side ways at him* I always thought it would be quite fun to be a vampire while I was growing up. But then it turned out that I’m a witch instead.

Student Meira Nova - 22:24:10 01/08/20

*Her smile grew excited hearing Clementine say she was a fourth year* I’m in fourth year too!

Student Robert Vincent - 22:24:33 01/08/20

Oh really? *Bobby looked her over and frowned a little* Should I bow? *he smirked at his own little joke and shrugged his shoulders again* Dunno, I wouldn’t use that label, others might. I quick my first few schools and the last one well it quit me. Apparently Deckleswood is a good fit for my "anger issues", whatever that means. *he did airquotes in the air as he spoke*

Student Shae Wilson - 22:24:34 01/08/20

*She nods at the professor* yes, the dormitory looks so comfortable! We will surely have enough room to study there. *She wonders why she was talking about that and blush fills in her cheeks again*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:24:57 01/08/20

*He nods to Dylan and Dakota* Good to hear. *He looks at Riley and grins.* I’m glad to hear that! Make sure you earn us all sorts of points then.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:25:18 01/08/20

Not at all, be delighted of the company *Lambert smiled at her and waited for her to join him*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:25:32 01/08/20

I’m in fourth year too. *he adds quickly realising he hadn’t answered the other question*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:26:13 01/08/20

Oh cool! *She smiles brightly at Meira.* Guess we’ll be in the same classes then. I’m really excited for all of them.

Student Iona Pawter - 22:26:27 01/08/20

*She smiled at Clem* I’m in sixth year *she finishes her second piece of pie and looks around the room, noticing quite a few people have snuck out*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:26:27 01/08/20

*He nods to Shae.* Studious. I like that. Keep it up! *He smiles then looks back at the whole group.* I’ll let you get back to your dinner. If you need anything you can usually find me in the Potions classroom upstairs or my owl can usually find me if I’m out. Anything you need, just ask. *He nods again.* Have a good night, you all!

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:27:19 01/08/20

*Riley felt her cheeks turn slightly pink, but she laughed it off* Of course, professor. That’s half the fun of school, right?

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:27:26 01/08/20

*She gives Lambert a cheeky grin and then hooks her arm through his* You can be my substitute husband... *She laughs teasingly and then makes her way out of the hall with him*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:27:59 01/08/20

*She looks at Isaac too.* It’ll be great. A lot to take in cause it’s better than my other school, so I hope the professors are good. *She smiles at Iona.* Oh, neat. Are you gonna take Mental Studies? I was really curious about it. Would be nice to have someone to ask about how it is first. *She giggled and ate some of her food.*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:28:13 01/08/20

*Clara laughs out loud as Bobby mentions bowing to her* I wasn’t aware you were supposed to bow to the Minister of Magic? Not that i’ve met her. *She reaches for her goblet and peers inside it, whatever was in it, it probably didn’t have the kick she was looking for. She shrugs nonchalantly and takes a sip* So, angry boy then? Maybe Wou- *She corrects herself* Winchester will teach you how to channel your rage into your wand *She looks up at the table, taking every opportunity to check the Defence professor out*

Student Meira Nova - 22:28:15 01/08/20

*Meira smiled more as Isaac said he was a fourth year too.* I can’t wait for classes to start. I’m so excited to see what kind of difference there is here at a practical school than from my last school.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:28:26 01/08/20

Well now Knox and Courtney don’t work here, don’t they say work wife? work husband *he chuckled walked out linked with her*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:28:59 01/08/20

Yeah? What classes is everyone going to be taking?
*Any information he could get out of them would be useful*

*He was terrible with she’s but once Iona said she was two years above him his face flushed a little. At least it would be useful to know a nearly qualified witch*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:29:26 01/08/20

*He nodded slightly toward Professor Winchester, his hands gripping his cup as he looked anywhere but at the other man.* I think they will be great. So much excitement in one place. *He took a sip from his cup, barely tasting it, but it was something to do.*

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:29:29 01/08/20

*He nods politely to the Professor and waits for him to leave before addressing the others* Sorry, didn’t want to be rude to the Professor. I’m 16. Sixth Year.

Student Shae Wilson - 22:29:32 01/08/20

*She watches professor Montgomery walk away* Yes, professor, thank you professor! *When he actually leaves, she nudges Riley* Isn’t he nice? I think we got the best coloured robes, the best house head and who knows what else is the best around here!

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:29:49 01/08/20

Night Professor! *She smiled at him and turned back to the group after he left* He seems nice, what do you guys think?

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:31:10 01/08/20

*He grins and waves after the cool Professor* G’night sir! *He looks back at the group* I really like him!

Student Robert Vincent - 22:31:52 01/08/20

Seems to be the great master plan the Ministry has got for me. Deckleswood is all about practical magic, dueling and all that *he looked up over at where Professor Maverick was* and with a guy like that you’re probably right I could lean a good thing or two. So long as none of these idiots teaching us piss me off. Sometimes the Professors are worse than the kids *He frowned thinking back to one of his old schools. Victim, always the victim, whether it was from his peers or those who were supposed to look out for him*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:31:58 01/08/20

*He could see easily Theodore was tense but didn’t point it out as he took another bite of his meal as the man replied.* Can’t wait to see what kind of promise these kids have in them when classes start. *He grins*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:31:58 01/08/20

*She shrugs at Isaac, but she’s still grinning, clearly excited about this whole thing.* It’s only four classes, so everything.

Student Iona Pawter - 22:32:03 01/08/20

*She smiles at Clem, sipping her water* I figure I’ll take it, will be sure to give you an update *she smiles at her and looks around the room, noticing a fairly attractive boy at the Oynxshadow table sitting next to the girl she was sure she recognised*

Student Elias Crain - 22:32:59 01/08/20

Bad luck is putting it mildly. *He studies the glass of pumpkin juice.* Oh good, now I see bubbles. What does burning smell like? Is this what a stroke is? *He shakes his head and looks at Anais.* I once used the wrong glamour charm and was accused of looking like a vampire. I was going to a house party after Fashion Week in New York, so I fit in just fine. *He chuckles.*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:33:19 01/08/20

Thanks! *She smiled brightly at Iona.* That would be super nice of you.

Student Dylan Matthews - 22:33:32 01/08/20

*He nods at the girls and then at Dakota, agreeing with them all* Yeah seems real nice. Lucky us.

Student Iona Pawter - 22:34:00 01/08/20

*She heard Issac and thought there was a bit of fear in his voice and turned back to look at him* I’m sure Professor Winchester will explain everything tomorrow *she bumped his shoulder with hers* and if you have any problems, let me know.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:34:38 01/08/20

Right, just four classes. *He really wished someone had gone through all this with him. A few questions for Professor Winchester tomorrow at least*

Student Meira Nova - 22:35:39 01/08/20

Yeah I’m going to take all four classes to. No point coming here if we aren’t going to take advantage of what we can learn I figure. *Meira giggled*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:35:43 01/08/20

Yeah, I can’t wait to be facing Winchester, looks like he could take a hit or two *Clara took another sip from her goblet, she had been so preoccupied with WOULDchester she hadn’t really given any of the other professors much thought* I liked my old professors, I liked my old school *She placed her goblet back down* I just think it’s so unfair I’m stuck here now. What a bore.

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:36:11 01/08/20

Definitely! *She smiled at them all* I feel lucky we’re got such a nice house head. *She looked at the floor a little* And such a nice house. *She hadn’t known these people long but she hoped that they were going to be good friends*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:36:21 01/08/20

*Okay, so Iona was a complete saviour. At least she knew so there was one person he could go to, even if she smelt a little like honey drops as she bumped into him.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:37:45 01/08/20

*He nodded, taking a deep breath and, not for the first time, wishing he’d taken more of the potion tonight as a weak sense of warmth flows through him. He didn’t expect this to be as nerve-wracking as it was, with more students than professors, but the sheer number of people in the room was a bit overwhelming.* Most of them seem excited. I had hoped that would be the case, so I imagine they will all be interesting to work with.

Student Robert Vincent - 22:38:21 01/08/20

If you liked them that much you should have just told her to shove it *He shrugged. Not having parents all he had to go by were his interactions with the Nuns who raised him* How old are you anyway? Look like you’re old enough to be making your own choices. Once I turn 17 I don’t even know if I’ll stay or not.

Student Anais Levett - 22:39:23 01/08/20

*She finishes her pasta, places the fork down on the plate and pushes it away with both hands. She then reaches towards the fruit bowl and takes an apple, slipping it into her pocket* Wow! That’s exciting! *She started to giggle, then she realised he was worrying about having a stroke and felt bad for saying it was exciting* I meant fashion week, not the stroke thing. *She giggles, her face growing red across her nose* Not that i’m into fashion, clearly. It just sounds exciting.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:39:41 01/08/20

*Walker makes his way back to the Staff Table and seeing Delaney and Hadley had left, he stops to talk to Maverick and Theo.* Evening, gents. *He grins.* Enjoying the evening?

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:40:22 01/08/20

*He nods in agreement with Riley then shovels more food in his mouth* I think I’m definitely gonna like it here!

Student Clementine Feher - 22:40:30 01/08/20

Exactly! *She grinned at Meira, thinking they were going to get along just fine. She finished something off her plate.* That’s why I came here, anyway. Done with all that theory crap, I just want to learn some more real magic!

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:41:42 01/08/20

*He continued eating his meal again nodding his head in agreement with Theodore* Agree with you there. *He then turned to Walker and grinned* It’s good seeing so many excited kids. How was your batch looking?

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:43:04 01/08/20

Yeah! Learning to do all of the spells right. *He tries to join in as if he has a clue whether he’ll get on better with theory or practice. All he’d had so far was a little theory reading he’d been sent and a strict warning not to practice anything outside of the school*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:43:04 01/08/20

Evening. *He glances up and manages a small smile at Walker, rotating his cup between his hands and consciously stopping himself as a small bit of the juice spilled over the rim.* Not particularly. *There was a hint of amusement in his voice, as though he might be joking.*

Student Meira Nova - 22:43:11 01/08/20

*Meira bounced a little excitedly in her seat.* I want to learn as much magic as possible! Oh! We should set up weekly study sessions in the common room together to help each other with our assignments.

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:43:52 01/08/20

*Clara sits up straight and frowns at Bobby, not liking the fact he insinuated that she looked older than she was* I’m 16 actually *She emphasised the actually, hoping he wasn’t too oblivious to pick up on her annoyance* so unfortunately I didn’t have much say in where I sit my NEWTs. My mother is Canadian anyway and my father is too busy with his new wife *She sighs, hoping she doesn’t look as upset as she feels about this*

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:44:00 01/08/20

*Riley smiled at Dakota* Me too, I hope so. *She finished off the remainder of what was on her plate and took a deep breath in and out*

Student Clementine Feher - 22:45:48 01/08/20

That’s a great idea! *She nodded excitedly at Meira.* And we can bug professors together if none of us understand something. *She giggles.* Cause if we all don’t understand, it’s obviously the way it was taught, not us.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:45:55 01/08/20

Right, a study group. That way if any of us are having any problems with anything we can help each other out. Good idea Meira.
*Mostly him being helped he imagines but he’ll take any friends he can get*

Student Elias Crain - 22:46:17 01/08/20

*He frowns.* New York was ..ugh. So much fun. *He looks at her robes.* Doesn’t look like you’ll have to worry much about fashion when we have these hideous potato sacks to wear!

Student Shae Wilson - 22:48:07 01/08/20

*She nods at her fellow SL class mates and lets her eyes slide from one to the other* well... so... *She eats another grape, obviously interested* where is everyone from? And were did you all go to school before?

Student Robert Vincent - 22:48:22 01/08/20

Wow, sounds like a right family bliss right there in your family. What he do? Trade in for a newer model? Fucking pathetic...*he quickly looked up at her having spoke before really thinking* I mean I’m sure your Dad’s great *he shrugged* whatever he’s done probably better than my dead beat Dad.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:48:31 01/08/20

*He grins at Mav.* Mine look great! They all seem really excited and I think they’ll do well. Yours? *He looks at Theo and smiles at him, knowing this definitely couldn’t be easy for him. He gives him a reassuring nod.* You’re doing great.

Student Meira Nova - 22:48:37 01/08/20

*Meira burst into giggles at Clementine* Yes! We can’t be blamed for not understanding if all of us don’t. *She smiles brightly as they both agree to the idea.* Then it’s decided group study sessions! We can pick a time after classes start when we learn our schedule.

Student Anais Levett - 22:50:07 01/08/20

*She glances down her robes and nods in agreement with Elias. She knew absolutely nothing about fashion, especially wizarding fashion, but she did know she wasn’t a huge fan of yellow* I just realised I have blonde hair, and yellow robes. I must look like school bus! *She screws up her face and looks down at her robes for the second time in a matter of seconds*

Student Riley Culpepper - 22:50:51 01/08/20

*Riley smiled at Shae* I went to school in Ottawa before I came here, we live closer to here now though. What about you?

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:51:17 01/08/20

*He wipes his mouth free of the pasta sauce and looks at Shae* I’m from Moresby Island, but went to school in Toronto. Glad to come here, though. As much as I liked the Thestrals, the Vultures were always my favorite Quadditch team. *He was about to ask her but heard Riley ask*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:52:12 01/08/20

*He looked away a moment to wipe his hand and the side of his cup with his napkin, setting the cup of juice to his side and twisting the napkin between his hands instead as he glanced back at Walker, his expression somewhat grateful at the reassuring words.* You seem like you’re in your element. *He nodded over to the Sapphirelake table, where Walker had just introduced himself.* Your students will love you.

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:52:33 01/08/20

Mine as well. *He took last bite of his mean then continued* One of them wants to discuss things about his previous school. So going to meet with him in the morning to see what he needs help with.

Student Clementine Feher - 22:53:49 01/08/20

Right! *She grins round at them all.* That’s settled then! I’m going to go find my friend Martin. *She stands up from the table.* He ran off earlier and we have catching up to do. See you all later! *She gave them a cheerful wave and headed out of the hall.*

Student Elias Crain - 22:54:16 01/08/20

*He pointed to his hair, which was also blonde.* I’m at least an Audi.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:54:54 01/08/20

Bye Clem *He waves after her*
Wow she has a lot of energy *he remarks to the others as she leaves*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:55:58 01/08/20

I sure hope so. *He grins at Theodore, glancing back over his shoulder at his students.* They do seem like a really great group. *He looks back at Mav.* Oh? First day jitters maybe? Understandable. This isn’t exactly a comfortable situation for a lot of people. *He hid a smile and glanced at Theo.*

Student Clara Hawthorn - 22:56:35 01/08/20

*Clara tilted her head as he backtracked slightly. She didn’t hate her dad, mainly because her mother is a nightmare* Well, he traded her in for a no maj, which was a bit shit if I’m honest *She picks up her goblet again and runs her finger around the rim* But by the sounds of it *She nods to him acknowledging what he said about his own father* no family is perfect.

Student Shae Wilson - 22:56:45 01/08/20

*She smiles at Dakota* Wow, I never watched quadditch before. More into muggle ice hockey and surfing. Maybe you could explain me a thing or two. *and then at Riley* Oh, I haven’t been to Ottawa yet, heard it’s a nice place though. *She looks at her plate and grabs herself a piece of baguette with cheese, placing it on it* I was born in a small town in Portugal. *She shrugs* but if you aren’t fans of surfing, you probably wouldn’t recognise the name of the town.

Student Iona Pawter - 22:56:46 01/08/20

*She nods at Issac’s comment* Yeah, not sure how she ended up with us *she shakes her head slightly*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:58:05 01/08/20

*He nods his head at Walker.* Could be. Just glad their not afraid to come to me for help already. *He grins thinking it should a proper brave spirit and boasted his confidence even more in his house doing well this year.*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 22:58:15 01/08/20

*He finishes eating and pushes his plate away*
That food was amazing. I guess it’s hard to ruin the taste if it’s all magical huh?

Student Anais Levett - 22:58:54 01/08/20

*She covers her mouth quickly before she can laugh out loud at Elias* Of course. Although your hair isn’t as yellow as mine.

Student Dakota Ballard - 22:59:03 01/08/20

*His eyes widen* Oh man, you’re missing out then! *He finishes his dinner and pushes his plate forward* I’ll tell you all about Quadditch whenever you want! I could talk about it for hours! *He beams then looks over at Dakota* To answer your question from before, I’m 15, but I’m in Fourth Year. *He nods*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:59:52 01/08/20

*He raised an eyebrow at Walker when the other man glanced at him, taking a sip from the cup of pumpkin juice to hide the slight edge of a smirk. Normally, a comment like that, clearly directed at him, would only unsettle him further, but from Walker, and with a bit of the potion left in his system, it reassured him that his ’friend’ was taking care to notice how he was doing, and he was inwardly grateful for it.*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:00:20 01/08/20

*She laughs a little at Issac’s comment* I mean, yeah, but that really seemed like normal food.. *she digs around in her bag pulling out a chocolate frog and handing it to him* Now this is slightly more magical *she winked*

Student Meira Nova - 23:00:28 01/08/20

Bye Clemenitine! *She waves after the girl then chuckled at Isaac and Iona’s remark* What do you mean? Nothing wrong with being full of energy. *She giggled again since she knew just how energetic she could be once she got going.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:01:30 01/08/20

*Riley took in that Dakota said he was 15, but in Fourth year. She considered not mentioning it, but before she thought about it too much, she was asking:* Wait, when’s your birthday?

Student Robert Vincent - 23:02:15 01/08/20

*He was surprised that the issue was a No-Maj woman and he wanted to understand if that was the issue or not. He had been raised in the Muggle world after all, he might have hated it for what he went through but he didn’t care either way about wizarding vs magic and all that crap* You saying it cause she’s a No-Maj or just cause it aint your Mom? No-Maj are a little....boring but I mean some of them aint that bad. *Sister Vincent for one, she had loved him like a mother even if he had been, and still was too bratty to understand that*

Student Isaac Hamilton - 23:03:23 01/08/20

*He looks at the box and reads the label.*
You mentioned this earlier.
*He opens the lid and frog darts out super quick onto the table. His reactions are really pretty quick and his hand cups over the frog before it leaps again*
Oh, so that’s a thing.
*He peeks under his hand* and you eat these?

Student Elias Crain - 23:04:00 01/08/20

It’s a pain in the chizpurfle to keep the glamour charms up, but worth it. *He ate a piece of cheese then noticed a pretzel and had a flashback.*

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:05:49 01/08/20

*He looks at Riley* It was right before we got here, so I just missed the previous class. *He shrugs* I’m not the best student, so not gonna complain. *He chuckles*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:05:51 01/08/20

*She grinned at Issac’s apparent awe* You eat it or it hops away, those are your choices *she grinned, then frowned slightly* Seems a bit mean, I know, but it isn’t actually alive.

Student Clara Hawthorn - 23:07:36 01/08/20

Probably because she’s not my mom. She’s crazy, but he was pretty shady. *She gives her shoulders a slight shrug, she had nothing against no majes, but she didn’t like using the toaster thing to make a bagel* And for the most part my Father and his wife do everything the no maj way. Marigold is a little afraid of magic.

Student Meira Nova - 23:07:52 01/08/20

*Meira laughed watching the chocolate frog try and hop away from Isaac till he caught it.* Chocolate frogs are one of my favorites. But I just love chocolate in general.

Student Isaac Hamilton - 23:08:37 01/08/20

Right, just magic.
*He pinches a leg on the frog under his finger and it goes stuff. He pulls it out and dangles it near his mouth*
Eat or it jumps away. Got it.
*He closes his eyes and bites into it and seems almost surprised when it just tastes of chocolate. A couple more bites and it’s gone*
Okay, that was cool

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:08:52 01/08/20

*Walker nods at Mav.* Despite your intimidating appearance, they seem to trust you. Just wait till you bang on their door at 5 AM to go for a run. *He chuckles and looks between the two men.* Speaking of which, I think I’m going to head out and get some air. Maybe say "hi" to Roy if you gents are interested?

Student Anais Levett - 23:09:16 01/08/20

You do that with magic? *She leans over giving Elias’ hair a good look, they’d only just touched on changing ones appearance during transfiguration and charms, she didn’t realise you could magically make yourself look that good* That’s pretty cool.

Student Robert Vincent - 23:09:58 01/08/20

*His expression completely changed, he’d looked non fussed the entire night but for the first time he felt a surprise look creep over his face* He’s gone native? *He shook his head, what person in their right mind would give up...well all this! He looked around the hall and then back at Clara* Mental. I grew up Muggle pretty much, wouldn’t go back.

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:10:07 01/08/20

Oh, cool. *Riley was still a little confused but she smiled at him anyway* Mine’s pretty soon, actually, so I’ll be 15 too.

Student Shae Wilson - 23:11:50 01/08/20

*She looks at Dakota enthusiastically* Yeah, I would like to get to know more about quidditch! There will be plenty of time for sure during study breaks!

Student Iona Pawter - 23:12:14 01/08/20

*She grins at Issac* When they let us go to town, I think they do that here?, you should hit up the joke shop. They’ll have lots of similar stuff. Some nicer than others.. *she thinks of the dungbombs her cousins liked to set off*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:12:14 01/08/20

*He nodded and stood nearly as soon as Walker asked, immensely grateful for the invitation, and the excuse to leave.* "Fresh air" *He emphasised the words, not adding on ’and a fresh drink,’ though the thought followed it.* sounds like a spectacular idea.

Student Clara Hawthorn - 23:13:37 01/08/20

*Placing her now almost empty goblet back on the table, Clara nods slowly in reply to Bobby* Oh yeah. Nothing enchanted, everything from the department store. No quidditch. No broomsticks or portkeys. *She sighs dramatically, watching her goblet refill* It’s going to be a nasty shock if her kid ends up like my sister and I.

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:13:46 01/08/20

*He grins at Shae, also enthusiastically* Just say the word!

Student Isaac Hamilton - 23:14:49 01/08/20

Oh, that sounds fun. Yeah we can do that.
*He looks around as things start to quieten down*
Well I’m going to go unpack. I’ll catch you around the common room right?
*Yep, way to not sound clingy right there. Good job Isaac*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:14:58 01/08/20

*He let out a hearty laugh standing up giving Walker a gentle, well as gentle as Mav can be, punch to the shoulder.* You make it sound like I’m some terrifying beast.*He grinned at the suggestion* A visit to Roy though does sound like its in order.

Student Elias Crain - 23:15:17 01/08/20

*He nods.* Charms is literally the only thing I’m good at. I can show you sometime.

Student Iona Pawter - 23:15:25 01/08/20

*She grins and waves slightly* Yeah of course. Goodnight!

Student Isaac Hamilton - 23:16:30 01/08/20

Night Iona, *he looks over to the other girl* Meira.
Catch you guys soon

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:17:04 01/08/20

If the sorting boots fit, Professor. *He smirks at Mav. He nods at Theo, assuming he got the gist of his suggestion. He glances back to the students, thinking they’d be able to sort themselves out, then looks at the two men.* Ready when you guys are.

Student Anais Levett - 23:17:11 01/08/20

*She giggles at his use of literally, she didn’t believe that was true at all* That would be good. My Dads would never be cool if I changed my hair permanently, but they couldn’t say much about a charm.

Student Meira Nova - 23:17:14 01/08/20

Night, Isaac. *She smiled at him as he decided to call it a night.*

Student Shae Wilson - 23:19:02 01/08/20

*She laughs a little at Dakota, pushing her plate away from her, having eaten probably the whole grapes supplies for a month* That sounds mysterious, like there was a spell in Quadditch! *She grins* I take Quadditch knowledge lessons for whatever makes you get easier through the fourth year. *She pauses* What is your biggest weakness at school, Dakota?

Student Elias Crain - 23:19:20 01/08/20

*He raises his eyebrows.* Dads? Plural? How nineties. *He smirked at her.* You’d think they’d be more open minded.

Student Robert Vincent - 23:20:17 01/08/20

Fingers crossed for the kids then, getting magic best thing that ever happened to me my entire life. *Bobby swung his feet around from under the table and stood up* Anyway, I’m gonna go get out these ridiculous dress robes. See you around Clara. *He winked at her and strolled out of the great hall, pulling at all the buttons and crap that held these stupid robes together.*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:20:42 01/08/20

*She looks at the OS table and decides she has to know who the girl that looks so familiar and the oddly attractive boy are* Hey Meira, I’ll be back in a moment, okay? *She stands and walks over to the Oynxshadow table without waiting for Meira to respond and looks at the girl (Clara)* Um, hi. Sorry to bother, you just look really familiar? Did you go to Ilvermorny? Or maybe our parents are friends? *She realised she was ending every. single. statement. with. a. question. mark. and stopped, waiting for an answer*

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:21:14 01/08/20

There’s a potion to keep the Quod from exploding, but.. *He shakes his head* Another time. *He grins sheepishly* Uhhh.. *He thinks for a moment, not great at a lot of things and scratches behind his ear* Transfiguration, probably?

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:21:29 01/08/20

*He let out a loud laugh at Walker’s return comment then gave a quick glance himself seeing the students all seemed fine for them to leave.* Lets head out, men. *That said looking forward already to a drink he headed for the staff room door to head out.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:22:30 01/08/20

*When Walker glanced back at the students, Theo smiled slightly toward him.* They will be fine, Professor. Let them be. *He gratefully followed Maverick toward the staff exit.*

Student Elias Crain - 23:23:03 01/08/20

*He slides his plate back.* As much fun as this has been, I’m going to head back to our dungeon. I mean tower. *He stands.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:23:55 01/08/20

*He chuckled and followed the men out of the Great Hall.*

Student Shae Wilson - 23:25:48 01/08/20

*She nods as Dakota is talking, not understanding anything. Literally anything* Uh, I see, potion... uhm... *She nods and grins as he speaks* Transfiguration isn’t my strongest either. *She shrugs* but maybe we will be able to figure it out together. *She looks at Riley and Dylan* Any chance you guys love transfiguration as much as Dakota loves Quadditch?

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:27:15 01/08/20

Study buddies? *His eyes widen, full of hope. He was pleasantly surprised he was getting on so well with his housemates, thinking this was going to be a really great year*

Student Meira Nova - 23:27:25 01/08/20

*Meira opened her mouth to reply to Iona when the girl was gone before she could say a word. She shrugged her shoulder and looked around seeing how much emptier the hall was.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:27:46 01/08/20

*Riley laughed* Nope, sorry. You’re not finding any kind of genius here *She held her hands up jokingly* I only retain information up until a test and then it all just.. *she made a firework-like motion with her hands* poofs. Goes away. *She laughed again* But hey, we’ll learn together, right?

Student Clara Hawthorn - 23:29:38 01/08/20

*Clara clears her throat, giving her head a little shake having completely zoned out. She gets up and leaves without even hearing the other witch*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:30:43 01/08/20

*She watches the girl leave without responding and rolls her eyes* Rude. *She wanders back to Meria and laughs, sitting down*

Student Elias Crain - 23:32:08 01/08/20

They sound strict for guys who probably had a hard time in school. *He chuckles, wondering what kind of dad he’d be someday. As long as his kids weren’t ugly, he’d love them. Even if they were, there were spells to fix that. He looked at her.* I’ll see you around, Anais. We’re trapped here together, so, that’s inevitable, I suppose. *He shakes his head.* It’s been a very hard day. *He grimaces one more time at his robes and heads for the door.* Best wishes.

Student Shae Wilson - 23:32:31 01/08/20

*She laughs at Riley* You’re hilarious! Well, you heard professor Montgomery, we need to win the house cup this year! *Determination flames up in her eyes* So we just could start early! *She shrugs, relaxing a little* And when there is no transfiguration genius in our group, let’s study all together!

Student Anais Levett - 23:33:38 01/08/20

*She sits for a moment thinking on what Elias was saying. She looks around her table realising everyone from their table had already left, she grabs her book and runs out after him*

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:36:05 01/08/20

*Dakota grins at Riley then looks at Shae* This is why we’re in Sapphirelake! Helpful and caring! *He grins*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:37:02 01/08/20

*She watches most people leave and looks at the time*

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:37:44 01/08/20

*Riley turned a little pink in the cheeks as Shae said she was hilarious. She’d never really seen herself as that funny, but the fact that someone else thought so was.. nice?* Ha, thank you. Yeah, I guess the earlier we start the quicker we’ll improve? *She laughed a little but shook her head* Let’s not get too eager though, I want to have fun here as well, not just spending every free second we’ve got learning about transfiguration. *She grinned at Dakota* Yep, I guess helping each other out is kinda our thing, right? Our destiny or.. whatever. *She giggled*

Student Iona Pawter - 23:39:54 01/08/20

Hey Meira, I’m going to walk back to our dorm. Are you heading back soon or..?

Student Meira Nova - 23:42:06 01/08/20

*Meira blinked hearing her name not having even realized as she spaced out. Not something that often happened with her. She figured was a sign of how busy a day it had been. But even with that she wasn’t ready to head to the dorm yet. She smiled at Iona.* I don’t think I’m going to head up yet. But thanks.

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:43:36 01/08/20

*He grins at Riley* Oh, sure sure. We’ll have plenty of fun. *He nods at her next bit* Destiny! I like it! Definitely.

Student Shae Wilson - 23:44:11 01/08/20

*She laughs at Riley* Well, it might actually be fun, just let’s make sure to stick together in this. *She grins sheepishly* Have you actually already explored the castle? I literally just dropped down my bag, threw on my robes and ran into Dakota *She pauses* and almost really bumped into Riley!

Student Iona Pawter - 23:44:14 01/08/20

*She smiles at Meira and waves to the Sapphirelake students, wondering if their normal robes were less .. bright* Goodnight, Meira. See you tomorrow!

Student Meira Nova - 23:50:50 01/08/20

*She saw it was just a group of Sapphirelake students left and realize she should go meet some people not in her own house. Hoping up from her seat she headed to their table smiling brightly.* Hi there! Sorry to interrupt just wanted to say hi. I’m Meira...fourth year! *She realized she probably should toss in what year she was so she could learn who might be in her year as well.*

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:51:11 01/08/20

*Riley laughed at Shae saying nearly had literally bumped into her.* Yeah, I’ve only really hung around the Sapphirelake area, but I’d love to explore more, probably tomorrow? *She noticed a girl from RB waving at them, so she waved back. The Great Hall was definitely getting empty now*

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:52:42 01/08/20

Oh! Hey Meira, *Riley smiled at her as she came over* I’m Riley, fourth year also. Nice to meet you!

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:53:45 01/08/20

*He bursts into giggles hearing Shae then looks over at the two Rubyblaze girls, one waving at them, the other outright introducing herself* Dakota, fourth year too! *He beams*

Student Shae Wilson - 23:54:27 01/08/20

*She nods* Yeah, maybe we could all meet tomorrow and give ourselves an exploration tour! *She grins and watches the girl in red approaching them* Hey Meira, Shae, sixth year!

Student Riley Culpepper - 23:57:38 01/08/20

*Riley grinned* That sounds great! I’d be totally down for that if you guys are? *She glanced around at the group*

Student Meira Nova - 23:58:18 01/08/20

*She smiled more hearing two of them were in her year as well.* Nice to meet you all!

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:58:48 01/08/20

*He nods to Shae and Riley enthusiastically* Totally! I didn’t get much of a chance to explore either.

Student Dakota Ballard - 23:59:18 01/08/20

*He smiles to Meira* Nice to meet you too! How do you like your house so far?

Student Meira Nova - 00:01:07 02/08/20

Oh my gosh! I was doing some exploring earlier. This place is huge. I ended up late to the ceremony cause I spent way longer than I thought I did exploring. *She laughed remember her panic racing here. Then smiled at Dakota.* I like it a lot so far. My housemates seem really nice and Professor Winchester seems friendly.

Student Shae Wilson - 00:04:56 02/08/20

*She grins at Dakota and Riley* Totally! We will find some interesting places around here. The castle is huge. *She yawns a little* oh I feel tired. I guess I’m going to call it a night for now... *She yawns again*

Student Riley Culpepper - 00:05:08 02/08/20

*Riley smiled a little* That’s good! I like my - our? - house too. Our Head of House seems nice so I’m excited to get into this thing a bit more!

Student Meira Nova - 00:09:56 02/08/20

I can’t wait to start classes just cause I can’t wait to see how learning more practical magic is going to be different from my old school. *She beams excitedly*

Student Dakota Ballard - 00:10:42 02/08/20

*He grins at Meira* He seemed really cool too! Not as cool as Professor Montgomery, but a close second. *He smirks then looks over at Shae* Good night Shae! See you back at the tower! *He nods in agreement with Riley*

Student Riley Culpepper - 00:11:09 02/08/20

Oh, night Shae! See you around! *She smiled at her and gave her a wave.* I’ll probably head off too in a bit. *She turned to Meira* Yeah! I’m excited to see how much will change

Student Meira Nova - 00:13:57 02/08/20

*Meira laughed at Dakota’s comment* You can’t decide that yet after only one day! *She realized she didn’t properly process Shae saying she was going to bed till she heard them and smiled at the other girl* It was nice meeting you, Shae. Have a good night! *She then looked at Riley.* I hope we learn a lot of amazing things!

Student Dakota Ballard - 00:16:27 02/08/20

*He lets out a huge yawn and stretches with a groan* It is probably about time to head back to the dorms. *He pulls a face at Meira* I suppose you’re right, but he’s got a leg up because he’s head of Sapphirelake. *He rolls his eyes innocently*

Student Shae Wilson - 00:18:59 02/08/20

*She wanders off toward the SL tower and stright up into her bed* Night guys!

Student Riley Culpepper - 00:19:45 02/08/20

*Riley nodded.* Yeah, it’s getting late. We don’t have school tomorrow so I wasn’t too worried but, *she looked around* clearly everyone else decided to go to bed. Maybe they had the right idea. Don’t wanna be tired if we’re gonna go exploring! *She laughed a little, but it was obvious she was feeling the tiredness hit*

Student Dakota Ballard - 00:20:34 02/08/20

*He waves after Shae, wondering if he should just follow her out. He looks at Riley* Are you about ready? We can walk back together. *He glances at Meira* Sorry, don’t mean to be rude. *He grins sheepishly and scratches the back of his head*

Student Riley Culpepper - 00:21:43 02/08/20

*She nodded at Dakota* Yeah, I’m exhausted. *She too turned to Meira* Sorry Meira, it’s been nice meeting you! See you around? *She stood up from where she had been sat and stretched her legs*

Student Dakota Ballard - 00:24:38 02/08/20

*He nods at Riley then grins at Meira* It was nice meeting you, but it’s time for bed. *He stifles a yawn* See you around, though! *He walks to the door, wondering if they can catch up with Shae*

Student Riley Culpepper - 00:26:40 02/08/20

*Riley followed Dakota to the doors, catching up with him, wondering if Shae was anywhere around still or if she’d managed to get out of sight and to bed already* Night!

Student Meira Nova - 00:31:15 02/08/20

It was nice meeting you guys as well. See you later I’m sure. *She smiles at them before heading out herself.*