Fourth Year Anais Levett - 19:43:00 07/08/20

*Anais heads down to the lake for the first time. She hadn’t been brave enough to leave the safety of the castle, but it was worth it for Riley’s birthday*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 19:44:03 07/08/20

*He bounds out to the lake to help Shae finish setting up for Riley’s birthday. He spots Anais and grins* Hey! Glad you could make it!

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 19:44:42 07/08/20

Ooops! *He realized he should probably invite Riley and runs back to the SL tower*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 19:44:43 07/08/20

*She walks down the path to the lake with a big basket on her left elbow and a box in both of her hands, which clearly takes her sight to the front*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 19:46:39 07/08/20

*Harper heads out to the lake, ready for Riley’s surprise birthday. She gives a smile to Shae and Anais* Hey guys.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 19:48:22 07/08/20

*Winnie strolls down to the lake. Ready for Riley’s birthday. She sees others already there and she waves and walks over* Hey! *She grinned*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 19:49:43 07/08/20

*She takes a seat on one of the benches and raises her hand to wave to Winnie, Shae and Harper* Hey!

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 19:50:17 07/08/20

*She quickly aims her step toward the set tables and puts the box down, surprised by herself that she didn’t drop anything* Hey guys, give me a hand will you? *She points at the box* There is a smaller box inside with the cake and those are the treats I was able to fetch from the kitchen! *She then taps the basket on her elbow, uncovering the cloth which is on top of it* And here are some sweets from my mom and dad’s cafe. *She grins and puts the basket on the table, right next to the box*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 19:51:03 07/08/20

*She rushes over to help Shae with whatever it is she needs* I can’t believe you organised all this so fast

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 19:52:19 07/08/20

*She wanders down to the lake and then sees a party has been started* Um, sorry. Didn’t realise it was a birthday party! *She waves to Shae and turns to walk back to the castle*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 19:52:53 07/08/20

*She’d hurried over to help Shae* That’s so nice of you. *She gave a warm smiles, then she got to attending to the stuff Shae had brought*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 19:55:04 07/08/20

Oh Shae, this is all so nice! *She turns around on the bench and leans on the table* I’m sure Riley will love all this!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 19:55:18 07/08/20

*He heads out to the lake, significantly more excited than he usually would be for something deemed a "party." He pauses a moment upon seeing the number of people already out, but he’d met most of these people. A few he already considered ’friends.’ This was fine. This would be fine. He could do this. He slows down a bit and heads over to everyone, addressing no one in particular.* Hi, guys. Anything I can do to help?

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 19:55:56 07/08/20

*She smiles at Winnifred, Harper and Anais, unpacking her robes pockets for wooden one way forks and paper cups and plates. She smiles while she unloads everything* Ah, that was nothing, my parents always send me some extra treats so I don’t miss their cooking. *She spots Iona and waves at her with a smile*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 19:57:00 07/08/20

Hey Martin *She gives him a big grin, so pleased he felt comfortable enough to come*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 19:57:46 07/08/20

*He heads out to the lake with Riley and grins when they reach the picnic tables. He jumps and turns to her when they can clearly see the balloons and banner* SURPRISE!

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 19:57:47 07/08/20

*She leans across the table to give Shae a hand*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 19:58:09 07/08/20

Welcome, Martin! *She beamed* Glad to see you could come. I think Shae needs some help with treats and stuff. But nothing else really. *She looked over to Shae for confirmation*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 19:58:16 07/08/20

*She spots Dakota arriving at the lake with Riley and grins* SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 19:59:01 07/08/20

SURPRISE! *She beamed at Riley and does jazz hands*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 19:59:05 07/08/20

*She smiles at Anais and takes out the smaller box from the bigger one to hide it just in time when she sees Riley and Dakota walk in. She stands with the others and smiles* SURPRISE

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 19:59:07 07/08/20

*She waves and walks back to the Castle and away from the party*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 19:59:10 07/08/20

*She spins around hearing Dakota shout surprise and quickly jumps up* Happy Birthday Riley!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 19:59:31 07/08/20

*He smiles more brightly at Harper and Winnie, starting to head over to help Shae when he hears Dakota, jumping slightly but then joining them.* SURPRISE!

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:00:31 07/08/20

*Riley arrived at the lake with Dakota, looking around and immediately seeing a whole bunch of decorations... for her? Her cheeks turned pink and she couldn’t help but cover her mouth with her hands as she looked around at the load of people and decor. She turned to Dakota and the rest of the group, her eyes slightly glossy with tears* Wow... Guys, I did NOT expect this. *She didn’t quite know what to say or how to react*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:03:14 07/08/20

*She grins at Riley again and beckons her to come over to them* Of course you didn’t! That’s why it’s called a surprise party.

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:03:23 07/08/20

*She claps her hands apparently glad they made Riley smile, one should spend their birthday with a bunch of friends smiling all along* Happy birthday Riley! We hope you like all the blue! *She winks*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:03:45 07/08/20

*He grins at hearing everyone. He looks over at Riley* It’s your birthday! Don’t think we’d let that go unnoticed didja? *He beams at the group*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:03:54 07/08/20

Happy Birthday! *She grinned* We’re glad you like it though.

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:07:02 07/08/20

*She sits back down on the bench and smiles, watching Riley and feeling happy Shae was able to pull this off for her*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:07:12 07/08/20

*Riley glanced around at the party, from the banner with her name on it to the smiling faces all wishing her a happy birthday* Guys.. this means so much, thank you all so so much.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:10:41 07/08/20

*She’d go over an sit with Anais, she loved to see others happy so she sat back and gave a big smile. Everyone around looked so happy and excited. She loved it.*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:11:15 07/08/20

*He smiles brightly at Riley’s reaction, and then takes a seat on one of the benches. He was feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of people but simultaneously happy and wanting to help her have a good birthday.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:13:29 07/08/20

Yeah, absolutely! *He grins and makes his way over to Shae* We’ve got food and cake! And birthday candles so we can sing to you later! *He chuckles*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:14:29 07/08/20

*She smiles at Riley and looks at everyone* Hey guys, dig in, we were lucky tonight that the kitchen staff was so nice and friendly! *She continues unpacking the food onto the tables, which is sweet and savoury finger food from the school kitchen and some patisserie from her parents, including her mother’s famous pasteis del nata, which have always been to die for*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:14:59 07/08/20

*She smiles and Dakota and nods as he explains to Riley*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:15:48 07/08/20

*She grins as Winnie joins her. She’d never been to a birthday party for anyone her age in years and wasn’t quite sure what to do.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:16:19 07/08/20

*She took a seat beside Martin but not too close. She gave him a smile before she focused her attention back on Riley* Yes! Birthday cake is the best thing about birthdays

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:16:30 07/08/20

Birthday girl first! *She grinned and gestured to the food sat about*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:19:06 07/08/20

*Riley grinned as she tried to take everything in at once. She headed over to the table with food at it and began to collect some finger foods to eat. since Winnie had told her that she should go first. Usually, she’d argue, but the party kinda overwhelmed her and she wanted to be able to grab food and talk to her friends. Riley headed over to where Shae and Dakota were* Guys, thank you, again.

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:19:14 07/08/20

*He smiles at Harper as she sits next to him and then nods at Winnie.* Yeah, Riley gets first pick of everything. *The thought suddenly occurring to him didn’t quell his nervousness.* Are we going to light candles and sing?

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:19:28 07/08/20

*Marcus walked up the path from the school and out to the lake and made his way over to where he had heard the party was happening hoping he wasn’t to late* Sorry I’m late!

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:20:56 07/08/20

*He pointed his thumb at Shae* She’s the mastermind for the party! *He looks over to Martin and nods* I think we should!

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:21:05 07/08/20

*She waves over Marcus to the party since he was arriving late, before turning on the bench again and watching to see what Riley was going for. Everything looked so good and she thought Riley was so lucky to have Shae in her house*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:22:46 07/08/20

*Riley nodded towards Shae.* This was such a nice idea, you really didn’t have to do this for me, but I do appreciate it *She smiled again, not really being able to stop smiling*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:23:00 07/08/20

*She overhears what the TG boy she knew from around said and bites her lip* Do you want to have the cake right now or save it up for later? *She looks into the round right when Dakota points at her and turns turnip red as the eyes are landing on her* Uh, come on, Dakota, you did way more of organising... *She grins a little, looking down at the table, her shyness kicking in again*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:23:02 07/08/20

Oh yes, we should definitely sing Happy Birthday *She grins, nodding her head*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:24:48 07/08/20

*She’d cross her legs and she’d watched Riley go over to an opposing table, she waved at the EP boy who had arrived later than the rest*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:25:13 07/08/20

*He waves over at Marcus as he joins them.* Hey Marcus. *That made them eight people, though. Eight. He couldn’t remember socialising with this many people at once in... ever, really.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:26:24 07/08/20

*Marcus saw Anais wave him over and quickly slipped into the group with a smile looking about for the Riley so he could say Happy Birthday. Seeing that she was busy being well looked after by all the others he stood and watched, waving quickly to Winnie as she waved at him and smiling at Martin as he greeting him as well*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:28:40 07/08/20

*Riley laughed at the two of them trying to say that the other did more of the planning* Hah, well, whoever it was - thank you. This is so nice. *She grinned* And if you wanna do cake now, that’s cool with me. You guys organised this, after all.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:30:28 07/08/20

*He grins at Riley and his eyes widen* Cake now! *He grabs for the candles and plops them into the cake* Alright! Everybody ready to sing?

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:31:29 07/08/20

*She nods at Dakota, and while he plops the candles into the cake she removes the box of it* Ready as ever!

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:31:49 07/08/20

*Marcus was glad hadn’t missed the best part and grinned ready to sing to the birthday girl* Ready!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:32:28 07/08/20

*He wasn’t ready at all, but he nods and gets about as ready for it as he will ever be.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:32:29 07/08/20

*She sits up on the bench, bobbing excitedly as they get ready to sing*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:32:56 07/08/20

*She had started to get herself prepared in her mind* Ready! *She grinned*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:34:34 07/08/20

*He quickly lights the candles then beams to the group and holds his hands up, directing* Ready? One, two, three..

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you!

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:34:49 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:34:52 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:35:19 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:35:49 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:36:10 07/08/20

*Riley smiled, her cheeks going a little pink as everyone was singing to her. She covered her face with her hands jokingly and shook her head, feeling a little awkward as she was the only one not singing* Happy birthday to me.. *She sang along as a joke, grinning from ear to ear*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:36:23 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday to you

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:39:37 07/08/20

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Riley
Happy Birthday, to you

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:39:46 07/08/20

WOOOHOOO! *Shae cheers at the end of the song a little louder than she is used, waiting for Riley to blow the candles and make her wish*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:41:05 07/08/20

*She claps her hands once everyone has finished singing* Come on Riley, blow out the candles!

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:41:25 07/08/20

*Riley cheered a little, still grinning. She leaned over to blow out the candles on her cake carefully, making a wish.* That was.. great. *She laughed slightly*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:41:46 07/08/20

*She’d start clapping as everyone finished singing she watched Riley ready to blow out the candles* Come on, Riley! *She grinned*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:42:32 07/08/20

*She applauds as Riley blows out the candles and bounces a little where she is standing*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:42:36 07/08/20

*He laughs softly at the end of the song, definitely feeling awkward, but happy. Was it odd to feel both? He claps as Riley blows out the candles.*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:42:41 07/08/20

*Nora walks down to the lake, throwing a ball between her hands when she realizes she walked into a birthday party. She notices Martin and gives them a wide berth*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:43:09 07/08/20

*She cheered as soon as Riley had blown out the candles* What did you wish for? Wait- don’t tell me! I wouldn’t want to be the reason it stopped coming true. *She beamed*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:43:09 07/08/20

*Marcus raised his hands into the air and clapped them together cheering* Horray! Happy Birthday Riley *he beamed as he watched*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:45:11 07/08/20

*She clapped and cheered for Riley* Do we all get cake now?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:45:17 07/08/20

*Anais claps for Riley as she blows out the candles.*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:45:24 07/08/20

*Nora walks to the treeline and eyes the trees, wondering if she’d get told off for climbing these trees*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:46:12 07/08/20

Thank you everyone! *Riley couldn’t stop smiling. She laughed at Winnie as she asked about her wish.* Yeah, that would defeat the point, right? *Riley turned to Harper* Yeah, if everyone’s okay with it - that cake looks pretty amazing right now. *She laughed*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:47:02 07/08/20

*She reaches under the table for the box inside of which the cake was and fishes a cake knife out of it* We’ll have to return the knife to the kitchen after the party, but let’s cut it so everyone can get a piece. *She hands it over to Riley as that always was the task of the birthday child*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:47:35 07/08/20

*He nods with a somewhat tentative grin at Harper and Riley.* Cake sounds great. It looks delicious.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:48:37 07/08/20

Can’t wait to taste it *She giggled* I’m sure it’s amazing. It looks like a really good cake! *She grinned over as Shae did the cake stuff*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:50:47 07/08/20

*Riley shyly took the knife, getting closer to the cake so that she could cut it without cutting the pieces really inaccurately. She made the first cut into the cake and exhaled the breath she didn’t realise she was holding in. She cut the first slice and moved it out onto a plate*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:50:52 07/08/20

*He beams* Everyone has such lovely voices!

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:51:03 07/08/20

*She gave Shae a big smile* You did such a great job!

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:51:09 07/08/20

You thought of everything Shae! *She smiles as she watches her cut up the cake and had a piece to Riley. She waits patiently for her turn*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:52:34 07/08/20

*He looks over at Dakota and rolls his eyes at him, shaking his head though he was smiling. He watches Riley cut the cake.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:52:38 07/08/20

*She puts her index finger to her lower lip and looks up as she thinks* Uhm, well, I was hoping it would be Riley’s taste. I walked the safe path and got us a mixed chocolate cake with truffle cream. *She shrugs* I hope everyone likes chocolate. *She blushes a little, really hoping she didn’t mess this one up and nobody would be disappointed*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:53:58 07/08/20

I love chocolate! *She glances over at Riley to make sure she was enjoying it since it was her cake. She leans forward on the table with her elbows*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:54:30 07/08/20

*She grins as Shae explains the cake* Who doesn’t like chocolate? And are they crazy?

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:54:41 07/08/20

*Marcus wasn’t sure who Shae was but he was amazed at how organised she seemed to be. He looked over a the cake, chocolate of course and his favourite, and watched as the pieces were cut* Who doesn’t like chocolate cake is more the question *he laughed a little feeling someone would have to be allergic not to*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:55:04 07/08/20

It’s amazing, Shae. Thank you so much. *Riley cut the rest of the cake into fairly equal slices for everyone and took a slice for herself.* Please, everyone have some if you want.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:55:16 07/08/20

*He hears his stomach rumble as Shae describes the cake* Apparently we have another vote for chocolate! *He points at his stomach and laughs*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:55:23 07/08/20

*Nora ignores the party she hears behind her and looks up at the tree she’s picked out. She checks around the base very carefully for a sign or plaque saying no climbing but finding nothing. She bites her lip and then turns around, not climbing the tree*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:55:54 07/08/20

*Isaac heads down towards the lake but as he arrives he sees the party going on and realises he want invited. He decides to just sit and watch from a distance while catching up on yet more reading*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 20:56:05 07/08/20

Chocolate is amazing! If you dont like it, you got another thing coming. *She’d giggle*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:56:31 07/08/20

*She laughs at Dakota’s comment and takes herself a plate with cake and a wooden fork* Thanks Riley, it really looks delicious! *She chuckles and can’t wait to have a bite. She loved chocolate herself*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:56:36 07/08/20

*Nora sees Isaac and walks over to him, rounding the party and smiles* Hi!

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:57:59 07/08/20

Hey *He smiles at Nora* Who’s the party for?

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:00:32 07/08/20

*Nora shrugs and looks over at the party* I think a birthday? I heard singing. And there’s a cake! *She smiled at him* But I don’t know any of them really well except *she whispers* the boy in Topazgale hates me *she grins* but yeah, not sure?

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:00:36 07/08/20

Chocolate is my favourite. *He sees that Riley and Shae have already gotten pieces, so he stands and starts putting the rest of the pieces on plates and handing them out to everyone else, feeling a little less awkward being useful.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:01:20 07/08/20

*She reaches over to take a plate with a slice of cake on. She hesitates as she reaches over before glancing at Shae and Riley* Thank you so much *She smiles as she picks it up* Can’t wait to try it!

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:02:42 07/08/20

Oh a Birthday? Well there’s a few people down there I do know. We should at least go say Happy Birthday! *He tries to be reassuring*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:04:02 07/08/20

*She hops up and heads over to where the cake is, taking a plate from Martin with a smile* Thank you!

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:04:19 07/08/20

*Riley took a bite out of her slice and turned to Shae* It tastes as good as it looks! *She laughed before turning to Martin who was now helping give out pieces of cake* Hey Martin, you seemed uncomfortable around larger groups of people last time we spoke, how are you finding this?

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:04:26 07/08/20

*Nora frowns, looking at her feet, and then up to Isaac* But I haven’t brought a gift.

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:04:36 07/08/20

*Not wanting to seem too keen and like he was there only for cake he waited back for a moment till some others had grabbed their slice before moving forward to grab one for himself. He walked over to a table and placed the plate and the cake down and took his fork to cut a piece off and putting it in his mouth* Mmmm *he would have said more but he didn’t want to start dropping cake everywhere*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:05:38 07/08/20

*He takes a piece of cake from Martin* Thank you! *He grins and cuts off a piece of cake and shoves it into his mouth* Yummm!

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:05:48 07/08/20

*She’d wander over to the cake and pick up a plate with a slither of cake on* Can’t wait to tuck in! *She’d turn to Shae* Thank you *She smiled and then pick up a wooden fork, she’d continue to turn so she could walk back to the table she was sat at with Anais and had put the plate down* This looks amazing!

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:06:15 07/08/20

*She places her plate down on the table and reaches over for one of the forks before settling on the bench to eat. She looks around first before taking a bite*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:06:27 07/08/20

Of course. *He smiles warmly at Harper and then turns to Riley, his smile turning a bit more sheepish at her question.* Uncomfortable. *He laughs softly, avoiding looking around at the crowd of people.* But I’m happy to be here to celebrate with you.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:06:58 07/08/20

*He winks at Nora* I thought you were a witch?
*He heads down the hill and directly towards Anais who is just about to dig into a slice of cake. He lowers his voice a little* hey, who’s party is it?

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:07:09 07/08/20

*She smiles at Riley as she compliments the cake* I’m happy you like it, Riley! *She grins, taking a little piece with her fork and stuffing it into her mouth* mmmmh it really tastes amazing! *She smiles, happy hat this spontaneous idea ran this smoothly. She wouldn’t expect that*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:07:43 07/08/20

Hey Isaac *She gives him a smile and answers his question even though he didn’t ask her* Did you miss the big banner?

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:09:04 07/08/20

*Nora sighs and follows Isaac, watching Martin out of the corner of her eye, making sure she didn’t get too close to him*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:09:12 07/08/20

*He turns to Harper who he hadn’t spotted then looks up at the banner* okay, that helps, but which one is Riley. I’m terrible with names

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:10:12 07/08/20

*She’d cut off a small bit with her wooden fork and put it into her mouth. Her eyes widened with all the flavours, but they played perfectly into one another* Mmm! This is amazing, Shae.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:10:23 07/08/20

*She laughs at Isaac and rolls her eyes, before pointing at Riley* The pretty girl over there! *She passes him her plate of cake, since she hadn’t touched it yet* Would you like some cake? *She gives Lenora a reassuring smile* Would you like some cake?

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:10:33 07/08/20

*Marcus put some more of his slice into his mouth and still holding his empty fork waved at Isaac and Nora with it before swallowing* Hey!

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:11:38 07/08/20

*Shae looks to Anais and spots Zac standing next to her. She waves at him* Hey, Zac! *She sees Harper already passing him a piece of cake and smiles*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:11:57 07/08/20

*Nora smiles at Harper, but shakes her head, feeling oddly nervous and worried that Martin might yell at her* No, thank you.
*She hears Marcus and waves back* Hi.

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:12:18 07/08/20

*Once everyone else has cake, he takes a bite from his piece. He glances over at Nora and Isaac coming to join, but says nothing, instead having a seat again.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:13:02 07/08/20

*She finishes eating and puts her fork on her plate pushing it away so she doesn’t accidentally knock it on the ground. She gives her teeth a quick lick to make sure there wasn’t any chocolate on them before turning to give Nora and Isaac a wave, glad that they could join for Riley’s birthday*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:13:03 07/08/20

*Riley grinned at him* Well I’m glad to hear that! And I’m glad you’re here too. *She gave him another smile before noticing that they were being joined by two other people that she hadn’t spoken to much yet. She gave them a wave as Harper seemed to be pointing at her. She figured that the new people were probably trying to remember which one "Riley" was.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:13:06 07/08/20

*He takes the plate from Harper but then puts it down next to him* thanks I’ll t try it in a minute, it looks good.
*He starts searching around the area and after a second heads down to the water’s edge and picks out a grass reed.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:13:20 07/08/20

*He smiles at the two that joined the group while still scarfing down cake. He takes a seat by Martin and Harper, glancing at them as he sat*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:13:22 07/08/20

*She finally takes a seat after the hustle of getting everything necessary and being actually excited for Riley and leans back in her seat enjoying the cake*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:13:32 07/08/20

*She rolls her eyes at Lenora and reaches for another plate of cake* Don’t be silly, everyone loves chocolate cake *She pushed the plate towards her, knowing it was likely she felt uncomfortable after their encounter a few days ago*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:13:45 07/08/20

*Marcus wiped a bit of cake from the corner of his mouth* Come on Nora it’s amazing! *grinning he tucked into the last few bits of his slice*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:15:30 07/08/20

*Nora waves back to Anais and Riley, still watching Martin to make sure he didn’t get any closer. She’d run, she decided, because he was certainly the scariest with a wand in their year. She feels a plate being pushed at her and accepts it* Um. Thanks. *She tried to smile at Harper, her smile actually becoming genuine when Marcus speaks to her and she rolled her eyes at him and took a bite*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:15:49 07/08/20

*She’d finish eating and put her fork down onto the empty plate. Not a crumb was left behind, she wiped her mouth with some tissues she’d brought. She’d silently offer them to the others on her table and smiled*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:16:16 07/08/20

*He grins at Riley and focuses on his cake for the moment, trying to ignore his discomfort for the sake of helping Riley enjoy her birthday, so for now he tries to block the others out.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:16:58 07/08/20

*He nodded at Winnie and took one of the napkins she had offered, thinking he must look a fright. He wipes his mouth after finishing the cake* Thanks, Winnie! *He looks at Shae* Shae, you really outdid yourself! That cake was amazing!

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:17:08 07/08/20

Great *She gave her a grin and then managed to get herself another piece before it all disappeared. She headed over to where Martin and Dakota were and gave them a smile* You guys still good?

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:17:36 07/08/20

*He glances over at Dakota as he realises when he speaks to Winnie and Shae that he was sat right next to him. He gives him a small smile and takes another bite from the cake. It was really good.*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:17:40 07/08/20

*Nora ate the cake, having to admit it was delicious, but still felt herself watching Martin. He’d kill her in her sleep, she just knew it. She noticed that Isaac seemed to have disappeared and looked around for him*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:18:38 07/08/20

*He looks up at Harper as she speaks to him and Dakota and gives her a small smile.* Could be worse. You?

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:18:41 07/08/20

*Taking the grass stalk in hand he heads over towards where Riley is stood. He smiles politely at her* Hi, Happy Birthday, sorry I didn’t want to intrude I just came to wish you a happy birthday . *He looks around kind of nervously* I’m sorry I didn’t bring a present but *he stops and takes the reed in his hand twisting it back on itself and peeling the bottom wider into a crude swan shape. He then takes his wand and points it at the grass. Grass to glass, grass to glass* Speculio!
*The small grass sculpture begins to change into a clear crystal glass in the shape of a swan. He grins internally and holds it it Riley* Here, for you.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:19:40 07/08/20

*He nods at Harper and pats his stomach* Better now! *He chuckles then was about to ask her if she was, but heard Martin already ask*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:20:26 07/08/20

*She finishes the cake, grinning at Harper* You’re right, it’s delicious. *She sees Isaac and claps loudly, almost dropping the plate*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:20:36 07/08/20

*She watches as Isaac shows off his transfiguration skills and wonders if any of them should have considered bringing presents. She looks at Martin and nods* I’m really good! *She chuckles at Dakota* Were you hungry or do you just love cake like I do?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:20:37 07/08/20

Thanks Winnie *She leans over and accepts a tissue from her to wipe her hands and face. It was a party after all. She sits up again and looks around catching Isaac, who apparently was behind in their classes, transfigure grass to a little glass swan.* Show off! *She hadn’t been particularly quiet about it and quickly covered her mouth, eyes wide with shock that she’d just said that*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:21:37 07/08/20

Both? *He wrinkled his forehead and looked up in thought for a moment then back to Harper and grinned* Both!

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:21:38 07/08/20

*As Dakota showers her with even more compliments she blushes, feeling a little nervous* oh, you’re talking like I was the one who baked it. *She pauses* And I just actually asked somebody to buy it at the Decklesby’s cafe *She blushes more, getting quieter and quieter, piercing her glance onto her cake piece*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:21:53 07/08/20

*Riley grinned and felt her cheeks turn a little pink as she watched Isaac turn a grass reed into a gift for her* This is so sweet, thank you so much! *She took the item from him and examined it in her hands* You really didn’t have to, but thank you.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:22:00 07/08/20

*Nora giggles at Anais’s comment, thinking the same herself*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:22:26 07/08/20

*Marcus placed his fork down on his plate once he was finished and gave Nora a little thumbs up. As he looked over at some of the others he saw Isaac perform magic on the grass and grinned*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:22:43 07/08/20

*He laughs softly at Dakota as he finishes his own cake, setting the fork down on the plate and then running his fingers through the hair at the back of his neck.* Both is good.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:23:29 07/08/20

*She hadn’t really thought about bringing a gift, but Isaac seemed to of been showing them up. So she begins to search through her satchel for something to give Riley*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:23:31 07/08/20

*She puts the plate down, smiling, not really sure who arranged it and walks over to Marcus grinning at Isaac’s show of magic. She made sure to keep an eye on Martin as she moved, she would still run if she had to*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:23:38 07/08/20

*She finally started to eat the slice of cake and it really was good* It was still a good choice Shae! *she called out to her. She looked back to Dakota and laughed* Do you want some of mine? *She had only taken one mouthful so far, so she offered the plate towards him*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:23:58 07/08/20

*As she sees Zac turn the grass into glass she claps a little showing him a thumb up. She knew he would be amazing*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:24:34 07/08/20

*He smiles softly* I’m Isaac but most people call me Zac, and you’re welcome.
*He turns to where the hecklers voice came from and glares daggers at Anais and then sticks his tongue out before turning back to Riley* I hope you have a lovely day.
*he then turns back to head back to Anais and Harper*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:25:10 07/08/20

*She smiles at Harper and nods* Well, it’s always cake o’clock *She chuckles, taking another small piece off her plate and into her mouth*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:25:25 07/08/20

*He grins at Martin and laughs* Both is good. *He looks over at Harper* No, you eat that! You love chocolate too! Thank you, though *He beams at her*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:26:37 07/08/20

*She giggles into her hand, she wasn’t sure that anyone else had given Riley a present except Isaac and had originally felt relieved by this, but now she worried she’d missed the memo about it. She glances at Winnie raiding her bag, wondering if she was looking for a last minute gift too*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:28:18 07/08/20

*He laughs as Dakota repeats him and glances over at him.* This was really well done. You and Shae *He pauses a moment - that was her name, right? He only really knew of her in passing. He shakes his head slightly as he continues.* Did a really amazing job.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:28:52 07/08/20

*She rolls her eyes at him but doesn’t argue* Well if you insist! *She laughs and takes another mouthful of the cake*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:29:50 07/08/20

*Riley gave him another smile* Thanks, Zac. It’s lovely. *She watched as he headed back to a different group of people, before she looked around to find someone else to talk to. She decided to go over to talk to Harper.* Hey Harper, how are you finding the party? *She gave a small wave to the rest of the people at the table with her even though she had already spoken to most of them*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:30:30 07/08/20

*She’d found a random harmonica. Untouched, unused. She hadn’t even realised she had it but figured it would do. Many people were crowding her for the time being so she decided to just slide it into a different pocket of her satchel.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:30:36 07/08/20

*Heading back to the other girls he grabs his plate of cake and stands with it ready to tuck in. He turns to Anais* ever considered heckling professionally?

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:30:44 07/08/20

*Marcus smiled as Nora walked over to him* Did you enjoy it then? I told you it was nice. *he laughed and nodded to his own well and truly empty plate*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:31:20 07/08/20

*She gave Riley a big smile from where she was sat with Martin and Dakota* It’s lovely. I’d say thank you for inviting me but since you didn’t... *She grins cheekily* How are you enjoying the party?

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:32:55 07/08/20

*Nora grins at Marcus* You were right I just, uh, didn’t want to take cake from someone actually invited? *She shrugs, then hears Isaac’s comment to Anais and giggles again, plonking down in the seat next to Marcus*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:33:03 07/08/20

*She watches Winnie and looks slightly confused as she pull out a harmonica? She gives her head a shake then turns to Isaac. She starts to giggle again* Look, it just slipped out. *She rolls her eyes while continuing to giggle* You shouldn’t be that good already.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:33:49 07/08/20

*Riley laughed slightly* Well, thanks for coming. Yeah, it’s amazing. I never would have expected something like this within the first month of meeting someone, this is so great. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to thank you all for arranging and coming before I feel less indebted to you all. *She grinned.* It’s so nice of you all to have come and planned this for me.

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:34:56 07/08/20

*He waved a hand dismissing her comment* Please, from what I gather everyone was invited. *he shrugged his shoulders and offered a her a reassuring smile* Open invite sort of thing for all.

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:35:09 07/08/20

*She finishes her cake and smiles, watching all the younger students have fun. She felt good among them, despite the most were two whole years younger than herself. She eyed the ones she didn’t know that well so far, but it was fine. She had the time of a lifetime*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:35:38 07/08/20

*She gave Riley a bright smile* Dakota and Shae did all the work. I just turned up. Plus cake *She shrugs, laughing as she eats another piece of it*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:36:14 07/08/20

*He turns a bit red hearing Martin and rubs his neck* It was fun! *He gives a little wave back to Riley as she talked to Harper*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:36:32 07/08/20

*She shrugged at Marcus, not offended, still watching Martin to make sure he didn’t hex her* Oh, it’s fine, I don’t mind. *She grins at him* How are you?

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:37:23 07/08/20

Fair enough, *she smiled* but thanks for coming. If it weren’t for my friends coming this wouldn’t be half as good. *She shook her head, hoping that didn’t come off wrong.* Of course this is amazing anyway, but my friends all being here has made it even better.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:38:59 07/08/20

Well it wouldn’t be much of a party without friends *She smiled at her* And you seem to have quite a collection so far

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:39:15 07/08/20

*In the meantime whilst she could hear people just talking around her, she found a bit of paper and pulled it out. The A5 sheet would have to do. She started to doodle birthday card type things on one side. And wrote a message on the the other side for Riley. She figured she could give it to her with the harmonica she had found when she decides to come talk to their table*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:40:36 07/08/20

*Marcus tried to follow her gaze but couldn’t quite pick up who she was looking at as there were so many here, it seemed like nearly their whole year* Stuffed full of cake for one thing *he laughed a little and smiled* Nah I’m good. You worked out your secret place yet?

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:40:38 07/08/20

*He looks at Dakota curiously for a moment, having trouble fathoming how organising a party and inviting a bunch of people was fun, but it was also surprisingly fun to be here.* Really? Do you plan things like this a lot? *He smiles slightly as he looks between Harper and Riley, mostly tuning out the other people talking so he didn’t feel too overwhelmed.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:41:26 07/08/20

*He raises his eyebrow at Anais* why? It wasn’t that tough. Simple laws of transfiguration is that turning something into something that shares a characteristic or even just the sound of a word is simpler than conjuring something from nothing *Wow he catches himself sounding like a textbook* it really wasnt much

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:42:45 07/08/20

*Riley nodded with a grin* I know, right! The turnout is incredible. If I’m honest? I didn’t think this many people even cared about me.. *She rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly, before shaking her head and laughing* Or maybe they don’t, and they just wanted cake. *She grinned again*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:43:02 07/08/20

*She stops staring at Martin to turn to Marcus and frown* No! I’ve looked every where I can find. A scary house elf even ran me out of the kitchens! *She sighed, looking down at the grass* How can a place as big and old as this have no secret places?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:43:29 07/08/20

*She folds her arms in front of her on the table, she was a little impressed by Isaac but didn’t want him to know that* I’m sure Riley appreciated the gift *She glances over at the birthday girl briefly before turning her attention to Isaac* No one else brought her a gift, we just wanted to spend time with her *She smiles, that’s how she felt anyway, whether it was the same for everyone, she wasn’t so sure*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:43:31 07/08/20

Not a lot, no. *He thought for a moment* I just like doing nice things for nice people. *He shrugged and smiled, seeing Harper and Riley still talking*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:44:13 07/08/20

*She’d slide the " card " into her the same pocket as she’d put the harmonica in, she’d finally look up to notice Isaac talking to Anais*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:44:33 07/08/20

*As she watches all the others have fun and socialise, she feels happy. Though, she remembers her transfiguration homework she needs to have done by tomorrow and slips out of the lake area when she thinks that nobody would notice it, since she didn’t want to interrupt the fun they had. She made sure, that she wouldn’t forget to come in on more time a little later to pick up the cake knife and bring it back to the nice old lady from the kitchen*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:45:05 07/08/20

I’m sure they all care about you *She gives her a smile* But cake was definitely a selling point *She winks at Riley* Dakota was definitely keen that we surprised you!

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:45:53 07/08/20

Secrets that are remaining secret right? *He laughed a little loudly* It’s almost like you’re surprised you can’t find them. *he looked around the area* Besides Riley and all these guys seemed to have worked out this place is pretty swish for parties and stuff.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:46:36 07/08/20

*He shrugs and looks around* oh right, probably should have checked that. Nora mentioned gifts as a reason not to come down and that got me thinking. *He sighs* well now I feel kind of bad for setting expectations

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:47:32 07/08/20

*He nods slightly at Dakota, envying him somewhat for having the forethought and kindness to put this all together for Riley. He takes a moment to look around at everyone, and smiles seeing everyone having a good time, before taking a deep breath and looking back at his empty plate.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:47:36 07/08/20

*She grinned, overhearing Dakota subtly implying that she was nice, but she didn’t say anything out loud about it.* Yeah, sounds like it. I really do appreciate it. I know I keep saying it, but I do, so..

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:48:09 07/08/20

*She’d tuned into their conversation. Not really realising. Boy had he set expectations. He really showed us up! She only kept these thoughts to herself though and smiled to no-one but herself*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:48:58 07/08/20

*He looks back at Martin, knowing crowds weren’t his thing* You doing okay?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:49:34 07/08/20

You feel bad for being a show off? *She raises an eyebrow at him, she was trying hard not to smile but it didn’t come natural to her* I think Nora was just finding her feet. *She nods over to where Nora was chatting comfortably to Marcus* Pretty nice to all spend time together, drama free. Right?

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:49:37 07/08/20

*She chuckles softly* You’re definitely welcome to say it as many times as you like. It’s your birthday.

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:50:12 07/08/20

*He glances over at Dakota and nods.* Yeah. Just... *His eyes dart around at everyone again before he looks down again.* Listening. There’s a lot going on.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:50:17 07/08/20

*Nora smiles at Marcus and nods* The problem is the rain. *she sighed* and Professors running around. *She grinned at him* And normally if there is something to be found, I find it! My mom said I’m like a mouse and a piece of cheese. *she giggles*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:51:12 07/08/20

*Riley gave her a smile, before standing up from the table* I’ll see you around, okay? I need to tell more guests I appreciate them. *She gave a small laugh before heading over to where Winnie was sat.* Hey Winnie! How are you finding the party?

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:51:54 07/08/20

No, I never feel bad about being awesome *He gives her a cheeky smile that is clearly full of self doubt* But you’re right, I really haven’t taken time to just relax recently. It’s why I came down to the lake, just to chill out for a bit

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:52:17 07/08/20

*He nods. They had just talked about crowds the other day, but he was actually pretty surprised everyone seemed to be doing well* There definitely is a lot going on, I’m just glad everyone’s having a good time. *He grins*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:52:29 07/08/20

*She smiles as Riley walks off and turns her attention to Dakota and Martin again, though more to Martin* Do you want to move a table or two further away? Now the main celebrations seem to be over?

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:53:25 07/08/20

*He caught Anais looking over to them and smiled but continued his conversation with Nora* Well duh, there’s always going to be Professors running around, its like their jobs to keep an eye on us. *he looked around again at the turnout and still thought that this was pretty much the place to be, didn’t matter what she could find* Shame that the secret rooms haven’t got any chese in for you to sniff out. Or maybe they do *he laughed a little* we wouldn’t know.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:53:28 07/08/20

*She’d been listening to Isaac and Anais’ conversation so she jumped when Riley spoke to her, she looked up to see her face. She had stuff to give her but she didn’t just want to go "Hi! Isaac really showed us up, have a harmonica and some random paper with doodles!"* Hey, Riley. How are you finding the party?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:54:08 07/08/20

*She resists the temptation to roll her eyes as he mentions being awesome and instead nods before glancing over at the lake behind her* It’s my first time out here, I wasn’t sure if we were allowed *She turns her head and smiles* Didn’t want to lose my house points before I managed to earn any!

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:54:16 07/08/20

*He nods to Harper, thinking it might put Martin in a better mood* Sure! I just need to clean up once everyone’s gone and take the knife back to the kitchens for Shae. *He smiles* You lead the way!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:54:36 07/08/20

*He smiles slightly at Dakota, incredibly thankful for his words as he leans in, though when Harper asks if they’d rather move away from the larger crowd, he nods and stands.* That’s a great idea.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:56:07 07/08/20

*She gives Dakota a grin* Don’t worry, I’ll help you clear up after *She jumps up from the table and just moves to the table at the edge of the group, expecting them to follow*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:56:11 07/08/20

*She grins at Marcus* Oh! I wonder if the Transfiguration teacher could transfigure me into a mouse? *She giggled and shook her head, scraping her foot on the ground*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:56:33 07/08/20

*Riley grinned at her* Actually, I asked first. *She laughed* But yeah, it’s amazing. I’ve said it so many times but it hasn’t gotten any less true. This was such a sweet idea.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:56:36 07/08/20

*Nora sees Martin move and keeps an eye on where he is, she figured she had a better chance of running now*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:57:12 07/08/20

Me, too. *He nods at what Harper says and follows her to a table a bit further from the main group, taking a deep breath as he sits down. It helped a lot, not being jumbled up next to everyone.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:57:49 07/08/20

*He stands up and follows Harper over to the other table* That’s really nice of you, thanks, Harper! *He hears Martin chime in* Thanks, Martin! *He smiles at them both* Did you have fun, though?

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:57:59 07/08/20

*He hasn’t really thought of that. School wasn’t a prison though, and it wasn’t like they’d gone far* I’m sure we’re fine here. *He looks out on the lake* it’s beautiful out here *he turns back to Anais* and the company isn’t bad either

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:58:12 07/08/20

*Marcus frowned slightly at that idea* Not sure they do human-animal changes on the students. Doesn’t seem like a very pleasant thing to happen to anyone *he knew he wouldn’t want to be changed into something else, let alone a small rodent*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 21:59:10 07/08/20

Yeah, Shae did a great job! Couldn’t thank her enough. I hadn’t really taken into account what you’d said, sorry! But I’m enjoying it anyway, thanks for asking. Glad you like it! *She grinned*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:59:25 07/08/20

I did. *He nods at Dakota.* A little overwhelming, how many people showed up. *He smiles a bit sheepishly, running his fingers through his hair.* But it was fun celebrating with everyone.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:59:43 07/08/20

*Nora grins at Marcus* Don’t you want to experience everything just once, to say you did?

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:00:54 07/08/20

It was amazing Dakota. Thanks so much for inviting me. Much prefer this to study group *She pulls a face but then grins* You and Shae were so sweet to organise all this *She glances at Martin and gave him a warm smile* And you did great too. You should be so proud of yourself.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:01:02 07/08/20

It really is great! I know, right? I’m concerned I’ll still be thanking her by the time my hair goes grey. *Riley laughed, shaking her head* Not that it’s a bad thing, I appreciate this so much, it was so sweet of her.

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:01:54 07/08/20

*He scrunches his nose slightly as he pulled a face* There are many things in the world I don’t want to try even once. Aubergine for example. Who eats purple? *he shuddered a little* and you know all that other nasty stuff out there in the world.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:02:23 07/08/20

Oh and Dakota too I think. Shouldn’t forget about team efforts. Not enough credits i guess. *She starts to look in the pockets of her satchel to find her gifts*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:02:46 07/08/20

*He nods in agreement with what Harper was saying.* Oh, Gods, study group felt like such a nightmare. This is completely fine by comparison. *He laughs very softly and then gives Harper a genuine smile, not sure what to say at first.* Thank you. So should you. You did amazing.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:03:30 07/08/20

Of course! *She grinned. Riley noticed that she was going into her pockets, searching for something. She didn’t ask what it was.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:04:01 07/08/20

*He smiled warmly at Martin* You did great! I’m glad you had fun. *He looked over at Harper and blushed a bit and nodded* Thank you for coming! I’m glad everyone was able to turn out.

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:05:43 07/08/20

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re fine here *She folds arms on the table. She didn’t want to squish up beside Winnie while she was talking to Riley to make room for Isaac as that seemed pretty rude* I’ll definitely be coming down here more now I know it’s in the limits! I like that it’s all lit up even at night. *She looks around at the group of fourth years all assembled* I wonder if they’ll let us camp out?

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:05:57 07/08/20

*She grins at Marcus, bumping his shoulder with her* But eggplant is amazing! Baba ganoush!! And I guess I like experiencing everything. Just because you can. Unless it’s going to kill me or something? *She looks at Martin, narrowing her eyes, making sure she could see his hands*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:06:02 07/08/20

*She pulls out the "card" and the harmonica* I got you these. Isaac totally showed everyone up! *She giggled looking in Isaac’s direction* Sorry they’re not great, didn’t know what kind of gift you’d be into, sorry. It’s a harmonica. *She gives a warm smile as she offers Riley the gifts for her to take* Oh, and if the card looks kind of rushed, sorry! But there was a lot of love put into it, for sure.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:06:05 07/08/20

*She grins at Martin* But actually I weirdly feel so much better about everything since study group. Like nothing could be as bad as that, so this was mild in comparison *She rolls her eyes playfully before giving Dakota a slight nudge with her arm* Don’t be embarrassed for being a wonderful person.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:07:33 07/08/20

*He stands quite happily and eats his cake* you know I’ve never been camping before. Wouldn’t even know where to start.

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:08:21 07/08/20

*He laughs at Harper, grinning back.* Why do you think I’ve not run back to the tower yet? *He looks over at Dakota and just nods at what Harper said.* Exactly. You should feel proud of yourself, too.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:08:23 07/08/20

*Riley smiled at her* Thank you so much Winnie, I love them. *She put the gifts and the card on the table that they were sat at and grinned at her again* Yeah, you two are the only ones who got me anything.

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:08:39 07/08/20

*Marcus frowned and wondered if there was somewhere else she wanted to be or something* What like something out here going to get you Nora?

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:08:48 07/08/20

You haven’t been camping, Isaac? *She raises her eyebrows, genuinely surprised.* I thought you had muggle parents? My Dad said camping was a right of passage!

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:09:48 07/08/20

Yeah, I guess no-one really thought about it. Me especially! *She rubbed the back of her neck* Oh, the harmonica is totally not used or even touched! Don’t worry. *She raised her eyebrows, almost in panic*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:10:45 07/08/20

*He looks between the two a little sheepish* I didn’t really do much. *He shrugs and quickly changes the subject* I wasn’t sure anything would get done for as large of a group as we had, but I thought it went well. And I actually managed to make sense of the Transfiguration and Potions homework, so, at least it worked for me! *He laughs*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:11:35 07/08/20

*She looks at Marcus, trying to keep Martin in her vision, and whispers* Martin is out for me. I’m sure he’s going to do something.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:12:05 07/08/20

Not all muggles go camping. *He chuckles to himself a little* my parents aren’t exactly outdoors kind of people. In fact you won’t find my dad anywhere that you can’t find WiFi.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:12:07 07/08/20

*Riley shrugged* I hadn’t assumed otherwise, but thanks for the clarification. *She smiled warmly and looked back at the gifts* The thought was nice anyway, you didn’t even need to give me this. Thank you, again

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:12:25 07/08/20

It is going really well. *He smiles at Dakota.* Everyone is having a good time, so you did a good job. *He nods slightly as he goes back to the study group talk.* Well, remember, if you need more help, with anything, you’ve got us. *He looked at Harper for confirmation.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:13:59 07/08/20

*He looked from Nora to Martin and then back again laughing* Don’t be stupid. No one is out to get you. I mean the other day was pretty intense but nah *he shook his head. He didn’t know much about Martin but was sure he wouldn’t hurt anyone* I think I might go and ask him for you actually *he grinned* show you you’re just being a little paranoid.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:15:01 07/08/20

*Nora’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she grabbed Marcus’s arm* No! Please. *She looked at him with a look of horror*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:15:12 07/08/20

My Dad, Michael, he’s the same, can’t go anywhere that isn’t plush *She giggles as she takes her hairband out of her hair* It was my other dad who took me. Once. He’s more the sailing type though *She shrugs her shoulders, she guessed she could see Isaac being the indoor type*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:15:54 07/08/20

That’s alright. I felt showed up, not great with that kinda thing. *She’d giggle and mutter: this almost now seems awkward being one of the only ones giving her something * Well hopefully you might get more gifts tomorrow? *She grinned hopefully*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:16:32 07/08/20

And I’m very thankful for that. *He laughs and rubs the side of his face and glances between Martin and Harper* I&rsrsquo;ll most definitely take you up on that. I’m lucky to have friends like you two! *He beams at them*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:17:12 07/08/20

*Riley laughed again* I can understand that. But I swear I appreciate it. *She smiled* Yeah perhaps, we’ll see, but I’m not too bothered if not.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:17:21 07/08/20

*She nodded her head in agreement* Absolutely, no matter what. I’ll help with anything except Defence *She grins cheekily* but Martin has you covered for that

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:17:29 07/08/20

*He twisted his arm round so that he now had a hold of hers instead and grinned* Come on, they’re not that bad *he began to walk towards then tugging at her arm as he went*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:18:16 07/08/20

*He grins at Dakota, and then at Harper as well.* I’m glad we’re friends.* He returns Harper’s cheeky grin.* We’ve got your back either way.

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:19:03 07/08/20

Did you enjoy the cake? It surprised my taste buds a lot! All the flavours played into each other perfectly. *She beamed*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:19:25 07/08/20

Ahh! Marcus, please! *Nora cried as Marcus dragged her towards Martin. She fought as best as she could, but he had her wand arm and she couldn’t figure out how to get her wand with her other hand*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:20:34 07/08/20

It was so good! Tasted just as good as it looked. *Riley grinned*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:20:42 07/08/20

*Isaac yawns as he looks out onto the lake again, finally having our his plate down. He talks to Anais without turning round*
Well maybe you can show me how it’s done sometime.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:21:03 07/08/20

*He beamed at the two of them* Just you wait, between the study group and the two of you, I’ll be as smart as you two in no time! *He makes a cheeky face then laughs*

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:22:33 07/08/20

*A notification pings her phone, shoot she’d forgot. An event appeared saying "Do Potions Homework!"* Sorry, I completely forgot I had to finish my homework today, it’s super late already too. Sorry to cut it short, Riley. But I have to go finish it! *She stood up from her seat*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:22:46 07/08/20

You’re already smart. *He rolls his eyes at Dakota, giving him a cheeky smile.* You learn at a different pace, and that’s fine. *He gives him a cheeky grin, but there is sincerity behind it.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:22:48 07/08/20

*He loosened his grip on her arm slightly as she cried out and he walked straight to Martin, Nora in tow* Hey Guys! Great Party this! A bit like Study group but you know louder *he laughed a little thinking back on the hushing the other day*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:23:21 07/08/20

Dakota, smart isn’t everything you know *She rolled her eyes but there was a genuine smile* You have a heart twice the size of anyone I know and that means way more

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:24:25 07/08/20

Camping you mean? *She yawns too and quickly covers her mouth, that always happened when someone else yawned. She couldn’t help but giggle* I might talk to Professor Brooker or Professor Sydnee about allowing us to camp.. this is a practical school after all. *She gives her shoulders a small shrug, her head of house and the deputy head were the only two she felt comfortable approaching*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:24:53 07/08/20

*A smile crept across his face hearing Martin. His eyes went wide at Harper* That sounds like a serious medical problem! *He made a cheeky face then giggled*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:25:09 07/08/20

*Riley grinned* Of course! See you around, and thanks again for coming! *She gave her a wave as she stood up to leave. She felt a little lost now, wondering whether she should go thank more people or head over to where she felt comfortable with the people she’d already spoken to, like Dakota, Harper, and Martin. She tapped her foot for a second, looking around at the party before deciding to head over to her friends again.* Hi guys, me again!

Fourth Year Winnifred Taylor - 22:25:15 07/08/20

See you, Riley. *She strolls off, her handing waving for anyone to see.*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:25:20 07/08/20

*He nods at what Harper said and then looks over at Martin as he approaches them, all but dragging Nora. He all but ignores her as he addresses Marcus.* Is it louder? This feels a lot - *Easier? Quieter? More comfortable?* better.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:26:37 07/08/20

*He waves after Winnie as he sees Riley, Marcus, and Nora head toward them and smiles. He glances at Martin and Harper before looking back to the EPers*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:26:59 07/08/20

*She laughs at Dakota and shakes her head* Wizarding space *She winks at him before looking to Marcus and Nora who had just arrived with them*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:27:05 07/08/20

Yes camping, what else would I mean? *He turns back round to her* That sounds good though. I’ll mention it to Professor Sydnee next time I see her.

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:27:39 07/08/20

*He smiles brightly at Riley.* Hey again. *He waves at Winnie as she heads off. He glances back at Dakota and Harper and then back at the three approaching them.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:29:10 07/08/20

Hey again Riley *She smiles at her, making room on the bench for her to sit down*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:29:16 07/08/20

Sailing? *It was the only other thing she could think that she’d mentioned, and she figured that’s where her mind had went, she was much better at that than camping* Hopefully she says yes! It would be good to do it before it starts getting cold *She nods her head to Isaac as she watches Winnie leave*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:29:35 07/08/20

*he nodded at Martin* Well maybe not louder. Different *he laughed a little and finally let go of Nora’s arm as Riley joined too* Hey Riley, Hope you’re having fun.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:30:54 07/08/20

*Nora rubbed her arm, not that Marcus had actually hurt her, well maybe her pride and eyed Martin. She wondered if he knew Mental Studies. She wondered if he could read her mind. She decided not to think just in case.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:31:04 07/08/20

*Riley hovered over to the table and stood awkwardly, not really sure what was going on with Marcus and Lenora. She gave a wave to the group before sitting down next to Harper and aiming her attention back towards whatever was going on between the two EP students, trying to find out what was happening. He smiled at Marcus* Hey Marcus, I am actually! Hope you are too.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:31:22 07/08/20

Oh, whew. *He wiped his brow then laughed again at Harper*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:31:48 07/08/20

Oh right well you can show me how to sail to if you want. Can’t say spending time with you isn’t enjoyable. *He sees the party starting to thin out.* I should probably get off soon. I want even really invited

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:31:50 07/08/20

*He runs his hands through his hair and then settles them in his lap and smiles at Marcus, not even looking at Nora.* Different works.

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 22:32:18 07/08/20

*Nora waved to Riley* Happy Birthday! *She smiled at her*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:34:33 07/08/20

*Riley smiled at Lenora* Thank you! *She kicked her feet a little* And thanks for coming over to my birthday party gathering.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:34:49 07/08/20

*She glanced at Martin, then at Dakota, not really sure if there was any way they could help Martin in this situation*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:35:06 07/08/20

*He smiled at Harper and Dakota and nodded at Riley* Where there’s cake there’s always fun! It was so amazing, I mean I thought the meals and stuff here were great but that was soooo good. *he smiled at her again and was glad when Nora finally spoke*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:36:55 07/08/20

I’m not sure it’s safe for two fourteen year olds to man a boat *She grins at him before nodding her head again. She’d completely forgotten that she was still holding her hairband and took a moment to slide it back into her hair* It is getting pretty late, but I think I’ll stay up a little longer

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:36:56 07/08/20

*Riley nodded, still feeling awkward but was glad that there was at least some conversation happening* Definitely! The cake was delicious. Tasted just as amazing as it looked! *She grinned, but it quickly turned into a smaller smile as she realised that that was probably the third time she’d said that today.*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 22:38:33 07/08/20

*She walks down to the lake, shaking her head at Bobby’s even weirder behaviour*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:38:36 07/08/20

*His eyes dart to Dakota as he leans in. Martin takes a deep breath and nods, whispering back to him.*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 22:40:19 07/08/20

*She walks to the edge of the lake, near where the footpath in was, and sat down carefully. She closed her eyes and began meditating*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:40:29 07/08/20

Ahuh *he nodded again* Nora here was saying it was great to, though I had to convince her to even have any in the first place. *he laughed a little and looked at the others wondering for a brief moment if Nora might have been right*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:41:56 07/08/20

*She nods her head in agreement with what Dakota says and smiles reassuringly at Martin*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:44:36 07/08/20

*He nods at Martin and Harper then looks back to the rest of the group and smiles* There was enough cake for everyone!