Dylan Matthews
School Year: Sixth
House: Sapphirelake

Date of Birth: 12th December, Age: 17, Gender: Male
Nationality: British, Heritage: Pureblood

Things you would instantly notice:

Immediate Family:

Father - Michael,
Mother - Liya,
Sister - Kia (-9 years)

Physical Description:

Dylan is around 6ft tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes.


Dylan is fairly easy-going and likes to think he makes friends easily, despite the experiences at his last school. He`s hard working but doesn`t come off too nerdy, just driven and determined. He`s generally considered cheerful and had quite a good sense of humor too.


Michael Matthews was an Auror, Canadian in nationality, but at the time posted out in the UK. He met and married his wife, Liya Matthews (nee Raines) while he was out there, purely by chance. Liya was a DADA Professor and had kindly requested the attendance of an Auror in her Career Study lesson. She was sent Michael. The two were married within a few years and Dylan followed not long after, perhaps a total of three years since the couple had met, though only one since they were married.

The three Matthews lived together in England, a small cottage in the countryside being their home. Dylan had family in both Canada and England, though he saw much more of his mother`s parents than he did of his father`s. When Dylan turned 8, his father was offered a promotion that required for him to move back to Canada. While it was possible that he could just go alone and commute back and forth ocassionally, it was decided instead that the family would uproot and move countries, so this is what they did.

On arrival in Canada, Dylan`s father immediately began his new job. Dylan`s mother on the other hand, began the search for something that would suit her, preferably another teaching position. However within only a few weeks of them moving, Liya actually discovered she was pregnant. With the increase in salary from Michael`s promotion, and the knowledge that she would be taking maternity leave eventually anyway, the decision was made that actually Liya wouldn`t work and instead find something to occupy herself with until the baby was born, then being a stay-at-home mom after that.

When Dylan was 9, his little baby sister Kia was born. He didn`t mind, but he was a lot older and babies weren`t really in his scheme of interests. That said he was a good big brother, always looking out for her. In fact, Dylan was really good at anything he turned his hand to. There was nothing that he specialized in, but he had never flunked at anything either. A hired tutor had taught him whilst in England, and his mother continued to home-school him once they moved to Canada. He was a little above average across the board, in all his subjects.

At the age of 11, Dylan started attending a Wizarding School in Edmonton, not far from where they lived. He enjoyed having some space from his still very young sister, but was always glad to be back home on the holidays. He thrived at school, finding that the structure of lessons was something he had really missed being homeschooled and of course the interaction with people who might then become his friends. As Dylan matured, he started to gain an interest in being an Auror, a lot like his dad. When his sister was old enough, he mom went back to teach as a DADA Professor too and so he imagined that being surrounded by that was probably part of the influence.

During Dylan`s third year, he had looked to move school ready for the following year. His current school wasn`t particularly geared towards becoming an Auror, with regard to the classes they taught from OWLs onward. He had hoped to move to Deckleswood due to it`s Defence Academy status and had in fact even submitted an application as early as January that year, but in a twist of events, Deckleswood had ended up closed and instead Dylan had ended up transferring all the way over to an Academy in Montreal. Though he continued to thrive academically, often coming top in his DADA class, he didn`t make friends as easily as he had in his last school. He wasn`t sure if it was just him, or the choice of people there was to make friends with, but they really just didn`t gel.

When Dylan heard that Deckleswood would be open in time for his sixth year, he persuaded his parents to let him transfer once again. Even without its Defence Academy status, Deckleswood was still promoting a Practical Magic emphasis and that was something Dylan really wanted. Plus, having struggled to make friends at his current school, he really hoped it could be a fresh start.

In Recent Years: