Harper Brooks
School Year: Fourth
House: Onyxshadow

Date of Birth: 10th May, Age: 15, Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian, Heritage: Muggleborn

Things you would instantly notice:

Immediate Family:

Dad - Aiden
Mom - Isabella
Brother - Elijah (+2)

Physical Description:

Harper has brown hair and brown eyes. She is of average height and slim build. She's fairly pretty, with a happy and approachable look.


Harper is easy going and likes to make friends. She still finds her magical abilities and the abilities of those around her fascinating, even after three years of wizarding school. She's fairly chatty but often doesn't get too involved in conversations about the wizarding world as she doesn't want to look stupid. She'll happily ramble on about muggle stuff though, especially if she comes across someone who doesn't know too much about that life.


Born on a beautiful Spring day, to Aiden and Isabella Brooks, Harper is the youngest of two children. She was born and raised in Canada, not too far from Windsor, living her life as a muggle, with no knowledge of the wizarding world.

She had a very happy childhood and her and her brother Elijah were very close. He was always very protective of her, looking out for her at all times - sometimes more like a bodyguard than a brother. When she hurt herself, he would comfort her and when she was upset, he would cheer her up. She really couldn't have asked for a better big brother.

Her mom and dad worked fairly regular jobs, her dad being a taxi driver and her mom working in a convenience store. They never had lots of money but they never really went without either. Once a year they would take a two week vacation to somewhere else in Canada and that would be a treat that all of them looked forward to.

As life progressed, Harper had a very average school experience. She tried hard, though wasn't necessarily good at all things. She made friends but not hundreds of them, just a few. She remained close with her brother through all this time and honestly there wasn't really anything significant to note. Until she hit the age of 10 that is.

At some point during her tenth year, Harper started to realize that weird things would happen occasionally. Nothing big or even serious, but it would seem like things could move or change slightly, with no real reason for it happening. At first it freaked her out a bit, but then she decided it was pretty cool and maybe she had some sort of super powers. When her brother caught on, he too thought it was awesome too and it became a secret that the two of them shared.

Just after Harper's 11th birthday, her parents received a visit from someone who she would later discover was from the Ministry of Education. They had come to discuss Harper's magical abilities and in turn her attendance at a wizarding school. Of course it took some time for the information to sink in and her parents weren't exactly easy to convince, but in the end they accepted the truth and unlike her brother, who had attended a regular High School, Harper was signed up to a Wizarding School in Toronto.
Her first year at school was incredible. Everything delighted her and fascinated her, to the point where she was sure that people were getting tired of her saying "OMG that's so cool...". Eventually she would start to get used to it though and gradually she became a very skilled witch.

The thing that saddened Harper the most though, was the way her brother reacted to it all. At first, when they had joked it was super powers, it had been their little secret and he had thought it was awesome. But now she had actual magic, he didn't seem interested at all. Elijah became cold and distant with her, not wanting to hang out any more and definitely not wanting to talk about school or her abilities. Though it was hard for Harper to have him behave that way, she spent nearly all her time at school, except for vacation time, so she didn't really have to think about it too much the rest of the time.

Towards the end of Harper's third year, the school that she was currently attending, had decided to close. She wasn't really sure about the cause of it, but she knew that she would need to find somewhere else to continue her schooling for her fourth year studies. Some of her classmates had spoken about a school called Deckleswood that was re-opening and on research she decided this might be a pretty cool place to go. So she sent in her application and when the time came, she packed her belongings and headed off on a new adventure.

In Recent Years: