Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 19:39:27 24/10/20

*Sydnee heads into the Great Hall early, making sure everything was set out and ready*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 19:46:09 24/10/20

*He heads in to the Great Hall and looks around. He spots Sydnee at the front and flattens out his robes as he heads over to her.* Evening, Sydnee. *He smiles at her.* Everything sorted for tonight? Can I help?

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 19:48:07 24/10/20

*She waves her wand and places the banner at the top of the hall before turning to Walker with a smile* No, I think we’re all sorted thank you.

Professor Walker Montgomery - 19:49:07 24/10/20

*He nods at her and notices her dress robes. He realizes what he should be wearing.* Alright. Back in a tick. *He spins back around to head back to his quarters to find his dress robes.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 19:51:39 24/10/20

*Isaac peeks in to the great hall and see only Professor Sydnee there so far. Me smiles a little weakly as he looks around. He smiles over to her politely* Evening Professor, are we allowed in yet?

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 19:52:29 24/10/20

*Sydnee watched Walker leave and chuckles slightly, thinking it’s always the Professors who miss the memos* Hey Isaac, of course, grab a seat *She grins at him*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 19:53:47 24/10/20

*He grins as he walks into the Great Hall from the staff entrance. It was hard to believe the year was coming to an end already. He walks over to Sydnee smiling.* Evening, Syndee!

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 19:54:17 24/10/20

*Delaney makes her way into the Great Hall, smiling at Sydnee* Good Evening *She hesitates, looking at the row of seats up on the stage, assuming they are for the Professors* Should we just head up? *She smiles seeing Maverick too* Good Evening

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 19:55:01 24/10/20

Evening Mav, Evening Delaney *Sydnee grins at them both, that familiar feeling of excitement settling in* Sure, head up to the platform, take a seat.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 19:55:42 24/10/20

*He heads over towards Professor Sydnee, having heard her say he should take a seat but wanting to have a quick word with her anyway. He lowers his voice a little and tries not to intrude on what she’s doing* Professor Sydnee, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done this year, on helping me catch up and making me being able to stay here even possible. I thought there would be no chance of me keeping up with all the other students. So... thank you

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 19:57:50 24/10/20

Oh of course Isaac, it’s been my absolute pleasure. You’ve come so far, you should be very proud of yourself *She smiles at him warmly* It was lucky that it fell this year really, since I’ll be heading back to teaching full time next year. But it really was my honor to help you out.

Professor Maverick Winchester - 19:58:58 24/10/20

*He smiles at Delaney as she comes up.* Evening Delaney! *He grins as Sydnee tells them to take a seat on the platform and makes his way up there taking his seat.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 19:59:38 24/10/20

*Meira hurries into the Great Hall worried she was going to be late and quickly heads to the Rubyblaze table sitting down*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 19:59:42 24/10/20

*He rushes into the Great Hall, not wanting to be late despite things rarely starting on time. He takes a look around and then takes a seat, smiling toward the Professors but saying nothing since they were probably busy setting up.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 19:59:43 24/10/20

*His eyes go wide as she mentions teaching next year* You’re going back to teaching Divination right? *He wonders if adding another class to his list would even be a wise idea* Any recommended reading for the summer? *He looks around as other students start to make their way in.* Erm, I shouldn’t probably go take a seat.

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:00:16 24/10/20

*She heads up onto the stage, not far behind Maverick and takes one of the seats, hoping they weren’t supposed to take specific seats* Do you think we need to be in house order or anything? *Delaney winks at him playfully*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:00:20 24/10/20

*Hadley walks into the Great Hall from the staff entrance and sighs with relief when she sees the place already a buzz with a mixture of students and staff. She walks with purpose to the platform where her co-workers were gathering*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:00:53 24/10/20

*Lambert strides into the Great Hall from the rear entrance and heads towards his staff beaming* Good Evening.

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:00:54 24/10/20

*He stepped into the Great Hall through the staff entrance, glancing around before joining the other Professors.* Good evening. *Seeing that Maverick and Delaney are heading for the platform, he straightens his robes and follows their lead.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:01:05 24/10/20

*He walks back into the Great Hall wearing the proper attire this time. He flashes a grin as he sees the hall filling and makes his way up to the head of the room.* Evening all.

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:01:29 24/10/20

*Marcus wanders in and takes a seat at his house table with a little smile*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:01:36 24/10/20

*Sydnee chuckles softly* I’ll give you a list *she gave a nod to what he was saying about taking a seat and then waited, watching as everyone else came in* Evening Hadley. Evening again Walker.

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:02:08 24/10/20

Evening Lambert, Evening Theo *She grins, seeing more faces piling into the room*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:02:38 24/10/20

*He rushes in to the hall and his eyes go a bit wide as he sees everyone. He smiles and walks to the Sapphirelake table and takes a seat*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:02:53 24/10/20

*He chuckles grinning at Delaney.* Probably but no harm rebelling against things I think. *He smiles at the rest of the professors arriving.* Evening everyone!

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:02:57 24/10/20

*Louise walks into the Great Hall, holding Jordan’s hand. She stops in the doorway and looks around at the crowd. She looks up at Jordan and smiles* This should be fun.

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:03:05 24/10/20

*She ran into the hall with a big grin, making her way to the Rubyblaze table and plopping down near Meira, giving her an excited wave.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:03:29 24/10/20

*He turns to look around at the people who’ve entered and spots Meira so heads over in her direction, taking a seat just a couple away from here in case she was waiting for others to sit with her* Hey, this is pretty exciting right?

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:03:41 24/10/20

*Harper heads into the Great Hall and looks for some of the other Fourth Years to sit with, smiling as she sat down not far from them* Hey!

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 20:04:17 24/10/20

*He follows in with Lou blinking at the crowd and chuckles nodding his head in agreement with her there.* I think you’re right. *He grins as he leads the way to their table and takes a seat smiling at Eamonn and Marcus already there.* Hey!

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:04:40 24/10/20

*Dylan headed into the Great Hall, feeling a little uncomfortable in his dress robes but taking a spare seat and hoping Elias would be along soon*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:04:59 24/10/20

*She follows in behind Harper and heads over to the group of Fourth years* Yo. *June quickly takes a seat*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:05:36 24/10/20

*He peeks into the Great Hall, looking around and taking a deep breath before bee-lining it toward where Harper sat with the others, despite that it seemed like most students were sitting with their houses.* Hey, guys.

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:05:48 24/10/20

*Clara straightens her dress and smooths down her robes as she follows Harper and June into the Great Hall*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 20:06:07 24/10/20

*Elias walks in, late as usual, and scans the room for Dylan. He grins as he spots him and makes his way over to him.* Hey you. *He winks at him as he takes a seat.* Thanks for saving me a spot. *He held out his hand to hold his.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:06:41 24/10/20

*Bobby quickly followed a few steps behind Clara nad grabbed her hand with a smirk* Hey wait up.

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:06:42 24/10/20

Evening *Hadley smiles at everyone already at the staff table and quietly takes a seat, smiling happily as she does so*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:06:57 24/10/20

*She follows Jordan to where Eamonn and Marcus were* Hey guys *Louise looks at the three Emeraldpeak boys* You all clean up well, don’t you? *She grins and winks*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 20:07:06 24/10/20

*Lois walked into the great hall and followed after the other members of her house that she had been with previously. She waited for them to sit before sitting nearby and flattening her robes over her legs as she waited*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:07:17 24/10/20

*She walked in and stood by the door, looking around. She saw Eamonn and headed over to him, whispering in his ear as she neared* Hey, I’m not too late right?

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:07:35 24/10/20

*Lambert stood next to the staff table watching as everyone entered with a grin* Good turnout. Evening Sydnee *he smiled at her as she greeted him*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:08:22 24/10/20

*He took Elias’ hand with a smile and looked around* I think this is probably the busiest I’ve seen this place and that’s saying something. Did you bring a suitcase for all your awards? *He winks at him playfully*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:08:29 24/10/20

*Clara turns as Bobby grabs her hand. She gives her eyes a roll while smiling at him* I thought you’d gone on ahead otherwise I would have waited *She steps up to him and kisses him quickly* Where are we sitting?

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:09:03 24/10/20

*Riley dashed into the great hall, having gotten carried away in her dorm and forgetting to head down. When she arrived and noticed that not much had started yet, she sighed with relief and headed over to sit with Harper and June* Hey guys. Not too late am I? *She smiled*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:09:38 24/10/20

*Marcus grinned at Louise assuming he was one of those boys and got settled into his seat*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:09:59 24/10/20

Did you get the list I left you? *Sydnee chuckles at Lambert, hoping he had a copy of the awards, but if not she had two just in case* Yeah looks like we got pretty much everyone.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:10:00 24/10/20

I had, I swung by the office *he grins as she kissed him and nodded over to some seats pulling her with him*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:10:04 24/10/20

*She pushes the door of the Great Hall open, trying her best to catch her breath as she enters. The day wasn’t being to her favour and she absolutely knows that she was way too late*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:10:09 24/10/20

Hey! *He grins at Lou and Jordan as they join him and Marcus at the EP table. He ran a hand through his hair and laughed softly at Lou’s comment.* Can’t show up looking like slobs when everyone else is dressed up, can we? *He smiles a Iona joined them and shakes his head.* Just in time.

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:10:21 24/10/20

*She whispers to Riley and shakes her head* Nah, hasn’t started yet. *She glances over at Lambert*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 20:10:26 24/10/20

*He grins teasingly at Lou.* Shame you don’t clean up quite as nicely as we do.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:10:33 24/10/20

*He waved at the other fourth years with a wide grin.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:11:08 24/10/20

*Lambert reached into his robes and pulled out a pile of notes including the mentioned list* All prepped and ready to go just like the old days.

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 20:12:14 24/10/20

*Heads into the hall raising an eyebrow slightly at the amount of people here. Glancing around she sees everyone spread out so heads over to Dylan and Elias as she sees them smiling at them both as she sits down.* Hey.

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:12:25 24/10/20

*She smiles at Eamonn, about to respond but then catches what Jordan says and darts her eyes up to him, pretending to look offending. Or maybe not pretending? She punches his arm* Watch it, Foster! *She tries to keep a straight face but can’t help a slight smile*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:12:30 24/10/20

Organized, I’m impressed *She winks at him and then wondered if they should try to get started* Ready to go?

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 20:12:33 24/10/20

*Elias looks around at the quickly growing hall and squeezes Dylan’s hand. He looks back at him with a grin.* I already got the best prize right here. *He picks up his hand and kisses the back of it.*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:13:03 24/10/20

*She walked in, her heels clacking, and frowned. She knew she wasn’t too late but late was late. She squinted as she looked around, and walked quickly over towards Marcus. She sat down next to him and whispered ’boo!’ in his ear as she did, giggling softly*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:13:19 24/10/20

Oh yeah? *She was going to ask him why he was at the office, but she figured it could wait until later. She let Bobby guide them over to a couple of seats and sat down, tucking her robes and dress neatly around her legs*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:13:30 24/10/20

Good, good. *Riley laughed a little. She patted down her robes*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:13:48 24/10/20

*Marcus looked up as someone joined him and "boo"ed him too and was pleased to see Nora* Hey!

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:14:01 24/10/20

*She smiled at Eamonn and impulsively wrapped him in a hug before breaking away as quickly as she had*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:14:15 24/10/20

had hugged him*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:15:27 24/10/20

*June catches Dakota waving and smiles, nodding at him*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:15:31 24/10/20

Very smooth *He chuckles at Elias, giving his hand a squeeze*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:15:43 24/10/20

Yeah, tell you later. *Grinning Bobby sat down in the chair next to Clara moved his hand so they were still holding but it was loosely resting on her lap now*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:15:48 24/10/20

*She stands on the tips of her toes to looks through the crowd to spot some of her friends. She rubs her forehead, breath calming slowly and moves further into the room, turning her head left and right and occasionally to the stage to check if the ceremony was starting*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:15:48 24/10/20

*Anais quickly runs into the hall, having only just woken up from a nap. She stands nervously for a moment, jeeze Anais, it’s so full!, before shuffling into an empty seat, glad to have not missed anything*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:17:01 24/10/20

Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be. *Lambert nodded and held onto his pieces of parchment tight stepping up onto the stage and approaching the podium in the middle*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:17:15 24/10/20

*She grinned at Marcus and shook her head, speaking softly. Or rather, softly for her, which was still rather loud* Excited about the summer break? I’m going to miss being here! But not the classwork. *she grinned at Marcus*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:17:42 24/10/20

*He gave a smile to Aliyah as she sat down* Hey Aliyah

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:17:48 24/10/20

*He laughed softly at Lou and Jordan. He was a bit surprised when Iona suddenly hugged him, but he had no problem returning it, smiling warmly at her. He glanced around the hall a moment and noticed Shae, waving toward her to join them since it seemed most people weren’t sitting with their houses anyway.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:17:49 24/10/20

*He smiles at Sydnee and lets out a soft chuckle.* Yes, again, sorry. *He nods at her then looks around at the other professors. He sat at his usual spot at the head table, waiting for Lambert to get started.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:18:02 24/10/20

*She gave a smile to everyone else who was sitting down around her, excited to see everyone looking so smart*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:18:31 24/10/20

*Isaac sits and looks around. There are a lot more people here than he expected. Pretty much the busiest it had been since that time back in September when he first arrived. So much had change this year, it was insane how far he’d come in such a relatively short space of time. But still it seemed like a lifetime ago. He sits and awkwardly adjusts his robes a little as he waits*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:18:35 24/10/20

Hey! *She grinned at everyone else joining them, glad her friends weren’t sticking with their houses cause that would make this whole thing so boring.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 20:18:49 24/10/20

That’s me. *Elias grinned at him then heard him talk to Aliyah and he shook his head.* Oh, hey! *He smiles at her.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:18:59 24/10/20

*Clara gives Bobby’s hand a squeeze, thinking how crazy it felt to be sat holding hands having met in this very same room at the welcome ceremony. She glances sideways at him and grins before turning to face the front*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:19:47 24/10/20

*As she glances through the room, she spots a waving hand from nearby, recognising Eamonn an Iona right next to him. Her lips widen into a broad smile as she rushes over to them. She tucks a hair strain behind her ear as she arrives and smiles at the group* Hey guys! I thought I’d be super late!

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:19:57 24/10/20

Thats the best part, no classwork *he laughed a little then saw the Headmaster head to the front so stopped and gave his attention in that direction*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:19:59 24/10/20

*She lifts her hand and gives a wave to some of her friends that she could see scattered around the hall before folding them in her lap as she waited*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:21:28 24/10/20

*She grinned up at Shae and took her hand, clasping it tightly. She was about to speak when she saw the Headmaster head to the front and tugged on her hand, motioning towards him as she did*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:21:39 24/10/20

*She smiles when Shae joins them and winks at her* Lookin’ good, Shae. *She glanced from Shae, to Eamonn briefly, then turned to the Headmaster*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:21:42 24/10/20

*He smiles brightly at Shae and shakes his head, then nods toward the podium as the Headmaster makes his way up there.* Looks like you’re right on time.

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:21:55 24/10/20

*She stepped to Lambert’s side and waited for everyone to fall quiet*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 20:22:16 24/10/20

*Smiles back at Dylan and chuckles as Elias clues in that she’s there.* Don’t worry Elias I know you only notice one person in this room right now. *She grins teasingly.* Can’t blame you though. But at least your better half pays more attention.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:22:39 24/10/20

*Seeing Anais sat over without the rest of the fourth years with her, he quickly gets up and heads over to a seat near her before the ceremony start. He lowers his voice to a whisper as he gets close to her* Hey, I couldn’t leave you over here on your own.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:22:42 24/10/20

*Lambert stood behind the podium and placed his notes down, then reaching forwards he placed a hand on either side as he leaned toward the assembled students ahead. He looked down at his notes one final time and then looked up with a smile before clearing his throat loudly over all the noise to get their attention so things could get started* Good Evening! If I could please have everyone’s attention! Welcome to Deckleswood’s End of Year Awards Ceremony!

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:23:29 24/10/20

*She looked up at the front as the Headmaster started talking.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:23:37 24/10/20

*She gives Lou a small wave, as she catches her glance and looks down for just a moment, blushing slightly. Then she sits down next to Iona and Eamonn and turns her head up to the headmaster, squeezing Iona’s hand as she does that, not wanting to interrupt the speach with some more talking*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:23:52 24/10/20

*June glances around the room before landing her focus on Henderson*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 20:24:07 24/10/20

*Meira turns her focus to the stage smiling excitedly as the Headmaster gets things started now.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:24:29 24/10/20

*She hadn’t been talking anyway but she straightened up and paid attention to the Headmaster*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:24:33 24/10/20

*Riley looked up as the headmaster spoke and grinned a little to herself. She was excited to find out which of her friends would be getting awards*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:24:53 24/10/20

*She sits silently next to Marcus and listened to the Headmaster*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:25:19 24/10/20

*Dylan gave Elias’ hand one last squeeze, but kept a hold of it, turning his focus to the Headmaster who was now talking*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 20:25:22 24/10/20

*He smiles sheepishly at Lou since he’d been unable to resist.* Sorry. You honestly look great. *He gives her hand a squeeze before glancing to the stage hearing the Headmaster get started.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:25:27 24/10/20

*With a squeeze back of Clara’s hand he looked up at Bertie*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 20:25:33 24/10/20

*Lois sat and waited for the headmaster to speak with a smile on her face. She stood up a little straighter and began to pay more attention*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:25:36 24/10/20

*He looks up toward the stage, happy it was starting. Something obvious to focus on was good.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:25:47 24/10/20

*She gives Isaac a smile as he joins her, she had been so focused on trying to sit with her lateness going unnoticed that she hadn’t realised she had sat on her own. Even though she was focusing on the Headmaster, she turns her head slightly and mouths "Thank you" back*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:26:17 24/10/20

*Lambert waited a brief moment before carrying on to make sure that all the noise had died down* Thank you. Like I said Welcome to our End of Year Awards Ceremony, thank you all for coming. It is a pleasure to see so many faces here just like at the Opening Ceremony at the start of the year. I am sure you are all eager to find out who has won what but before we get on with that I would just like to say a few words.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:26:39 24/10/20

*He give Anais another smile and then turns his attention towards the Headmaster, actually kind of excited to see what where all the awards would go*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:27:37 24/10/20

*She smirks, keeping her eyes on Henderson but leaning closer to Jordan to whisper* Yeah, yeah, nice try. *She glances up at him and smiles playfully, then looks at the Headmaster again*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:28:58 24/10/20

*Lambert turned over one of the pages in front of him so that he was now glancing at the other side now and then for the prompts of the points he wanted to make tonight* If you’ll recall the school has been through a tough couple of years and I was so pleased when Sydnee and I were able to invite you to study here after all that was finally cleared up. Many said we couldn’t do, that the school was cursed, but here we are, here you are, showing those doubters, those who thought we would fail, that we could come back and come back stronger than before. We have you to thank for that *He motioned at the students in front with his left hand* and *He then turned and lifting his right motioned to the Professors behind him* we have what might be the best team of Professors to thank for that also. Between them *he turned back to face the students* and all of you we have had a wonderful and successful first year and I am proud of you all.

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:31:18 24/10/20

*Louise senses a natural pause and claps at the first bit of the speech*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 20:31:51 24/10/20

*Lois began to clap after the headmaster spoke, not sure if they were meant to but wanting to anyway. She grinned*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:32:04 24/10/20

*She joins Lou clapping*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:32:13 24/10/20

*He sits up a little straighter and listens to the Headmaster. He smiles at his words, thinking he was definitely right on there. He claps for him*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:32:37 24/10/20

*Harper claps for what the Headmaster said, happy to be here*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:32:50 24/10/20

*Riley too began to clap a little, smiling as she did so*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:33:29 24/10/20

*He smiles at the Headmaster’s words and joins the others in clapping.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:33:56 24/10/20

*Isaac joins in the clapping politely but not overly enthusiastic. He wasn’t quite sure what the big achievement of a school being open for a year was, but he did know there was a lot of stuff he didn’t know about this school yet.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:34:18 24/10/20

*She grins and claps enthusiastically, happy to have been here.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 20:34:27 24/10/20

*Elias smirks and lets out a little laugh. He knew he had doubters, but glanced at Dylan, knowing they could and have proven them all wrong, too. He gave his hand a squeeze before letting go and joining the rest clapping.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 20:34:36 24/10/20

*Meira smiles brightly clapping at the Headmasters words.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:34:47 24/10/20

*Sydnee smiles happily at all the people in the Great Hall and nodding in agreement with what Lambert had said. She was so glad they had managed to re-open*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:34:58 24/10/20

*He joins the others in clapping.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:35:23 24/10/20

*She smiles at Bobby again as she slips her hand free so she’s able to join in the with clapping*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:36:18 24/10/20

*Lambert held a hand up with a smile as they applauded his words. Once it had died down he picked up the parchments from the podium and rearranged them before moving onto the main point of tonight* With that said we need to crack on with the reason why we are here, the Awards for 161AVD. Now we used to do these in the past though mostly in the yearbook but since we don’t have a graduating class this year due to the lack of Seventh Years the Deputy Headmistress and I decided that we should have a formal ceremony of these awards which also serve as a nice book end to the year. So without any further delay let us get on with giving our the awards tonight. *He reached into his robe and pulled out his wand, giving it a quick wave and making all of the awards appear on the small table that was already to the side of them* Professor Sydnee if you would be so kind as to begin as agreed *he stepped aside so she could continue*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:36:28 24/10/20

*She clapped and grinned at Eamonn and Shae, bumping Shae’s shoulder with hers, and smiled at the rest of those seated around her. Glad to be here, for this year*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:38:04 24/10/20

*She joins in on the clapping*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:39:11 24/10/20

*She gives Iona a slight smile, as her friend nudges her, whispering* Hey, what was that for? *She chuckles and turns her attention back to the stage*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:40:17 24/10/20

*She shrugged at Shae and whispered in her ear* Just happiness *and then turned back towards the front*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:40:32 24/10/20

*Sydnee stepped up to the podim and nodded to Lambert. She took the list from her robes and glanced at them, though she had pretty much committed it to memory* Thank you ladies and gentleman. The Headmaster and I would kindly ask, that each time an award is given, the person or people collecting the award, head up here and collect it from us. Of course, it would be lovely if the rest of you could show your appreciation by clapping or even cheering. However we ask that also kindly re-take your seat afterwards, so that we are able to move swiftly on to the next award. *Sydnee paused for a moment and then spoke again* Let us start with the awards, given to the Professor. *She turned herself slightly, so as to be facing them more* The award for Best Professor, this year goes to Walker Montgomery. *She started to clap, as she waited for him to join herself and Lambert*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:41:53 24/10/20

*She cheers loudly, as her head of house is chosen as the best professor. She puts her fingers into her mouth, giving out a loud whistle* Woooohooo! *Then starts clapping as she bounces on her seat*

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:42:23 24/10/20

*He glanced at Walker and grinned, beginning to applaud for him. He definitely deserved it.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:42:32 24/10/20

*Dylan dropped Elias’ hand and placed his fingers in his mouth, letting out a loud wolf whistle for his Head of House. He hadn’t voted for him as Best Professor, but he had voted for him as House Head and either way, he figured he deserved the award. After making a loud whistle, he started to clap too*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:42:34 24/10/20

*She looks around the hall at the other students and then up to the top table at the professors as then first award was announced. Professor Montgomery was her favourite professor so she happily claps along with everyone else*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:42:38 24/10/20

*Riley cheered as her head of house was chosen as the best professor*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:42:41 24/10/20

*His smiles grows wide as Walker earns Best Professor and first award of the night giving a loud cheer.* WOO! CONGRATS WALKER YOU EARNED IT!

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:42:46 24/10/20

*Isaac claps for Professor Walker, it hadn’t been his vote, but he really liked the potions teacher. The highlight of the year had been his polyjuice potion in this final term that had turned out brilliantly in the end.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 20:42:59 24/10/20

*Marcus claps for the Professor*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:42:59 24/10/20

*Harper grinned, hearing Professor Montgomery had won this award and started to clap. He was one of her favorite Professors too*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:43:32 24/10/20

*Delaney smiled as Walker’s name was called out and she lifted her hands to clap them for him, pleased he had won as she was sure he worked hard and deserved it*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:43:35 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for Professor Montgomery.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:43:46 24/10/20

*He smiled at Sydnee as she took to the podium. He chuckled and glanced at Maverick or Theo thinking they would be the clear winner. He didn’t register she’d said his name for a few moments then he stopped and looked around as he heard people begin to applaud. He lets out a laugh and stands and approaches Sydnee and Lambert at the podium.* Are you sure you counted those right? *He let out a laugh.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:43:47 24/10/20

*Bobby shook his head. He disagreed with this win and hadn’t voted for him but it looked like everyone else seemed to like him. Rolling his eyes he glanced at Clara and politely clapped*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:44:06 24/10/20

*He claps as Best Professor is announced.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 20:44:09 24/10/20

*Meira claps as Professor Montgomery wins.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:44:15 24/10/20

*Clara giggles as she watches Dylan whistle for Montgomery while she claps.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:44:22 24/10/20

*She grinned and clapped with everyone else.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:44:45 24/10/20

*Louise claps for Professor Montgomery*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 20:44:50 24/10/20

*He applauds for the professor.*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:44:50 24/10/20

*Hadley presses her lips together as she smiles for Walker, she knew his class was popular with the students*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 20:45:19 24/10/20

*Sydnee nodded at Walker and laughed* Absolutely, though you did have some tough competition. *She held out the award to him and then shook his hand* Congratulations

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:45:29 24/10/20

*He grinned and clapped loudly for his house head*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:45:37 24/10/20

*She clapped happily for the Professor, and giggled softly at Shae’s whistle. Which was then joined by Dylan’s whistle. She wondered if they learned that in Sapphirelake*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:45:40 24/10/20

*Lambert chuckled at Walker and nodded* Congratulations Professor, well deserved.

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 20:45:46 24/10/20

*Lois applauded for Prof. Montgomery with a grin on her face*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 20:45:56 24/10/20

*Claps for Montgomery as he wins having to admit to herself she’s happy for him to have won this*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:46:36 24/10/20

*June applauds Professor Montgomery*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:49:33 24/10/20

*He lets out a laugh and shakes Sydnee’s hand and accepts the award with the other.* Thank you, both. *He turns to the student body and grins.* Thank you all! It’s been an honor teaching here and I can’t wait to see you all again next year. You all make my job so much easier. Thank you, all of you. *He knew they were trying to move things along so he nodded to Lambert and Sydnee and quickly walked back and took a seat.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:51:01 24/10/20

*Watching Walker return to his seat he took the spot behind the podium again* Our next award is for Best House Head. *he picked it up and held it firmly before looking back at the Professors* and it pleases me to announce that this goes to Professor Delaney Sullivan as Head of Onyxshadow House!

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 20:52:12 24/10/20

*He was pretty sure everyone would have just voted for their own house head which to him meant that not enough Rubyblaze students had voted. He claps politely for Professor Sullivan but he didn’t really know her so it was a formality at most*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:52:19 24/10/20

Nice! *She sticks her thumb and index finger in her mouth, whistling for Professor Delaney* Wooo!

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 20:52:33 24/10/20

*Lois clapped loudly for Prof. Sullivan, as she had hoped that she would win.* Wooooo!

Professor Theodore Moss - 20:52:34 24/10/20

*He smiled as Walker joined them again and as Delaney was called as best house head shortly after. He clapped for her as well. She clearly deserved the recognition, seeing as how Onyxshadow were so far ahead on points.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 20:52:53 24/10/20

*Clara stands up as her head of house was announced as the winner and applauds loudly, she was still pretty terrified of her, but obviously Onyxshadow is the best house so clearly this was the only right winner*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 20:52:57 24/10/20

*Bobby raised his hands high in the air and let out a cheer for Delaney. He had to be seen to be trying with her at least even if he didn’t want to be here*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:52:58 24/10/20

*she slides quietly into the great hall waiting for a loud wave of applause to do so, leaning against the door as it closes behind her. She doesn’t make an attempt to walk to the staff table or anywhere further into the room, as she knew she was way too late to take a proper seat and she also didn’t intend to stay for long*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 20:53:04 24/10/20

*Elias claps for Sullivan. She was clearly doing something right since OS was so far ahead.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 20:53:21 24/10/20

*Harper looked positively thrilled as her House Head’s name got called out. She started to clap loudly, even though Professor Sullivan still terrified her*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 20:53:27 24/10/20

*She grinned and clapped enthusiastically for Professor Sullivan, even though she thought her own house head deserved it. Hopefully everyone felt that way, though.*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 20:53:32 24/10/20

*His big smile remains next Delaney claims the Best House Head award and cheers loudly again.* WOO! CONGRATS DELANEY!

Professor Walker Montgomery - 20:53:34 24/10/20

*He grins and claps for Delaney. She definitely deserved it.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 20:53:45 24/10/20

*She claps for Professor Sullivan*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 20:54:16 24/10/20

*She claps politely and smiles, not actually knowing much about the Mental Studies professor and probably would never know as she had no plans to take the class*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 20:54:24 24/10/20

*He claps politely for Professor Sullivan.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:54:24 24/10/20

*Delaney looked more than a little caught off guard as she heard her name. She stood, straightening up her robes and making her way over to where Lambert and Sydnee were both stood. She looked a little nervous, finding this outside of her usual comfort zone* Gosh, what an honour *she smiles, glancing out at the Hall and seeing some of her house students*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 20:54:53 24/10/20

*She claps for professor Sullivan, not adding a whistle this time. She glances over to Eamonn while she thinks of all the Mental Studies lessons recently and purses her lips, while she glances back to the award ceremony*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 20:55:07 24/10/20

*Hadley smiles again as Delaney wins best head of house, she had clearly worked so hard to rally her students given the impressive lead Onyxshadow have*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 20:55:07 24/10/20

*Meira claps as Professor Sullivan wins.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 20:55:20 24/10/20

*Riley clapped a little. She didn’t really know Professor Sullivan as she didn’t teach her classes and wasn’t her head of house. She remembered what Aries had said in the pent and chuckled a little.*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 20:55:38 24/10/20

*He claps for Professor Sullivan, glancing over at Shae and then away quickly when he catches her eye, looking back toward the podium near immediately.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 20:55:42 24/10/20

*He claps politely for Professor Sullivan. He was too young for her class but Onxyshadow had to be doing something right for as far ahead as they were*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 20:55:46 24/10/20

*He applauds for the professor.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 20:55:52 24/10/20

*Dylan clapped loudly, thinking the Professor definitely seemed to deserve it*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 20:56:14 24/10/20

*Lambert held out the award to Delaney with a chuckle* Clearly the students have recognised what a great job you’re doing with Onyxshadow this year, congratulations.

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 20:56:38 24/10/20

*She clapped for Professor Sullivan, even if she still scared her a bit, but then watched Eamonn and Shae looking back and forth and wondered what exactly she’d missed. She shrugged, mostly to herself, and kept clapping*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 20:57:13 24/10/20

*she sees Delaney on the stage and claps along with the students. She liked the fact, that it caught her off guard and was glad, that the students liked her. She definitely deserved it*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 20:57:15 24/10/20

*She clapped for the Professor, not really knowing her, but looking forward to taking her class anyway*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 20:58:27 24/10/20

*Delaney took the award with a smile, holding out her hand to shake it with the Professors* Thank you so much *She turned to look at the familiar faces of Bobby, Clara, Lois, Harper and June and gave them an unexpected grin before heading back to her seat*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 20:59:26 24/10/20

Woohoo! *She claps once more for her house head, thinking she was pretty awesome so glad she got the award*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:01:02 24/10/20

*Lois grinned back at Prof. Sullivan even though she had already headed back to her seat and probably wasn’t looking*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:01:22 24/10/20

*Sydnee waited for Delaney to move back to her seat and then spoke again* The next award is for Most Changed Since School Began *she paused for dramatic effect* And the winner is, Elias Crain

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 21:01:52 24/10/20

*She whispered to Eamonn and Shae* I need to go for a minute, hold my seat?

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:02:44 24/10/20

*She claps for Elias with a broad smile on her face. She has voted for Clara, but it might have been just her subjective opinion. She leans closer to Iona as she talks and nods, looking after her* Yeah, of course... You allright?

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:02:58 24/10/20

*Hearing Elias’ name Bobby cheered again* Nice one man *he raised his hands in the air to clap again, this time very enthusiastically*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:03:06 24/10/20

*He nods toward Iona with a smile.* Of course. *He claps as Elias’s name was called.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:03:06 24/10/20

*Louise claps loudly for Elias, grinning as she watched him accept the award* Wooo Elias!

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:03:26 24/10/20

*Hadley presses her lips together as she smiles, proud that one of her own house had received an award. She applauds extra loudly for Elias*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:03:29 24/10/20

*Lois clapped and cheered for Elias, hoping that this award was meant to have been a compliment. She laughed to herself a little, but she couldn’t remember who she had voted for this award*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:03:58 24/10/20

*Elias looked over at Dylan as he heard his name.* See what you did? *He smirked at him and rolls his eyes as he stood up. He headed up to the front and cautiously approached Sydnee.* I can’t tell if this is a read, or..?

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:03:59 24/10/20

*Though he doesn’t really know him, he claps for his housemate.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:04:15 24/10/20

*Riley clapped for the sixth year that had been given the award*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:04:31 24/10/20

Woo Elias! *She smiles as his name is called for the first award a student can win, remembering he was the first person she had spoken to on her arrival at Deckleswood*

Sixth Year Iona Pawter - 21:04:52 24/10/20

*She clapped loudly for Elias, grinning at him before nodding to Shae* Yeah, I’m fine. *She winked at her and then headed out while everyone was clapping for Elias*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:05:10 24/10/20

*Dylan grins cheekily* I regret nothing *He started to clap again and then broke off to make a loud wolf whistle again*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:05:20 24/10/20

*She clapped for the sixth year boy.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 21:05:29 24/10/20

*Grins at Elias he wins and claps for him.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:05:52 24/10/20

*Harper clapped for Elias, still finding him a little terrifying but agreeing that he had changed somewhat from the beginning of the year*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:06:14 24/10/20

*Clara grins as Elias wins the award for most changed, he really had changed a lot since they first met, but she also felt they all had* Congrats Elias! *She was still standing from Sullivan winning so she stayed where she was while she claps before taking a seat beside Bobby again*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:06:30 24/10/20

*He lifted his hands again to clap for Mister Crain, wondering vaguely how many of these awards students had voted upon seriously and how many were jokes among them.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:07:02 24/10/20

*She watches Iona leave and blinks a few times, wondering if she was hanging out with Dana while everyone else was over here. She shrug and looks back to the stage*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:07:06 24/10/20

*He clapped for Elias, thinking he was definitely nicer than what he started out as. Seems Sapphirelake has that effect on people*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:08:00 24/10/20

*Lambert clapped for Elias and smiled as he came up* Congratulations Mr Crain.

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:08:00 24/10/20

*Sydnee chuckles softly and hands over the award* Congratulations

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:08:33 24/10/20

*She moves a little to the side as one of the Rubyblaze students leaves the hall and claps along with the others*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:08:41 24/10/20

*She didn’t have an opinion on Elias as she wasn’t here at the start of the year but claps anyway*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:09:13 24/10/20

Thanks, I think? *Elias laughs as he takes the award from Sydnee and nods at her then the headmaster before shaking his head and going back to his seat.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:10:40 24/10/20

*He took Elias’ hand again when he sat back down* Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ve changed too much *he chuckles softly*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:11:59 24/10/20

*Lambert watched as Elias left and then moved to present the next awards* Now we have a double award tonight. Since she has won both of them I figured why not present both at once as they are similar. Now these awards are of course meant to be a bit of fun and what more fun then School Clown and Most Unique! *he picked up both of the awards* Both of these go to Lenora Day who seems to have really entertained her peers in both her uniqueness and humour. Lenora please come up and collect your awards.

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:12:57 24/10/20

*Harper clapped for Nora, realizing she hadn’t seen her around much recently and wondering if she was actually here*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:13:11 24/10/20

*Louise smiles and claps for Nora*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:13:37 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for Nora, thinking she’d definitely earned both of those and hoping others meant them as a bit of fun rather than as insults.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 21:13:40 24/10/20

*Meira smiles brightly hearing Nora win two awards and claps for her.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:13:47 24/10/20

*He looks around and claps for Nora*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:13:49 24/10/20

*She looked at Marcus and giggled, feeling her face blush red* Uh. *she shook her head and bounced up, heading towards the headmaster anyway* Um, thank you? *she giggled again as she approached him, feeling oddly self conscious*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:14:08 24/10/20

*Having clapped for Elias politely he now claps for Lenora more actively. Yeah she was a bit weird but honestly she was one of the people that made the school so unique. It was cool to see her getting some awards for it*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:14:16 24/10/20

*Riley clapped for Nora and smiled, though wondering a little about how that had been meant.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:14:30 24/10/20

*Marcus clapped wide eyed for two awards. They might be a big strange and funny but still she had won something!*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:15:00 24/10/20

*Hadley smiles kindly at Nora as she watches the fourth year step up to collect her award. She continues to applaud*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:15:06 24/10/20

*He smiles slightly and claps for Nora. Despite their rough start, she wasn’t bad, and those awards suited her.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:15:15 24/10/20

Well done Miss Day *he held out both awards to hand to her with a smile* Congratulations on your wins.

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:15:28 24/10/20

*Dylan clapped politely for the Fourth Year girl, thinking it was quite something to win two at once*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:15:39 24/10/20

*Lois clapped for Nora, knowing a bit about her from word spread around the school and not being too surprised. They seemed pretty accurate, although she wasn’t sure how the other students would have meant it*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:15:43 24/10/20

*He smiled warmly and clapped for Miss Day as she took the awards.*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 21:15:46 24/10/20

*He applauds for Nora as she wins.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:15:57 24/10/20

*She claps for Nora and smiles, not having had spent much time around her, but still impressed, that the girl won two awards*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:15:57 24/10/20

*She grinned and clapped enthusiastically for Nora.*

Fourth Year Lenora Day - 21:16:25 24/10/20

*She took the awards from the Headmaster and headed back towards Marcus, blushing. She whispered to him that she was going to head out for some air and left as soon as the next award was called*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:16:44 24/10/20

*He clapped for Miss Day, thinking it was something to win two at once.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:17:02 24/10/20

*She raises her eyebrows as Nora wins not one, but two awards at once, feeling that it’s kind of cool to be voted for both. She claps her hands*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:18:16 24/10/20

*Sydnee waited for Nora to leave with her award and then started with the next one* The next award is for Hardest Worker *there was a pause, while she waited for a few beat* and that goes to Clara Hawthorn

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:18:57 24/10/20

*Dylan put his fingers to his mouth and wolf whistled loudly again. He had no doubt that Clara was the hardest worker in their year so it went without saying she would be in the whole school*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:19:18 24/10/20

*Louise stands for this one, beaming over at Clara when her name is called* Go Clara! Woo! *She clapped loudly, knowing she fully deserved this one*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:19:20 24/10/20

*He claps loudly for Clara, thinking she definitely deserved this one.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:19:42 24/10/20

*As Clara’s name is announced he smiles and claps. He really hadn’t spoken to her enough and had no idea if she’d worked hard. The only thing he remember was him getting her a detention earlier in the year*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:19:47 24/10/20

*She smiles as she hears Clara’s name and again, she puts her fingers into her mouth, whistling, cheering and applauding loudly* Wooohooo! Clara! *She almost raises from her seat out of excitement*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:19:48 24/10/20

*Bobby jumped to his feet and grinning he clapped his hands for his girlfriend* See knew you’d get recognised for something, best category too! Well done *he winked at her still grinning and unable not to*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:20:04 24/10/20

*Harper clapped loudly, hoping she would be as smart and pretty as Clara one day*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:20:18 24/10/20

*June claps a bit louder this time for Clara, thinking she was definitely the harder worker in their year that she could think of*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:20:22 24/10/20

*Lois clapped for Clara with a smile. It was nice watching her friends get awards*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:20:31 24/10/20

*She grinned at seeing how enthusiastic about this one the sixth years were, and clapped loudly, thinking she must really deserve it.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:20:35 24/10/20

*Clara didn’t have a clue who this kid was so she gave her shoulders a shrug as she clapped for her double win. She was about to turn to say something to Bobby when she heard her name called, having not caught what it was for. She stood up, looking shocked for a second before recovering and walking confidently up to Professor Sydnee. She smiles, hoping she’d won something good* Thank you!

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:20:46 24/10/20

*Lambert clapped for Clara having heard that she did well in nearly all of her classes and her effort and determination were very worthy*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:20:58 24/10/20

*Elias clapped loudly for Clara.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 21:21:00 24/10/20

*Smiles clapping for Clara.* Go Clara!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:21:10 24/10/20

*He claps for the older Onyxshadow girl.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:21:23 24/10/20

*Delaney clapped her hands, feeling proud of Clara for being in Onyxshadow but also agreeing that she was a very hard worker*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:22:10 24/10/20

Well done Clara *Sydnee smiles at her, passing over the award* From what I’ve seen, you definitely deserved Hardest Worker

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:22:29 24/10/20

*He clapped for Miss Hawthorn. She was a very hard worker indeed, even if that sometimes came with an attitude.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:23:09 24/10/20

*She claps for the Onyxshadow girl that had beaten her good while duelling in term one*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 21:23:24 24/10/20

*Meira claps for the sixth year girl.*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 21:23:35 24/10/20

*He applauds for Clara as she wins.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:23:50 24/10/20

*Marcus claps for the girl who won the award*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:24:09 24/10/20

*He claps for Miss Hawthorn. She definitely had done well in his class, so wasn’t terribly surprised.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:24:12 24/10/20

Thank you Professor Sydnee! *She takes the award before turning and unable to stop herself from doing a little curtsy before grinning as she walks back to her seat*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:24:16 24/10/20

Woo! *She finished clapping for Clara and took a seat again, returning her hand to Jordan and smiling at him*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:24:30 24/10/20

*As Clara came back he grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss before returning to his seat* Well done you.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:26:42 24/10/20

*Lambert watched as Clara headed back and moved onto the next one, grabbing it from the table* Next up we have, Life of the Party! *he looked at the list and chuckled* and there could only be one winner likely for his early ball costumes, the award goes to Dylan Matthews!

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:27:19 24/10/20

*Louise claps loudly and grins* Yes! Go D-Man!!

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:27:36 24/10/20

*Elias grins and looks over at Dylan. He claps excitedly, positively beaming.* Wooo!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:27:49 24/10/20

*He smiles brightly and applauds for Dylan.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:27:51 24/10/20

*He’d heard all about Dylan’s ball costumes even though he hadn’t made it to the halloween one in the end. He glaps having always though Dylan seemed like a pretty fun guy to be around*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:28:31 24/10/20

*He lets out a quiet laugh and applauds for Mister Matthews.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:28:41 24/10/20

*Bobby now cheered for Dylan as he won an award* Well done dude! *he laughed as thee off the four of them now had awards*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:28:44 24/10/20

*She repeats the whistle and clap thing for Dylan, needing to do it alone now as he was the one walking to the stage. This was exciting for her. Sapphirelake was definitely the best house of them all*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:28:56 24/10/20

*She grinned and clapped, remembering the pumpkin head costume. She’d thought Dakota’s had been better but guessed more went into "Life of the Party" than cool costumes.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:29:14 24/10/20

*Lois laughed a little, definitely agreeing with that, and also that he has the best costumes by far.* WOOOO! *She grinned, clapping and cheering*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:29:14 24/10/20

*He started to laugh, thinking life of the party was such a crazy award to get* Well... *he laughed, standing up* I wonder if it was Father Dylanmas that swung it for me... *Dylan headed up to where the headmaster was and grinned*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:29:15 24/10/20

*He shoots up from his chair and pumps his fist and cheers for Dylan* Yeah! Go, Dylan! *He claps loudly for his housemate*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:29:22 24/10/20

*She smirks at Bobby after he kisses her as she gets comfortable but sits up straight when she hears Dylan’s name called. She balances her award carefully as she claps* Congrats Dylan! *She grins, he was always the life of the party to her*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:30:04 24/10/20

*He bit back a laugh when he heard Walker laugh and clapped for Mister Matthews.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 21:30:06 24/10/20

*Grins as Dylan wins life of the party clapping for him.* Way to go Dylan!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:30:33 24/10/20

*He claps for the sixth year boy, laughing softly as Dakota cheered for him.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:30:58 24/10/20

*She claps as another sixth year wins the next award*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:31:07 24/10/20

*She claps for the life of the party award*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:31:19 24/10/20

*He grabbed the award and held it out to Dylan* I hear your costume efforts were on point Mr Matthews, keep up the good work *Lambert actually gave him a little wink and chuckling stood to one side after the award was handed over*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:31:20 24/10/20

*Harper clapped, smiling happily as he definitely always seemed to be attending the parties that took place in their tower. She had no idea if he was the life of them but he seemed nice enough*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 21:31:27 24/10/20

*He smiles applauding for Dylan*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:32:12 24/10/20

*Hadley applauded for Clara and then continues to applaud as Dylan is called next. She knew Clara was a hard worker but she had never attended any events to know if Dylan was the life of the party, his peers seemed to think so though*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:33:11 24/10/20

*He laughed, raising his eyebrows as the Headmaster winked. He took his award and beamed happily* The Pumpkinhead was definitely my favourite. Thank you Sir. *He smiles and then heads back to his seat next to Elias*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:35:41 24/10/20

*Elias grinned at him as Dylan rejoined him. He leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.* Well deserved. *He smirks at him.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:36:08 24/10/20

*She waited while Dylan took his seat again before speaking* This next award is definitely one of my favorites and I have to admit I’m completely on board with the choice for who won *Sydnee laughs slightly* This next award is for Biggest Ego and I’m sure majority of you will agree, that it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person *she waited for her standard pause* Bobby Vincent

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:36:59 24/10/20

*She laughs as Bobby’s name is called and grins, clapping loudly for him* Well deserved!

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:37:10 24/10/20

*He bit his lip so he wouldn’t laugh as he clapped for Mister Vincent. Well deserved, indeed.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:37:19 24/10/20

*He clapped pretty loudly this time. He’d not really much liked Bobby at the start of the year, but after the time they’d spent together at Christmas he realised he was actually pretty cool, ego aside of course*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:37:28 24/10/20

*June smirks at the next award, thinking Bobby seemed like a good choice for it. She clapped for him*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:37:39 24/10/20

Of course *He started to laugh, hearing what award Bobby had been given. As nearly always now, he placed his fingers in his mouth and let out a loud wolf whistle* Go Bobby, you got this!

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:37:39 24/10/20

*He looked down to hide his smirk and applauded for the boy.*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:37:46 24/10/20

*He claps loudly and laughs as Lou says what he’s thinking.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:38:03 24/10/20

*She giggled and clapped for the Onyxshadow boy.*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 21:38:07 24/10/20

*He laughs applauding for Bobby as he of course wins this.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:38:12 24/10/20

*Bobby smirked and leaned over to Clara and gave her a kiss on the cheek* My people are calling me to recognise how awesome I am *he laughed and got to his feet holding a hand in the air* Thank you, Thank You. You are too kind *he spun on the spot and continued walking backwards with his arms out to each side basking in the applause. He turned to face the stage and climbed up and sauntered over to the two waiting there for him but not before turning back and quickly bowing to everyone with a massive smirk on his face and then going to Sydnee*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:38:19 24/10/20

*She chuckles while Professor Sydnee announces the next one. She claps and chuckles, knowing she voted for him here too*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:38:21 24/10/20

*He claps along with the others.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:38:24 24/10/20

*Elias busts out laughing and applauds for Bobby. Of all the awards thus far, this one was the most dead-on.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:39:00 24/10/20

*Lois laughed a little and applauded for Bobby*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 21:39:22 24/10/20

*Laughs clapping for Bobby as he gets biggest ego.*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 21:39:35 24/10/20

*she covers her mouth while the category is named to muffle a laugh, watching the Onyxshadow boy collect the award like a boss and is genuinely impressed*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:39:37 24/10/20

*She clapped her hands, laughing at the award Bobby had gotten. She wasn’t even vaguely surprised*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:39:39 24/10/20

*Clara laughs as she shakes her head, knowing fine well it was the only award Bobby had wanted and she fully expected him to win it. She grinned as he kissed her cheek before he headed off. She laughed again as he completely milked it*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:39:47 24/10/20

*She watches the show Bobby was putting on, thinking how appropriate. She chuckled and shook her head, still clapping* Looks like his ego’s growing by the second.

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:40:31 24/10/20

*Knowing everything she knew about Bobby, and that was far too much for her liking, she was absolutely sure that this was an award he would be very proud to receive. She clapped her hands, a little more loudly than she had for some of the other students*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:41:38 24/10/20

*She looks a little surprised as she continues to clap, by the way the sixth year was carrying on, biggest ego seemed appropriate.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:41:46 24/10/20

*Sydnee couldn’t help but laugh, having crossed paths with Bobby several times, even though she hadn’t had to teach him. She handed him the award with a grin* I hope you’ll treasure it.

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:42:38 24/10/20

Every Day *He winked at Sydnee and then grabbed the award from as she handed it him before holding it above his head with one hand whilst raising his other arm up and down for a bigger cheer as he faced everyone again* Thank you! Pleasure as always Sydnee, Bertie *he smirked and quickly jumped off the stage and bowing one more time and letting the award hang loosely in his hand as he returned to his seat*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 21:43:07 24/10/20

*Hadley rested her elbows on the table as she continues to applaud for the winning students. She felt sure that Bobby would be happy with this win, having toiled with teaching him all year*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:44:00 24/10/20

*He continued to laugh at Bobby, never being surprised at the absolutely balls he always had. He clapped some more for him*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:44:10 24/10/20

*Lambert looked from Robert to Sydnee and shook his head. She had warned him about this one earlier in the day but they had more awards to hand out*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:44:38 24/10/20

*Clara leaned forward as Bobby took his seat beside her, she took his face in her hands and kissed him before letting go and shaking her head* You’re ridiculous, you know that? *She smirks at him as she sits back in her seat*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:46:07 24/10/20

*Lois rolled her eyes as Bobby cockily collected his award. She laughed and clapped a little more as he sat back down*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:46:10 24/10/20

*He dropped the award on his lap and savored the kiss from Clara especially after that fucking rush* and you love it *he winked at her and got comfortable*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:46:43 24/10/20

*Lambert cleared his throat and waited for the noise for Robert to die down* Moving swiftly on. Our next award is for Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day *he paused for a moment and with a smile* Which of course goes to Harper Brooks!

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:47:27 24/10/20

*She wolf whistles agains, this time for Harper* That’s our Cake Queen!

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:47:34 24/10/20

*She smiles, clapping for Harper. She didn’t have a lot to do with her, but she knew, that Dakota liked her, so she has to be awesome*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:47:39 24/10/20

*He smiles brightly and claps very loudly and enthusiastically for Harper. She absolutely deserved it.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 21:47:48 24/10/20

*Louise smiles and claps for Harper*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:47:51 24/10/20

*His eyes go wide and he shoots up and claps loudly for Harper. He pauses and puts two fingers in his lips and whistles loudly for her.* GO HARPER! *He beams at her and continues to clap excitedly*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 21:48:05 24/10/20

*Marcus had been stunned by the other boys show boating but when he head Harpers name he clapped loudly*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:48:20 24/10/20

WOOOOOOOO! Go Harper! *She grinned and clapped loudly, giggling at June.* All hail the Cake Queen!

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 21:48:33 24/10/20

*Meira beams clapping loudly for Harper as she gets an award.* YAY HARPER!

Professor Walker Montgomery - 21:48:40 24/10/20

*He smiled warmly thinking Miss Brooks was definitely deserving. He clapped for her.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:49:01 24/10/20

*Her eyes went wide and she looked in absolutely shock. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was the fact she generally carried cake everywhere with her, that made her a reason to brighten up everyone’s day. She laughed at the though, blushed hearing Dakota and then headed up to the Headmaster with a smile*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:49:01 24/10/20

*Lois wolf whistled as Harper was called for her award. She grinned as she clapped and cheered* Go Harps! *She wasn’t even slightly surprised for that one*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:49:07 24/10/20

*He grinned widely and clapped the loudest he had done so far. Harper definitely deserved this, she had made him smile on a number of occasions this year. She was pretty awesome*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:49:13 24/10/20

*Elias grins and claps for Harper.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 21:49:35 24/10/20

*He clapped for Miss Brooks, smiling warmly as her classmates cheered for her. She clearly deserved the award.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 21:49:49 24/10/20

*Delaney clapped for Harper, thinking it was nice that so many students in her house had a good reputation, despite the stigma their traits sometimes seemed to carry*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 21:49:55 24/10/20

*Riley grinned as she cheered for Harper, one of her closest friends.* Yay Harper! *She totally deserved that one, as she always seemed to brighten up Riley’s day*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 21:50:35 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for the Onyxshadow girl, laughing softly as seemingly all the fourth years were on board with that outcome.*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 21:50:36 24/10/20

*She claps, watching Harper go up and wondering if this is the moment. She glances over at Marcus, Meira, and Anais*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 21:50:47 24/10/20

*Dylan clapped his hands for Harper, thinking she seemed deserving of such an award. She had always been super friendly whenever he’d spoken to her and there always seemed to be cake involved too*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 21:50:48 24/10/20

*Lambert picked up the award and held it out to Harper* Congratulations Miss Brooks, it seems that you have really made an impression on everyone. *he smiled at her having heard nothing but good things about this student*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 21:50:56 24/10/20

*Clara glances sideways at Bobby and winks before turning to face the front. She raised her hands above her head and claps for the next award* Congrats Harper!

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:53:28 24/10/20

Thank you Headmaster! *She grins at him, taking the award and looking to Professor Sydnee too* Thank you *she looked out at her friends and grinned before heading back to her seat quickly*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 21:53:42 24/10/20

*She clapped enthusiastically for Harper, she definitely brightened her day plenty of times over the last year so she felt the award was well won*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:54:19 24/10/20

*Bobby cheered for Harper having been distracted by his own award*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:54:39 24/10/20

*Lois poked Harper gently as she came and sat back down. She whispered "booooo" to her and laughed afterwards* I’m joking. Totally deserved. *She grinned*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 21:56:22 24/10/20

*Sydnee smiled at Harper before waiting for her to take a seat, though it occured to her that maybe she should have warned her not to* The next award is Best Personality and this is actually our first tie of the evening. *She paused again before continuing* Can I ask that both Elias Crain AND Harper Brooks, join me up here to collect this joint award. Don’t worry... we have two though, so you don’t need to share.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 21:57:33 24/10/20

*He continues his clapping for Harper, glad that she’s getting recognition for being great.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 21:57:41 24/10/20

*She giggled as Harper sat down only to be called back up with the older TG boy, and clapped again, just as loudly as before.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 21:58:22 24/10/20

*He clapped now for Elias and for Harper as they both got another award this evening*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 21:58:23 24/10/20

*She giggles at Lois booing at her but then heard her name again and started to laugh properly. Harper glanced over at Elias, wondering what to make of them both being awarded for the same thing. She stood, placing her other award under the seat and then made her way back to the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 21:58:23 24/10/20

*She grins and claps for both, Elias and Harper, looking over to Eamonn and then to Lou for a split second. She would have thought one of them would win this one*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 21:58:25 24/10/20

*He smils brightly as Harper gets called again.* Congrats! *He applauds for her and for the boy from his house.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 21:59:20 24/10/20

*Elias narrows his eyes and looks up wondering if there was a bucket of pigs blood or something. This had to be a joke. Harper, sure, he got that. He cautiously stood up and made his way to the front.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 21:59:24 24/10/20

*Lois laughed, quickly booing at Harper again before she went up to collect her second award. She clapped loudly and whistled for them both, happy that some of her favourite people in the school were getting awards.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 21:59:42 24/10/20

*Meira beams clapping loudly for Harper again as she gets another award and for the sixth year she tied with.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 21:59:58 24/10/20

*He grins and claps loudly again for Harper. He definitely thought she deserved this one* Woo! Go Harper!

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:00:04 24/10/20

*Dylan chuckles, looking at Elias and raising his eyebrow* Best personality huh? *he grins cheekily* well that gives me plenty of ammo for future discussions *he placed his fingers in his mouth and let out a loud whistle again before starting to clap* Woo! Go Elias! Woo! *he laughed loudly some more*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:00:11 24/10/20

*Riley cheered loudly for Harper as she was given another award* Yay Harper!! *She giggled*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:00:11 24/10/20

*He claps for Elias and for Harper getting called twice in a row. Clearly she’d made an impression as well.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 22:00:15 24/10/20

*Clara looked surprise how both Elias and Harper could have won the same award as they were so different. She glanced at Bobby for a second and then shrugs while she continues to clap for them both as she was just glad that the people she cared about were getting awards*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 22:00:21 24/10/20

*Grins as she claps for Elias.* Go Elias!

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 22:01:04 24/10/20

*He grins applauding for Elias and Harper.*

Fourth Year Anais Levett - 22:01:15 24/10/20

*She clapped enthusiastically for both Elias and Harper, her friend and someone from her house, how cool is that?*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 22:01:21 24/10/20

*She grins and claps loudly for Elias winning again* Wooo!

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:01:31 24/10/20

*He applauded Mister Crain and Miss Brooks. He smiled as again it seemed the awards were well-deserved, as their classmates cheered enthusiastically for them.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 22:01:59 24/10/20

*Delaney claps again, this time equally for Harper and Elias. She liked them both a lot for completely different reasons and could see why they would both get the same award, despite being so very different*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 22:02:13 24/10/20

*She chuckles at Harper winning another, not surprised. June claps enthusiastically again for her*

Professor Hadley Brooker - 22:02:42 24/10/20

*Hadley applauds once again for Harper collecting a second award, along with Elias also collecting a second award. It was wonderful seeing all their fellow classmates being so supportive*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:03:40 24/10/20

*Sydnee passed an award to Harper and then another to Elias* Congratulations to you both

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 22:03:53 24/10/20

*she shifts her weight from one leg to the other, politely clapping for the kids who walk up and collect their awards, wondering if it would be too rude to just slip out of the hall mid ceremony. She decides for a yes and leans against the wall again*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:04:17 24/10/20

*Harper took her award with a smile* Thank you again! *She was still feeling nervous but it was also feeling a little surreal. She headed back to her seat again*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:06:21 24/10/20

*Elias took the award and smiled at Sydnee.* Thanks! *He grinned at Harper, then bit his lip and tried his best to stop himself from making a joke about the whole thing. He nodded to Sydnee and Lambert before heading back to his seat.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:08:55 24/10/20

*Lambert waited for the joint winners of Elias and Harper to sit back down before going for the next award* Next up we have Most Huggable. Now I can’t speak of this but apparently this award needs to go to Dylan Matthews!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:09:45 24/10/20

*He laughs softly, thinking this one was kind of a strange award, but claps anyway.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:10:05 24/10/20

*She giggled and clapped her hands.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 22:10:25 24/10/20

*Chuckles but smiles at Dylan as he wins this one.* Congrats, Dylan!

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 22:10:25 24/10/20

*She grins for Dylan and claps, thinking she should get more hugs off him*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:10:41 24/10/20

*Dylan laughed again, starting to think that some of these awards were actually ridiculous. Sure he’d sort of gotten a reputation for going around hugging people but he wasn’t sure that made him the best at it. Just the most happy to do it. He stood up and headed towards where the Headmaster was*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:11:08 24/10/20

*Elias was barely at his seat before he heard Henderson say Dylan and grinned.* Now this one definitely went to the right person. *He smirked at Dylan and clapped loudly.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 22:11:08 24/10/20

*Lois smiled as Dylan was called for the award. She clapped and cheered loudly, knowing he definitely deserved that*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 22:11:26 24/10/20

*She claps loudly for Dylan, cheering again as he gets called up to the stage. She has never hugged him and it was very unlikely that she ever would, as the only person she actually hugged was Iona and lately Lou, but could absolutely understand why people would like to do that*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:11:28 24/10/20

*He claps for the older boy.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:11:40 24/10/20

*He claps politely for Dylan*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:12:17 24/10/20

Again Congratulations Mr Matthews *Smiling he handed over the award to Dylan once he had come up but didn’t have any words of wisdom on hugging*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:12:32 24/10/20

*He clapped politely for Mister Matthews.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:12:52 24/10/20

*He lets out a laugh and claps for Dylan, thinking that was a strange award, but glad it at least went to a Sapphirelaker.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:14:20 24/10/20

*Riley clapped and smiled as Dylan was given the award*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:14:34 24/10/20

*He was still laughing as he heard the Headmaster congratulate him and the whole buzz of tonight was definitely something he was loving for a change. He held out his arms to the Headmaster* Want to bring it in for a hug, Sir? *he grinned at him cheekily, part joking but more than prepared to hug Lambert if he took him up on it*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:14:53 24/10/20

*Harper clapped for Dylan, thinking she would have to try and snag a hug from him at some point*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:16:48 24/10/20

Another time perhaps *He shook his head and laughed having been caught off guard by that one*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:17:24 24/10/20

*He laughs at the Headmaster, not sure if he was disappointed or relieved. He headed back to his seat with the award*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:20:11 24/10/20

*Sydnee watches as Dylan heads back to his seat, thinking she would have hugged him, had he asked - even if Lambert was a stick in the mud* The next award is for Most Talkative and again, we have a joint award for this. Both the winners are Fourth Years, so if Meira Nova and Clementine Feher could please come and join us to collect their awards.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:21:09 24/10/20

*He claps for Meira and Clem* Woo!

Fourth Year June Mercier - 22:21:42 24/10/20

*June claps for Meira and Clem, thinking that tie was fair*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:21:56 24/10/20

*Riley clapped for her friends from her year as they were called for their awards*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:21:58 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for Meira and Clem, thinking they both definitely deserve it.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:22:16 24/10/20

*She gave out a loud cheer for both of her friends* Woohoo! Well done Meira, well done Clem!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:22:17 24/10/20

*He claps for the two Rubyblaze girls.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:22:20 24/10/20

*He chuckles and claps for the girls, thinking they definitely got the right one here.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 22:22:22 24/10/20

*She claps for the fourth year girls*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 22:22:24 24/10/20

*Meira looks startled for a moment as her name was called for an award before breaking out into a large smile. *Oh my gosh! *She jumps up from her seat looking at Clem* Way to go, Clem! *She laughs going to the stage with Clem.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:22:25 24/10/20

*She giggled as the award was announced and grinned brightly at Meira, hopping up and waiting for her to go up to the stage together with her. She smiled brightly at Professor Sydnee.* That’s us for sure!

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:23:03 24/10/20

You too! *She grinned excitedly at Meira.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:23:26 24/10/20

*He chuckles a little as he applauds. The two of them were always talking. It was what he was sure lead to the Rubyblaze common room always having a constant background noise. Not ideal for studying, but he didn’t mind and considered both the girls friends*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:23:51 24/10/20

*He chewed at his lip again to hold back his laughter as he applauded, thinking both girls definitely deserved this one. He smiled warmly at them as they made their way to the stage.*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 22:23:53 24/10/20

*He grins clapping loudly for Meira and Clementine proud that two students from his house tied for an award and chuckling cause they definitely earned this one.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:24:38 24/10/20

*Sydnee smiles at the two girls, handing out an award to them each* Congratulations to both of you.

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:26:03 24/10/20

Thank you so much! *She all but yelled it, super excited and enthusiastic, as she beamed at Professor Sydnee and took one of the awards, grinning at Meira and then at the crowd of students before heading back down.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 22:27:39 24/10/20

*Meira beams at Professor Sydnee taking the offer award from her.* Yes thank you so much! *She gives an excited wave to the room* Thanks everyone! *She then grins as she leaves the platform with Clem and heads back to her seat.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 22:27:41 24/10/20

*Meira beams at Professor Sydnee taking the offer award from her.* Yes thank you so much! *She gives an excited wave to the room* Thanks everyone! *She then grins as she leaves the platform with Clem and heads back to her seat.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:27:55 24/10/20

*Lambert clapped for the two girls and picked up the next award* Next we have best nickname and he might as well have stayed here least time I spoke because we need the D-Man to come back up! *he chuckled and looked over at Dylan as he waited with his next award*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 22:28:36 24/10/20

*She grins and claps for D-Man*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 22:28:58 24/10/20

*She chuckles and claps*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:29:17 24/10/20

*Riley laughed a little, slightly amused, but clapped for Dylan anyway*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:29:30 24/10/20

*Isaac claps again for Dylan*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 22:29:34 24/10/20

*Bobby clapped for Dylan and shook his head. He reached down after a moment and squeezed Clara’s hand with a smile*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 22:29:38 24/10/20

GO D-MAN! *Lois chuckled as she clapped and cheered loudly for Dylan*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:29:46 24/10/20

Oh my god.. *Dylan slides down in his chair, placing his hand over his face. He was thoroughly embarrassed to have accidentally given himself this nickname and it had somehow stuck. He shook his head a little but decided it would be worse to have to be told twice to get up and so instead he got up, less than enthusiastically, making his way to the front*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:29:50 24/10/20

*He laughs and claps, wondering if the Headmaster saying a nickname might cause it to go out of style all of a sudden.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:29:57 24/10/20

*Elias bites his lip and claps for Dylan.* Go D-Man! *He grins at him.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:30:22 24/10/20

*She grins and claps for Dylan, though giggled at the nickname as the headmaster said it.*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:30:33 24/10/20

*He claps politely.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:31:09 24/10/20

*He lets out a giggle and claps for Dylan*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:31:30 24/10/20

*He clapped for Mister Matthews, despite thinking he had so far seemed to win the oddest awards.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 22:32:53 24/10/20

*Can’t help laughing as she claps for Dylan.* Way to go D-man!

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 22:33:26 24/10/20

*He claps for Dylan.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:35:38 24/10/20

*Lambert held out the award to Dylan and chuckled* Congratulations D-Man *He smirked at Dylan wondering how he even got the nickname in the first place*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 22:36:09 24/10/20

*She claps for another award, glancing around at the others around her*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:36:23 24/10/20

*He shook his head a little and mumbled "thanks" before taking the award and heading back to his seat*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:36:29 24/10/20

*Elias clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from looking too amused at the whole situation.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:37:38 24/10/20

The next award this evening is for Cutest Couple *Sydnee laughs, wondering if it was strange that a school would give out awards for such things. But then before today, they had just been yearbook awards* The winners of Cutest Couple are Dylan Matthews and Elias Crain, come on up.

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:38:24 24/10/20

*He claps again for Dylan and Elias. They definitely deserved this one.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 22:39:20 24/10/20

*Lois cheered loudly, not surprised that they had won that. In her head, she tried to come up with a couple name to yell out but couldn’t come up with much good. Dylias? Good enough* GO DYLIAS! *That sounded stupid out loud. She chuckled and continued cheering*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 22:39:22 24/10/20

*She smiles as Dylan and Elias are called out as the cutest couple, and awwwing a little, she claps, while a genuine grin creeps up to her face*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:39:26 24/10/20

*She giggled and clapped for the two older boys. They really were a cute couple.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 22:39:55 24/10/20

*She clapped loudly for her friends* Woo!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:39:59 24/10/20

*He claps politely again, this time for the couple.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 22:40:01 24/10/20

*Laughs now as Dylan is barely off the stage before called back up but smiles happy that him and Elias won.* Congrats both of you!

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:41:13 24/10/20

*Riley clapped politely for the two of them, having seen them around and thinking that they deserved it*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:41:57 24/10/20

*Despite being embarrassed from the last award, and now a little embarrassed from so many awards, Dylan was definitely proud to be with Elias. He held out his hand to him with a smile, standing up and then making his way to the Headmaster yet again*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:43:03 24/10/20

*Elias looked over at Dylan, thinking this was a weird award to be called up in front of the whole school for. He raised his eyebrows as he stood up and took Dylan’s hand with a smile. He glanced around the room with a grin as he made his way up to the front, hand in hand with Dylan.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:43:09 24/10/20

*He clapped for Mister Crain and Mister Matthews, smiling kindly at them as they moved again to the stage to accept the award.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:43:11 24/10/20

*Harper starts to clap for Dylan and Elias, agreeing that they did make a cute couple*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 22:43:47 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for the boys as they made their way up to the front.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:44:56 24/10/20

*Sydnee smiled at the two of them, handing them an award each* Congratulations. You’re certainly a very handsome couple *she winks at them playfully*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:49:52 24/10/20

*He gave Professor Sydnee a smile, taking the award* Thank you Professor *he made his way back to his seat with Elias*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:50:32 24/10/20

*Lambert watched boys leave with a smile and moved on* So we go from Cutest Couple to Couple that Never was *he looked down at the notes and chuckled* and of course this goes to our King and Queen of all the balls. Harper Brooks and Dakota Ballard!

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:51:03 24/10/20

*Elias smiled at Sydnee as he took the award that was handed him.* Thanks, Professor. *He smiled at her, though he chuckled at the situation and how awkward it all was. He was still just happy to be up there with Dylan. He nods and heads back to his seat with Dylan.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 22:51:28 24/10/20

*Lois laughed before cheering for Harper and Dakota as they were deemed as the cutest couple that never was. She grinned and clapped and cheered for them both*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 22:51:58 24/10/20

*Riley clapped and cheered for Harper and Dakota. She definitely agreed that they deserved to win that one.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 22:52:09 24/10/20

*She giggled loudly as Harper and Dakota were called. That one was spot on for sure. She clapped.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:52:26 24/10/20

*His eyes immediately go wide and he looks directly at Harper. He lets out a little laugh and stands up and walks over to her* My queen? *He bows with a flourish and holds out his hand to help her up*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 22:52:46 24/10/20

*She claps for Dakota and Harper, raising her eyebrows, having had thought they actually were a couple*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 22:52:49 24/10/20

*Marcus clapped for Dakota and Harper grinning though he had assumed they were already a couple*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 22:52:53 24/10/20

*He smiles as he claps for Dakota and Harper, thinking that one was definitely earned by their ball royalty wins alone.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:53:21 24/10/20

*Harper blushed slightly, hearing her name yet again, but pleased that it was at least with Dakota. It had been weird this evening, getting up on the stage without him as she was so used to the Balls. She stood, not really sure if they would head up together or separately but then grinned as he came over to her. She grabbed his hand gratefully and headed up to the stage with him*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:53:41 24/10/20

*He not even sure if he should be clapping for this one and looks a little confused*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 22:53:44 24/10/20

*Meira beams clapping loudly* Woo! Go Harper and Dakota!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 22:53:57 24/10/20

*He’d thought the pair that always went to balls together was already a couple, and he applauds, as it was obviously deserved.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 22:54:31 24/10/20

*He clapped his hands for Dakota and Harper, having assumed they were a couple but apparently not*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 22:54:53 24/10/20

*She looked confused by the winners of that one, wondering if she misinterpreted the category, but claps*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 22:54:57 24/10/20

*Elias grinned and clapped for the two kids. He thought they were cute, though a little surprised they weren’t actually a couple.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 22:55:22 24/10/20

*He applauded for Mister Ballard and Miss Brooks, wondering vaguely how so many of the students agreed on these sorts of things.*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 22:56:14 24/10/20

*June claps for Harper and Dakota*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 22:56:16 24/10/20

*Lambert grinned as they came up and handed them an award each* Congratulations. Perhaps an award upgrade in the future? Hmmm? *he chuckled and smiled and stepped to one side again so Sydnee could present the next one*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 22:58:05 24/10/20

*He walked up with Harper and went red as the Headmaster handed him the award* Uh, perhaps a.. *He blinked a few times and went even redder, then looked at Harper and grinned. He was just happy to be there with her. He waited for her to get her award before walking back to their seats*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 22:58:52 24/10/20

*She raised her eyebrows at what the Headmaster said, taking the award, shooting Dakota a look and then making her way back to her seat without saying a word*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 22:58:57 24/10/20

*Sydnee chuckles at Lambert suggesting the two fourth years couple up in future and wondered if that’s something they should be doing. She waited for them to sit back down before presenting the next award* The next award if for Most Likely to become a Galleonaire. And the winner is... *she paused briefly* Elias Crain.

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 22:59:52 24/10/20

*He claps again for Elias, not really having known who to even vote for in this category*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:00:00 24/10/20

*He claps again for Elias, thinking that sounded about right.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:00:25 24/10/20

*She claps for Elias, sure she voted for him in this category*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:00:37 24/10/20

*She clapped loudly even though she hadn’t known who to vote for for this one.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:00:56 24/10/20

*Lois cheered for Elias, knowing she wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. She grinned and clapped her hands, noticing how much her hands were now aching despite Harper’s advice*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 23:01:05 24/10/20

*Grins clapping for Elias.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:01:10 24/10/20

*she claps for Elias and scratches her nose as she stops*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:01:23 24/10/20

*He claps politely.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 23:01:35 24/10/20

*His eyebrows raised a little at the award Elias was getting, hoping that wasn’t a sore spot. Considering his family had money once and now didn’t, it was perhaps more of a kick in the face than a reason to celebrate. But then again, clearly they all thought he could make his way back to it. Dylan smiled at him reassuringly and clapped his hands*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:01:59 24/10/20

*Bobby claps for Elias figuring one of them deserved to get rich at some point and if it wasn’t him he guessed Elias would do*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:02:04 24/10/20

*Elias’ face dropped when he heard his name called for this award. He glanced around and ran a hand through his hair and looking at Dylan for strength before standing and heading up to the front. He managed a smile at Sydnee and nodded to her and Lambert before turning and walking back to his seat.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:02:31 24/10/20

*He clapped again for Mister Crain, glancing discreetly at his watch.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 23:03:04 24/10/20

*Sydnee passed the award to Elias, sensing he was less than enthusiastic about the award but smiling anyway*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:03:44 24/10/20

*He watches as Elias heads back to his seat and grabs one of the final three awards from the table* Next up we have Most Likely to Become MoM, but don’t tell Minister Thornton *he chuckled* Maybe this is why nothing happened the other month? Too young still *He shook his head and decided to stop waffling* The award goes to Harper Brooks!

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:04:46 24/10/20

*He claps loudly for Harper, thinking she would make a great Minister of Magic*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:04:57 24/10/20

*She giggled as Harper won yet another one. She’d already organised the cake thing, so this one seemed appropriate of everyone she actually knew in the school. She cheered, grinning.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:05:07 24/10/20

*Harper actually laughed this time, hearing her name called for this award. It had only been a few weeks ago that she had been joking about being Minister of Cakes, but she would totally take Minister of Magic. She jumped up from her seat and headed over to the Headmaster, suddenly making a plan in her head*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:05:18 24/10/20

*He claps loudly for Harper, thinking the award suited her well.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:05:37 24/10/20

*She claps for Harper again*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:05:43 24/10/20

*Meira beams as Harper wins this award and claps loudly.* Woo! Go Harper!

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:05:48 24/10/20

*Lois was slightly shocked at first that Harper won this one, but on a second thought knew this one was perfect for her.* GO HARPS! *She grinned, loudly clapping for Harper as she collected her award*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:06:14 24/10/20

*He claps again, smiling though he was wondering how many awards were left. It felt like there shouldn’t be too many more, right?*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 23:06:22 24/10/20

*Harper certainly had the ambition to be Minister of Magic. He claps along with everyone else*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:06:29 24/10/20

*Lambert held the award and waited for Harper to join him with a patient and polite smile* Congratulations Minister. *he chuckled to himself and held the award in her direction as she came up*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:06:58 24/10/20

*Riley grinned and clapped loudly for Harper*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 23:06:59 24/10/20

*Marcus of course clapped for this one. It was like it was meant to be. Go Minister of Cake!*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:07:00 24/10/20

*He clapped for Miss Brooks. It seemed an appropriate award, especially considering for how many of these her classmates were clearly supportive of her.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:07:01 24/10/20

*Harper heads up onto the stage, accepting the award and saying thank you to the Headmaster. She pauses for a moment, before addressing the whole of the school* First of all, I would like to start by saying thank you so much for all the awards I have been nominated for. I honestly didn’t expect to get any, let alone four. However as this last award was for Most Likely to become Minister of Magic, I feel like it is the perfect opportunity and platform to launch myself into this career path. *She pauses again, reaching into her robes and pulling out a long scroll of parchment, with which she then turns to the Headmaster and Professor Sydnee to address* For the last few weeks, myself and my friends have been working tirelessly to put together a petition for everyone to sign. Our petition outlines a proposal for a National Cake Day, to be celebrated within Deckleswood School. The proposed day for National Cake Day, would be May 10th, as this is my birthday and I love cake *she blushes slightly, because she suddenly felt a little vain, requesting the National Day to be on her birthday, but also knowing it was as good a day as any. And if anything she was offering to share her own special day, with a day that could be special for everyone*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 23:07:05 24/10/20

*June smiles and claps for Harper again*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:07:05 24/10/20

The day itself wouldn’t really require you to do anything extra, other than agree to acknowledge the day officially. I have spoken with the team of House Elves in the kitchen and they would be more than happy to provide a variety of cakes throughout the day, suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner *Harper took a deep breath, her nerves finally feeling a little more under control. She held out the petition to the Headmaster and then continued* I present you with a fully signed petition, from every single student, right through to every single Professor. Every single person in the school is behind this motion. So please Headmaster, I speak for the whole school when I ask if you could consider our proposal and perhaps let us know what you think. *She shifted awkwardly on the spot, not now sure if she should just leave with her award, or wait to see what the Headmaster would say*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 23:07:25 24/10/20

*she rubs her temples, trying to remember, if the opening ceremony lasted this long too, or was it her being much later, or the excitement she felt about the first day of work*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 23:08:37 24/10/20

*Marcus’ eyes widened as she spoke. She was actually doing it!!*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 23:08:55 24/10/20

*Upon hearing Harper use this award for the cake cause, June’s eyes widen and she smiles more. She gets up on her feet and starts a slow clap, speeding it up slowly and hoping everyone joins in* Cake... Cake... Cake!

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 23:09:47 24/10/20

*He claps his hands for Harper and then chuckles, thinking she was probably braver than he had given her credit for*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:09:49 24/10/20

*He hears June and stands up and starts slow clapping with her* Cake... Cake.. Cake!

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:10:29 24/10/20

*Elias claps for Harper and lets out a chuckle at her proposal.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:11:05 24/10/20

*She giggled, and stood to clap with June and Dakota.* Cake.. Cake... Cake!!!

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 23:11:07 24/10/20

*Delaney couldn’t help but look both shocked and surprised as she heard Harper’s speech. She clapped her hands together and was almost tempted to join in the cake chant*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:11:25 24/10/20

*Lois’ eyes widened as Harper began her speech. She wasn’t really expecting it but at the same time knew it was very on brand for Harper. She rolled her eyes playfully and clapped for her, before noticing some of the fourth years beginning to chant the word "cake" over and over. She laughed to herself quietly before whistling and then joining in with the chant* Cake... Cake.. Cake!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:11:46 24/10/20

*He joins in the cake chant but from his seat, clapping along. His signature was the first on the petition, so he couldn’t NOT do it.* Cake... Cake.. Cake!

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:11:48 24/10/20

*Lambert was really taken back by Harper’s sudden speech on cake of all things. He took the parchment from her hand and looked it over. She had indeed got a fully formed and signed proposal here from every student and professor. He chuckled as he read the names off wondering how they had kept it quiet from him for the last few weeks. He raised a hand at the chanting students ushering them into silence.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:11:57 24/10/20

*She starts clapping slowly, joining in the cake call* cake... cake... cake... *She chuckles*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:12:06 24/10/20

*Louise chuckles at Harper’s speech and hears the fourth year’s chanting cake. She glances up at Jordan and laughs before joining in* Cake! Cake! Cake!

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:12:14 24/10/20

*Riley raised an eyebrow, shocked and having not been expecting the speech or the chant to happen. She laughed before joining in* Cake.. Cake.. Cake!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:12:37 24/10/20

*He claps along with the cake chanters but says nothing, laughing softly instead and quieting down when the headmaster motions to them all.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 23:12:51 24/10/20

*Isaac just laughs at Harper. He’d signed that petition and was all for anything to do with cake. Hopefully it could be a thing next year*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:13:07 24/10/20

*Lambert placed the parchment on the podium and pulled a quill and ink bottle from his pocket. Uncorking the ink he dipped the quill into it and then added his own signature at the bottom of the page before handing it back to Harper with a wink* Let there Be Cake...? *he chuckled softly and shook his head still surprised by this ambush*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:13:09 24/10/20

*He bit back another laugh, clapping as the students chanted and glancing at the Headmaster to see his reaction to all of this.*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:13:20 24/10/20

*Meira’s eyes widened before a huge grin forms as Harper spoke up about cake day and laughs joining the chanting.* Cake! Cake! Cake!

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:14:04 24/10/20

Woooooooooo! Way to go, Harper! *She giggled and shouted out when the Headmaster signed the petition.* Cake! Cake! Cake!

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:14:13 24/10/20

*Bobby shook his head at the kids. He had signed it but he wasn’t chanting stuff about it. Cake was great but Cake was Cake*

School Nurse Daniela Santacruz - 23:14:14 24/10/20

*she sighs and rubs her temples, as she didn’t get a lot of sleep tonight. She slips out of the hall and heads up to her room, hoping nothing stupid will happen during the ceremony*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 23:14:28 24/10/20

*June throws her hands up when Henderson agrees to it, turning to see the others and cheering loudly* Wooo!!! We did it!! *She turns back to see Harper and thrusts her fist into the air at their victory*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:15:28 24/10/20

*He clears his throat and hides his grin behind his hand as he hears the students chant. He looks over at Lambert and chuckled as he signed his name as well. He idly wondered if this how every end of year celebration would be.*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:15:29 24/10/20

*Harper stared at them all wide-eyed as they started to chant "cake" and then she grinned widely out at everyone there. Her heart was beating so fast and she was a little worried she might pass out but she tried to focus on what the Headmaster was doing. She grinned even wider as he signed her petition* Thank you so much Headmaster! You have made the people very happy *She gave him a wink and then headed quickly back to her seat before she ran out of adrenalin*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:15:47 24/10/20

*He stands up when the headmaster actually signs it, applauding and cheering with the others.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:15:49 24/10/20

*Riley cheered as the headmaster signed the petition* Woo! Go Harper! *She grinned widely at her friends*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:16:10 24/10/20

YEAH! *He cheered loudly as the Headmaster signed the petition* Go Harper!

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:16:39 24/10/20

*He stepped to one side and looked at Sydnee with a chuckle letting her wrap up her final award before he did his*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:17:24 24/10/20

*Lois laughed and cheered loudly* YEAH! GO HARPS! WOOOO!

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 23:17:26 24/10/20

*Marcus cheered as well and gave Harper a thumbs up*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:17:29 24/10/20

*Meira let’s out a loud cheer as the Headmaster agrees.* WOO!!! WAY TO GO CAKE QUEEN HARPER!! *She laughs excited everything had worked.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 23:17:35 24/10/20

*Delaney laughed softly, clapping as the Headmaster put his signature on the petition and assuming that meant there was now a National Cake Day*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:18:09 24/10/20

*He chuckles but grins thrilled for the kids getting their cake day thinking it was a great idea applauding their hard work.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:18:19 24/10/20

*Elias looked around the room, wondering if he missed something why everyone was so excited about cake. He shook his head and laughed at everyone’s reaction.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:18:50 24/10/20

*He raised one hand to cover his mouth to hide his laughter as Headmaster Henderson actually signed the petition. The students had truly ambushed him, and it was a good play.*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 23:19:13 24/10/20

*Sydnee laughs, watching everything that went on and thinking there was always something when it came to Deckleswood. Nothing ever went completely as planned. As Harper took her seat, she waited for the commotion to die down and then began with the penultimate award* The next award is for Most Likely to Win House Points. And the winner goes to... Dakota Ballard, coincidentally this year’s Trivia Master winner also.

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:20:19 24/10/20

*Riley cheered loudly for Dakota as he was awarded most likely to win house points. As someone from his house, she knew that was definitely true. She clapped loudly even though her hands tingled*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:20:25 24/10/20

*He clapped for Mister Ballard. Well deserved for trivia alone, as he had swept more than one in the past year.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:20:36 24/10/20

*She cheers for Dakota, clapping loudly* YEAH! Trivia master! Wooo-hooo!

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:20:43 24/10/20

*He grins and claps loudly for Dakota.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:20:44 24/10/20

*She cheered for Dakota, clapping her hands loudly as he was called for the next award.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:20:59 24/10/20

*Bobby rolled his eyes. Of course it was that kid, always winning the trivia and just being way too fast and clever at everything*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:21:12 24/10/20

*Harper grins, hearing Dakota’s name being called and she clapped loudly, suddenly deciding she would stand then and clap some more* Woo go Dakota!

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:21:17 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps for Dakota, not sure how he did it, since Martin couldn’t really handle the stress of the trivias, having only attended the first.*

Fourth Year June Mercier - 23:21:18 24/10/20

*June claps for Dakota*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 23:21:54 24/10/20

*Dylan clapped his hands loudly and then let out a whistle for his fellow housemate. He was absolutely sure Dakota was the only reason they had done so well this year for points*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 23:22:00 24/10/20

*Isaac claps for Dakota, having been impressed at how he’d done during Trivia evenings*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:22:03 24/10/20

Way to go! *It was the first award he’d actually spoken up for, but Dakota deserved it. He really was a beast at all those trivias.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:22:26 24/10/20

*He beams as he hears Professor Sydnee say his name. He hops up from his seat and hurries up to where she was at. He grinned at her* Thanks! *He rubbed the back of his neck and went a little red at all the attention. He was fine when it was with Harper, but on his own, he was a bit nervous*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:22:32 24/10/20

*Louise claps for Dakota, not surprised he was the winner of this one*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:23:20 24/10/20

*Meira beams clapping as Dakota wins this award.* Go Dakota!

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 23:24:01 24/10/20

*Sydnee handed the award to Dakota and smiled* Good job this year Dakota. Sapphirelake are lucky to have you.

Fourth Year June Mercier - 23:25:11 24/10/20

*June stops clapping and decides to quietly slip out before the end of the ceremony now that the cake mission had been a success*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:25:29 24/10/20

*He beams at Professor Sydnee. He looks over at Professor Montgomery and puffs his chest out. He looks back at Sydnee* Thank you! It’s the best house, so I’m lucky to be in Sapphirelake! *He chuckles and heads back to his seat with his award*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:26:13 24/10/20

*He picked up the final award once Dakota had gone and smiled* The final award for tonight is Most Likely to Lose House Points. I won’t leave you hanging too much on this one so the winner is *he paused for dramatic effect* Aliyah Maru!

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:27:10 24/10/20

*He laughs softly as the last award is presented, clapping even though it wasn’t exactly a nice one.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:27:36 24/10/20

*Lois raised an eyebrow at first, before laughing and clapping for her friend Aliyah, really unsure whether this one was an insult or not*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:27:37 24/10/20

*She grins and claps for Aliyah. She didn’t know her that well, but she could guess, that this was an award for her*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:27:39 24/10/20

*She giggled and clapped her hands for the last award, not having known who to vote for in this one, either.*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:27:54 24/10/20

*He claps, despite thinking it was an odd thing to win an award for.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:27:59 24/10/20

*Louise chuckles and pulls a face, clapping for Aliyah but also thinking that was a weird note to end on* Go.. Liya!

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:28:58 24/10/20

*Elias looks over at Aliyah and smirks.* You didn’t even lose house points though? *He nudges her and starts clapping for her anyway.* Just most likely to? *He had an awkward award earlier too so hoped she would take it in stride.*

Fourth Year Isaac Hamilton - 23:29:14 24/10/20

*Isaac politely claps, glad that the awards were just about done with finally*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 23:30:00 24/10/20

*Groans as she’s actually called up for an award not caring she was voted winner for this particular award. Rolls her eyes a little but chuckles as she stands up.* Future prediction maybe. *Smirks at Elias before heading up to go get her award.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:30:14 24/10/20

*He grimaced slightly at the last award category but clapped anyway, giving Miss Maru a warm smile as she came up to collect the award.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:30:45 24/10/20

*He held out the award to Aliyah with a chuckle* Congratulations? Maybe *he shook his head. It was an odd one*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:30:58 24/10/20

*He took a sharp breath in and wasn’t sure he should actually clap for this. He glances at Theo, then looks back at Miss Maru and smiles warmly at her and claps as she approaches.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:32:14 24/10/20

*He claps politely for Aliyah. He glanced down at his award then looks back at her collecting hers*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 23:32:59 24/10/20

*Catches slight Moss and Montgomery smiling at her and finds herself giving a bit of a smile back. After all no doubt without their intervening at the start of the year she probably would have really earned this award. Still she turns to Henderson and chuckles.* Thanks. I’ll see if I can break it in properly next year. *She smirks before laughing as she accepts the award before heading back down to her table.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:33:25 24/10/20

*Lambert watched and smiled Aliyah left and waited a moment for the applause to die down. Once it had he took to the podium once again and cleared his throat* and with that final Award we conclude this section of proceedings tonight. We only have two items left, I know you’re all keen for the biggest one, news on the winner of the house cup *he chuckled feeling the excitement in the room to find out the winner* but before I announce that there is one very serious and important announcement I wish to make first.

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:34:18 24/10/20

*She looks at the headmaster a little puzzled, wondering what he was going to say now*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:35:14 24/10/20

*Elias smirked at Aliyah as she took her seat again then looked at Lambert, wondering what else was going on.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:35:18 24/10/20

*When Miss Maru went to take her seat again, he glanced at Walker, grimacing slightly at him but then smiling again, glad she had not actually earned that award after all. He glanced back at the headmaster as he continued speaking.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:35:44 24/10/20

*She finished clapping for Liya and focused on the headmaster*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:35:55 24/10/20

*He stepped out from the podium and approached the front of the stage clapping his hands together with a grin* As you’ll know Deckleswood has for a number of years kept a strictly low number of classes that we deem to fit under the umbrella of "Practical Magic". In the past this included other subjects that have since gone but we have never really added to this core group. *he moved his hands and held them behind his back and took a deep breath* However starting from September this will change. As our current students I thought you should be the first to know that from the start September 161AVD Deckleswood will be expanding the subjects it offers not by one, but by three additional practical subjects.

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:36:10 24/10/20

*He finishes clapping and goes quiet to listen to the headmaster’s announcement.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:36:59 24/10/20

*She widens her eyes and somehow slightly opens her mouth, forgetting to close it as the headmaster talks*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:37:00 24/10/20

*Bobby groaned at the mention of more classes*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:37:00 24/10/20

*He sits up a little straighter and glances at Sydnee as Lambert makes his announcements.*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:37:01 24/10/20

*Her eyes went wide at the start of the announcement and for once she went quiet, listening avidly to the headmaster.*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 23:37:14 24/10/20

*Dylan raises his eyebrow, interested to know what new subjects would be taught*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:37:21 24/10/20

*Clara squeezes Bobby’s hand as she listens to Henderson’s announcement. She raises her eyebrows as he mentions the addition of three extra subjects, half wondering if she’d be eligible to take them*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:37:43 24/10/20

*His eyes go wide hearing the option of three more classes for OWL year*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:38:03 24/10/20

*He listens carefully as the headmaster makes his announcement, inwardly excited at the thought of more potential subjects.*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:38:44 24/10/20

*He cleared his throat and carried on* First off we are reintroducing an old class and a previous subject Professor. No its not Muggle Studies *he chuckled and glanced at Sydnee with a grin*. We are going to be reintroducing Divination taught once more by Deputy Headmistress Sydnee Balfour-Ayres *he threw a hand out and motioned over to her with a grin and quickly continued on* The second subject is again being taken by a current member of staff. Professor Walker Montgomery *he motioned to Walker now* has kindly agreed to teach Herbology in additions to his work with Potions since it is already heavily involved in his class. *he smiled and offered Walker a nod before turning back to the students in front again*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:38:47 24/10/20

*Meira’s eyes widened in shock and then excitement hearing their were going to be three new classes next year.* Oh my gosh! *She bounced a little in her seat now eager to hear what new subjects they were going to have.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:40:06 24/10/20

*Her eyes lit up at the mention of Divination and she glanced at Sydnee as she listened to the announcement*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:40:07 24/10/20

*He raises his eyebrows and smiles at Sydnee then looks at Lambert. He returns his nod and looks out over the student body, trying to gauge their reactions.*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 23:40:15 24/10/20

*He listens with interest as the Headmaster talks about new classes being added.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:40:25 24/10/20

*He smiled toward Sydnee and Walker as the headmaster introduced their new subjects, mouthing "Good luck," to Walker, as he would have quite the workload on his hands next year, after barely even getting a break this summer.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:40:40 24/10/20

*She smirks slightly as she hears Bobby groan about extra classes*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:40:50 24/10/20

Finally *he continued as he resumed his previous spot* we are going to be introducing a subject that the school hasn’t seen since the late forties AVD. We have decided that now is the time that we finally put use to all this green space around the school and bring back the Care of Magical Creatures subject! *he nodded a couple of times with a smile as he looked for their reactions* Taking this class will be a brand new Professor called Naima Rosario who we will get to welcome in the Opening Ceremony in the new school year. But for now a round of applause for Professors Sydnee and Montgomery in their new positions *he brought his hands together and started the clapping assuming the students would follow suit*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 23:40:50 24/10/20

*Sydnee smiles, feeling excited at the thought of teaching Divination again next year*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:41:23 24/10/20

*He was actually quite excited about the thought of an actual Herbology class. It might not be his strongest part of Potions, but more focus on it might help with that.*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:41:26 24/10/20

*He grins looking from Sydnee to Walker as the news about their subjects was shared and then the rest. He grins clapping loudly for them.*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 23:41:38 24/10/20

*Marcus clapped when instructed to by the Headmaster*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:41:58 24/10/20

*He smiles and claps enthusiastically.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:42:12 24/10/20

*Riley clapped for her head of house and the deputy head as they were announced as having new subjects to teach. She grinned at the thought of new options for classes*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:42:22 24/10/20

*She grins and claps really excitedly. She would LOVE to take Care of Magical Creatures, but the others were cool too.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:42:30 24/10/20

*Bobby glanced at Clara wondering if this meant they’d have less time together as he was sure she might be interested in them if they were allowed as Seventh Years. He squeezed her hand back as it was a thought for another day*

Deputy Head Sydnee Balfour-Ayres - 23:42:46 24/10/20

*She chuckles softly at the applause but claps too, more for Walker than for herself*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:42:48 24/10/20

*Lois raised an eyebrow, unsure whether more options for classes was better or worse. She decided, better, and began clapping for the professors*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:42:50 24/10/20

Oh my gosh! This is so amazing! *Meira claps loudly as not only was she going to be able to do practically a double dose of her favourite class, even if some of the plants were a bit terrifying, but Divination and Care of Magical Creatures too!? This was fantastic news!.*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:43:01 24/10/20

*He claps when the headmaster finishes with that part of the announcement.*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:43:07 24/10/20

*Elias looks over at Dylan then back at the front and claps for Montgomery and Sydnee. There was no way he was taking Herbology or Care of Magical creatures, but Divination could be cool. He claps for them anyway.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:43:10 24/10/20

*She slips her hand free so she is able to clap for Professor Sydnee and Montgomery when Hendeson asks them to*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:43:29 24/10/20

*She blinks a few times and throws a glance to Lou and Eamonn, wondering what their thoughts about this were*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:43:34 24/10/20

*He joined everyone else in clapping as Lambert finished speaking.*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:43:50 24/10/20

*He grins at the reaction and directs his claps at Sydnee.*

Sixth Year Aliyah Maru - 23:43:56 24/10/20

*Claps for the professors.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:44:13 24/10/20

*Louise’s eyes went wide when introducing Care of Magical Creatures was mentioned, it having been one of her favorite subjects at her previous school* Wow, I am definitely signing up for that... if I can.

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:44:31 24/10/20

*He claps enthusiastically, wondering how he would take all of these classes because they all sounded so cool*

Sixth Year Dylan Matthews - 23:44:33 24/10/20

*He claps his hands for Professor Sydnee and Professor Montgomery*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:45:03 24/10/20

*Harper’s ears pricked up at the idea of Divination, wondering if that was something she could be into. She clapped her hands enthusiastically*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 23:45:37 24/10/20

*He grins at Lou thrilled for her to have a shot getting to take CoMC.* No way you can’t take it. This class was meant for you we’ll do whatever we have to to make sure you can take it if they don’t let us next year.

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:46:01 24/10/20

*He held his hand up for silence after a few moments and once the clapping had died down he returned to the podium and waving his wand he summon the house cup onto the now vacant award table. The cup was currently not decorated with any colours and as he looked at he smiled and turned back to them all* Now the time I am sure you have all been waiting for. I am proud to finally announce the winners of this years house competition. *he paused for what seemed like forever*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:47:11 24/10/20

*She rolled her eyes as the headmaster paused, pretty sure they all knew who won.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:47:26 24/10/20

*Bobby’s ears twigged at mention of the cup. He didn’t really care but he also liked to win so he hoped they had*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:47:41 24/10/20

*She looks up at Jordan and smiles, giving his hand a squeeze* You think you’ll take it with me? *She grins slightly, then turned back to the Headmaster as he continued speaking*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:47:41 24/10/20

*He continues listening to the Headmaster speak.*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:48:36 24/10/20

*He continues listening, but really only half paying attention, glancing at Lou and Jordan, and then at Shae, instead.*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:48:44 24/10/20

*Clara rests her head on Bobby’s shoulder and waits for the cup winner to be announced, she smiled slightly feeling like there really could only be one winner*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:48:50 24/10/20

*Harper sat up straight, suddenly paying close attention. She was hoping Onyxshadow had maintained their lead*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:49:16 24/10/20

This years winner, and for the first time in my tenure is..... Onyxshadow!!!! *he pointed his wand at the House cup and watched as the purple gem appeared on the cup to signify that they were the winners* Well done to everyone, Professor Sullivan if you want to come and collect your hard earned cup and say a few words *he turned and motioning to her he then began to clap for her and her house*

Sixth Year Jordan Foster - 23:49:22 24/10/20

*He grins.* Got to do something to make up for the class your dropping. *He smiles totally okay with taking CoMC since it would be interesting and he’d get to spend more time with Lou. He then grins turning to the Headmaster as he starts announcing the House Cup.*

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:49:36 24/10/20

*Lois cheered loudly as Onyxshadow was announced as the winning house.* Hell yea! *She yelled out before covering her mouth with one hand and laughing afterwards. She knew they were going to win, but also knew Sapphirelake had been close at times.*

Professor Theodore Moss - 23:50:20 24/10/20

*Someone would have had to do an awful lot last minute for the result to be any different than it was when the points were last displayed, but he listened politely anyway, clapping when Onyxshadow, as was fairly obvious, were announced.*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:50:30 24/10/20

*Bobby jumped into the air* Fuck Yeah! In your faces *He pointed around the room and laughed. Obviously he did care then*

Professor Maverick Winchester - 23:51:08 24/10/20

*He was disappointed his house hadn’t managed to pull off the great comeback he’d gone on about all term. But he smiles clapping loudly for Delaney and the Onyxshadow students since they had worked hard and earned it.*

Fourth Year Riley Culpepper - 23:51:10 24/10/20

*Riley jokingly stuck out her bottom lip as the winner wasn’t Sapphirelake, but she knew that was coming, anyway. She clapped loudly despite not having won herself and grinned at Harper*

Professor Walker Montgomery - 23:51:11 24/10/20

*He grinned at Delaney hearing Onyxshadow won. It had been a hard fought year, and he was so outrageously proud of his students regardless. He applauded for her and all of Onyxshadow.*

Sixth Year Eamonn Hope - 23:51:23 24/10/20

*He claps for Onyxshadow, laughing softly at the reactions of its members.*

Fourth Year Dakota Ballard - 23:51:55 24/10/20

*He knew OS was in the lead, but thought he might have been able to get SL on top. He clapped for Harper and her housemates*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:52:12 24/10/20

*Clara jumped up and slightly to the side to avoid being smacked in the face by Bobby. She laughed happily, so glad that their house had done it. She didn’t like that they were all scattered around the hall and couldn’t have a group hug*

Fourth Year Clementine Feher - 23:52:25 24/10/20

*She clapped loudly, even though Rubyblaze was last place, last time she saw. Obviously Onyxshadow had earned it.*

Sixth Year Shae Wilson - 23:52:41 24/10/20

*She sighs and pulls a face just a little and claps for Onyxshadow. She is a little disappointed that it wasn’t Sapphirelake, but it motivates her to do better next year*

Sixth Year Elias Crain - 23:52:43 24/10/20

*Elias rolled his eyes at Bobby and clapped unenthusiastically for OS.*

Professor Delaney Sullivan - 23:53:30 24/10/20

*Delaney smiled, and it would be a lie to act surprised as she wasn’t. Her house had worked so hard this year and she was so proud of them. Once again she stood, straightening her robes. She made her way to where Professor Sydnee and Lambert were still stood and then took the cup from him with a bright smile. Delaney turned to look at the school, though her focus was on the students in her house* All I can really say, is that I’m incredibly proud of all the people in Onyxshadow. For a first year back, first year here, you have all been amazing. *She held up the cup and gave it a little shake* In the words of Bobby Vincent, Fuck Yeah *she raised her eyebrow, her expression remained professional and she turned to Lambert and flashed him a smile* Thank you very much. *She gave a wiggle of her eyebrows when she thought no one else but him could see and then made her way back to where she was sat before, the cup tightly held in her hands*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:53:37 24/10/20

*Louise grins at Jordan, delighted to hear they might have another class together and really loving the idea of it being CoMC. She turns to hear the house cup winner and claps for Onyxshadow. She was smiling brightly but more because of Jordan, excited for their summer ahead*

Fourth Year Meira Nova - 23:54:08 24/10/20

*Meira smiles brightly clapping for Onyxshadow*

Fourth Year Martin Yves - 23:54:37 24/10/20

*He claps for Onyxshadow, especially Harper because he knew she’d done a lot for her house, and clearly many of her housemates had as well. He listens to Professor Sullivan speak, really surprised when she swore in her speech. Could she do that? He guesses she could.*

Sixth Year Louise St-Germain - 23:54:56 24/10/20

*She laughs at Bobby’s outburst, and then looks surprised to hear the same words from Professor Sullivan. Louise looked at Eamon, Shae, and Jordan to show her surprised expression and laughed*

Sixth Year Robert Vincent - 23:54:58 24/10/20

*Bobby pointed out over at Delaney smirking even wider* Damn straight! *he laughed as he was name dropped and turned and embraced Clara* Can you tell I’ve not won anything before.

Sixth Year Lois Hughes - 23:55:06 24/10/20

*Lois giggled at Delaney’s speech. She wolf whistled and cheered and clapped loudly after she spoke, getting to her feet and cheering even louder*

Fourth Year Harper Brooks - 23:55:06 24/10/20

*Harper jumped to her feet and started to clap and cheer for her house. She stopped abruptly for a moment when Professor Sullivan cursed but then she laughed and went back to clapping and cheering*

Headmaster Lambert Henderson - 23:56:06 24/10/20

*He chuckled at her speach and after Delaney had left the stage he smiled and nodded to the students* I would just like to thank you all for your patience tonight, for your attendance and of course once again for making this year so successful. I have nothing further to add so please consider the proceedings over, you are all dismissed. *He smiled and gave a small bow before heading over to the Professor table*

Sixth Year Clara Hawthorn - 23:56:38 24/10/20

You’ve won plenty now *She wraps her arms around Bobby’s neck as he hugs her, still laughing at Sullivan’s speech and feeling the best she had all evening because Onyxshadow meant a lot to her*

Fourth Year Marcus Sway - 23:56:55 24/10/20

*With the Headmaster saying they were done he got up with a grin and headed out to find where Nora had got to*